Jewish Groups Get 94% of Homeland Security Grants


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The Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits.

The Jewish Federations of North America’s Washington office director, William Daroff, said Tuesday that the allocation made sense particularly in light of an intensification of threats on Jewish community targets in the United States and overseas.
“In the current environment there are threats to nonprofits and to Jewish institutions,” he told JTA, noting a swell of attacks on Jewish institutions in Europe in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip.

“We see it clearly in Europe, but we also see it here in the United States in Kansas City, in Seattle and numerous occasions that are not made public or do not come to fruition,” Daroff said. He referred to attacks in recent years on Jewish community centers in Kansas City and Seattle.

The allocations, announced July 25, are based on applications that are then assessed for threat by local and federal law enforcement officials.
The $13 million disbursed last week brings to $151 million the amount disbursed since the program started in 2005, most of it to Jewish institutions.
Leading the lobbying for the program have been the Jewish Federations of North America, the Orthodox Union and Agudath Israel of America.

In a statement, the JFNA thanked Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson as well as lawmakers for championing the funds, among them Sens. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), Richard Shelby (R-Ala), Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Dan Coats (R-Ind.), and Reps. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), John Carter (R-Texas) and David Price (D-N.C.).
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Source: Jewish Groups Get 94% of Homeland Security Grants | We Are Change


Trump could hang Bill Kristol over 9/11

Terrified Kristol wants to run 9/11 perps Cheney or Jeb in 3rd party bid

Watch the interview on Press TVWatch the interview on Press TV

US neoconservative commentator William (Bill) Kristol is terrified that if Donald Trump becomes president, he might try the perpetrators of the 9/11 coup d’etat for mass murder and high treason, an American scholar and researcher says.

Veterans Today Editor Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday while commenting on a recent interview by Kristol, the founder of the Emergency Committee for Israel, an American neoconservative group associated with the Israel lobby.

In an interview with ABC News on Saturday, Kristol called for a third party run in the event Trump wins the Republican Party nomination for the presidency of the United States.

Kristol, the founder and editor of the political magazine The Weekly Standard, also said Trump will not be nominated by his party, adding that he will begin to fall behind his rivals if loses in the Iowa state primary elections.

Dr. Barrett said “Kristol is the dean of American neoconservatism, an ultra-Machiavellian Zionist, political-intellectual movement that brought us the 9/11 coup d’etat, the new Pearl Harbor, that the neoconservative think tank, Project for the New American Century, called for shamelessly exactly one year before September 11th. So therefore William Kristol, as I understand it, should be viewed as the godfather of the 9/11 perpetrators.”

“That’s his role in the current American political system. And he is terrified of Donald Trump. He is willing to do anything to try to stop Trump. Why is that?” he asked.

‘Trump knows about 9/11’

Dr. Barrett said he thinks “it’s because as Roger Stone recently said on the Alex Jones Show, ‘Trump knows about 9/11.’ (Forward to the 12m44s mark below.)

People should ask themselves why Trump is constantly bringing up 9/11. Why has he blamed [George W.] Bush for 9/11, and gotten into a big fight over this with Jeb Bush?”

“Well if Roger Stone is right, Donald Trump, who should know this – he is well-placed in the oligarchy of New York City, and with the Jewish-Zionist element of that oligarchy, led by people like Larry Silverstein, a man who demolished his own buildings on September 11th and took huge insurance payoff (Silverstein being a close friend of Netanyahu) – Trump moves in those circles. He knows very well who murdered 3,000 Americans on September 11th 2001,” stated Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

The September, 11, 2001 attacks, also known as the 9/11 attacks, were a series of strikes in the US which killed nearly 3,000 people and caused about $10 billion worth of property and infrastructure damage.

US officials assert that the attacks were carried out by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists but many experts have raised questions about the official account.

They believe that rogue elements within the US government, such as former Vice President Dick Cheney, orchestrated or at least encouraged the 9/11 attacks in order to accelerate the US war machine and advance the Zionist agenda.

Cheney presided over the murder of 3,000 Americans

Dr. Barrett said “Kristol, who is one of the 9/11 perpetrators who is going to be tried, convicted and hanged for mass murder and high treason when this comes out, is terrified that Trump might become president, because there is a chance that Trump might decide to clean house.”

“He might decide to put the neoconservatives who murdered 3,000 of their fellow Americans in the worst crime ever committed on American soil – an act of high treason and mass murder – he just might decide to bring back democracy by exposing this and prosecuting these people,” he said.

“So Kristol is panicking. He’ll do anything to stop Trump. And look who he is calling for to run his third party candidate against Trump: Dick Cheney, the man who presided over the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11, who directed the operation from the situation room. That’s the guy that Kristol wants to run as the third party candidate against Trump,” the analyst stated.

Kristol says he’ll organize a neocon 3rd party and run Cheney or Jeb if Trump gets the Republican nomination

Dr. Barrett said Kristol’s second “choice is Jeb Bush, the [former] governor of Florida, who’s not only the brother of the president who was the figurehead overseeing the 9/11 coup d’etat – Jeb Bush is actually a direct participant in the murderous operation of September 11th of 2001. Jeb Bush flew into the phony flight schools, which were actually CIA drug import airstrips in Florida, where the non-hijackers, the supposed hijackers, who were not on the planes at all, had been pretending learn to fly, going through the motion as they worked for the corrupt Bush wing of the CIA smuggling drugs.”

“Jeb Bush flew into those airstrips on a C-40 cargo plane and stole all the evidence showing these were not really flight schools, they were CIA drug import airstrips. That evidence had been seized by the police. He went to the police station, and he and his National Guard goons stole all that evidence at gunpoint from the police, and loaded that evidence into a C-40 cargo plane and flew out. This has been attested to by the police who were there and multiple witnesses and sources,” he stated.

“It’s all Daniel Hopsicker’s book, Welcome to Terrorland. So no wonder Kristol, who is going to be literally tried, convicted, and hanged for the worst crime ever committed in America, along with his friends, Dick Cheney and Jeb Bush, is terrified by the possibility that this unpredictable loose cannon Donald Trump, who knows what happened on 9/11 and may not really like it, could become president,” concluded the author of Questioning the War on Terror.

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False-Flag Terror Research:


The Coincidence Theorem

Kevin Scott King

One method I use to try and ascertain what the truth is from any narrative is what I call the Possible-Probable test. The first question I ask myself; “is what I just heard/read/seen possible?” And at this point my definition of possible is very very broad, in affect I’m willing to stretch to accept that something is possible. I’m trying to keep an open mind, I’m trying to be unbiased and neutral. With an emphasis on ‘trying’. Therefor I am reluctant to use the word impossible, until I am thoroughly convinced it is.

falseflag1As an extreme example. If you randomly select one person from the world’s population could they run the 100m dash in under 10 seconds? It is possible, but improbable. In fact so improbable, so unlikely, that you could safely answer ‘No’. Now change it to 20 seconds. 30 seconds. The probability changes radically with each 10 second interval. Now let’s take two cases of alleged shooters from Sandy Hook and San Bernardino. Many have claimed that Adam Lanza and Tashfeen Malik were physically incapable (impossible) of carrying out their supposed feats of shooting. I beg to differ. Not impossible. Difficult, hard to move, slow… yes. Improbable? Yes. But realistically possible. If a young malnourished Somali boy can handle an AK-47, I’m confident these two could gear up and handle the weight for the short amount of time they were supposed to have been active. For the record I don’t think either did any shooting. I just disagree with the line of reasoning that it would have been impossible for them to do so. Hence I would not use it when trying to make my case for a false-flag.

So first I judge the possibility, and then I consider the probability. And when we get to probable it then moves to a sliding scale; from highly probable to highly improbable. So once I decide if something is possible, I then decide how probable is it. And as referenced with the 100m dash question above. The probability is so incredibly low of a random person running the 100m dash in under 10 seconds, that you could then safety assume it will not happen from your selection…, and though technically not impossible, for all intents and purposes you could consider it as such.

Of course as just mentioned we can move into such high improbabilities that we then can consider the impossible. The absolute impossible exists. But rarely do we see this, because it can be so quickly dismissed. But what we see time after time after time in false-flag events is a whole bunch of improbable elements, also called ‘coincidences’. And this becomes particularly important as we start to add these different elements together that then create the larger narrative.

As an example. Let us take Flight 77, the Boeing 757-200 that supposedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

It is possible that based on the provided flight path that a 757 was able to execute this acknowledged difficult maneuver and fly into the Pentagon?

– possible, improbable

Is it possible that a pilot who could not even fly a single-engine Cessna, with limited time on a real simulator, and no time in a real large body jet fly this maneuver?

– possible, highly improbable

Taking the last question but adding the fact that numerous professional pilots with 1000’s of hours in 757s have stated that the alleged flying feat of Flight 77 would either be a) extremely difficult or b) impossible, do you think Hani Hanjour performed this maneuver.


Now many stop here but we cannot assume that Hani was flying the plane, a more plausible or probable explanation would be remote control.

Is it possible a remote controlled 757 flew the alleged flight path into the Pentagon?

– possible, neutral

Hmm. Ok, well let’s consider a few more pieces of info. There are numerous pilots who when they claim that it was impossible for the 757 to make this maneuver it is because of the reported height of the plane just before it hit the Pentagon. According to some at this very low height a vortex of air is created between the ground and the plane that will pull the plane into the ground. Another consideration is the damage to the wall of the Pentagon where the alleged plane hit, based on the photographs before the wall collapsed. Then we have the issue of having no video feeds of the plane actually hitting the Pentagon, just some still frames that actually show nothing that can be identified as a plane. As well as we have the question of why did the plane not just crash into the top of the Pentagon, instead of performing a very difficult maneuver, crashing into the side opposite the direction it came, and hitting the only section of the Pentagon that had recently been renovated and hardened to resist missiles strikes?

Pilots stating plane would crash into ground if as low as officially stated, so ultimately this gets back to could a 757 actually fly this maneuver and hit the Pentagon?

– possible (but considering impossible), highly improbable

Does the damage to the exterior of the Pentagon indicate it was hit by a large commercial airliner?

– possible, highly improbable

Is it possible the only video feeds of the plane hitting came from the gate entrance location?

– possible, highly improbable (thus raising a huge red flag. Where are all the video feeds?)

Would the pilot instead of crashing into the huge top part of the Pentagon and hence doing maximum damage choose instead to pull a very difficult maneuver and hit the only hardened section of the Pentagon which is on the opposite side of the planes flight path?

– possible, highly improbable

So when I add all these element together I get case after case of improbable, to highly improbable, to pretty much impossible. And based on this preponderance of improbabilities I am comfortable in proclaiming that no 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Taking any of the above in isolation I would be unable to say impossible. But together they equal only one conclusion: impossible.

Let’s take another classic example. The Warren Commission(WC) claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunmen using a scoped Mannlicher–Carcano Model 91/38 rifle (rifle or Carcano for short), shooting from the 6th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository. So then the question to be answered is; could Oswald use this rifle to shoot and kill JFK?

The official narrative is that 3 shots were fired; the first shot hitting JFK passing through him and hitting Governor Connally (the ‘magic bullet’ theory, which according to the WC defied physics and left the slug un-deformed, but that is another discussion). The second shot missed and this is the one that kicked up a cement fragment that struck James Tague standing beneath the underpass along Main St. The third and last shot then is the alleged shot that hit Kennedy in the head and killed him.

As part of the Warren Commissions investigation they gathered three expert shooters to test whether the actual MC rifle purported used in the assassination could could be fired 3 times accurately within the estimated time window. Frankly I still not sure what the official estimated time window is, it’s either around 5.5 seconds or around 8 seconds. Now these shooters were in a tower, though how tall is not listed. But, they were NOT shooting at a moving target. They were shooting at 3 silhouette targets placed at the appropriate estimated distance of the rifle shots.

So basically these three guys were able to pull off the exact same shooting, and would you believe but all three missed the 2nd shot on the first attempt? Hmm… I wonder that the chances of that are? But they also had unlimited time to make the first shot. But if someone was shooting from the 6th floor window they would not have unlimited time for the first shot. Just the opposite, they have to pick up Kennedy coming from under the trees, track and fire. The second issue is how high was the tower they were shooting from? The height changes the angle, the greater the angle the more difficult the shot. But lastly, and the reason why this test is invalid, they were not shooting at a moving target. I can tell you from personal experience, that shooting at a moving target is much much more difficult than hitting a stationary one, and that is at close range being level with the target. One other piece of information, whatever skill level of shooter Oswald was, he was not in the same league as the three experts who shoot numerous rounds regularly.

Much has been made of Oswald’s shooting prowess. That he did not have the skill to make these shots. Oswald was a Marine, and all Marines, regardless of role (cook, truck driver, pilot, riflemen) must qualify Oswald_Timeregularly with a rifle, which Oswald did. Oswald was an intelligent man, which is why he was a radar operator, and not a truck driver. He had enough skill to fire a weapon accurately. However, his experience would be with the semi-auto M1 Garand, and not a manual bolt action rifle. There evidence of him shooting with a .22 bolt action rifle. Did he practice shooting before the event? His wife initially denied him ever practicing with the rifle. The better question is did he or how could he practice shooting at a moving target from an elevated position?

The other bone of contention is that the rifle itself was incapable of being the murder weapon. The Manlicher-Carcano rifle is cited in particular as being a poor weapon. It seems that it was an average weapon at best, with a somewhat tricky bolt, and by that I mean it was difficult to open and drop the bolt back, which pulls the used shell from the barrel. One thing is for certain there were many far better choices as a weapon than the alleged rifle, and easily obtainable in Texas, such as other bolt action WWII era rifles like the German Kar98, the Russian Mosin-Nagant, or the American Springfield M1903.

But the real issue with the rifle is not the weapon itself but the scope. It was reported as loose when the weapon was found (I have read/heard this many times but could not confirm). Also reported during the WC tests that shims were used in order to align the scope properly on the rifle, shims that were not originally there when the rifle was found. If the shims were not present when the rifle was found this would explain the scope being loose. The rifle was not designed for a scope (which explains the need for shims), and hence in order to mount a scope it had to be offset, meaning it does not sit directly on top the barrel but off to the side. This is inherently less accurate, and makes sighting in the scope more difficult. But the most damning evidence about this ‘inexpensive’ 4x telescopic scope as it is identified in the WC report is the following.

Robert Frazier, FBI firearms expert (WC testimony)

Yes, sir. When we attempted to sight in this rifle at Quantico, we found that the elevation adjustment in the telescopic sight was not sufficient to bring the point of impact to the aiming point. In attempting to adjust and sight-in the rifle, every time we changed the adjusting screws to move the crosshairs in the telescopic sight in one direction-it also affected the movement of the impact or the point of impact in the other direction. That is, if we moved the crosshairs in the telescope to the left it would also affect the elevation setting of the telescope. And when we had sighted-in the rifle approximately, we fired several shots and found that the shots were not all landing in the same place, but were gradually moving away from the point of impact. This was apparently due to the construction of the telescope, which apparently did not stabilize itself–that is, the spring mounting in the crosshair ring did not stabilize until we had fired five or six shots.

The above is particularly damming. Imo it proves unequivocally that the scope is fundamentally flawed. To the point of more accurately being labeled broken. Also interesting in the WC where the three riflemen are testing the rifle there is no mention of issues with the scope at all. Which would indicate to me one of two possibilities. The scope had been properly mounted and aligned with shims before the test, and/or possibly repaired. Or an entirely different scope was used.

The Testimony in regards to the testing of the MC rifle is given by Ronald Simmons, Chief of the Infantry Weapons Evaluation Branch of the Ballistics Research Laboratory of the Department of the Army.

There is another serious problem. The primary purpose of the WC’s test with the three shooters was to see if the 3 shots could be performed within the time window. But what they do not mention is numerous witnesses who said they heard 3 shots, said that the 3rd shot immediately followed the 2nd. This is impossible with a bolt action rifle of any kind… period.

Would three expert shooters replicating the alleged shooting, in which the 1st and 3rd shots were hits but the 2nd a miss, all miss the 2nd shot on their first attempt?

-possible, highly improbable

Would Oswald, with experience with rifles, mail order a Manlicher-Carcano rifle, when he could easily obtain a better rifle where he lived in Texas?

– possible, improbable

Could Oswald accurately and consistently hit a stationary target, let alone moving one, with the rifle using an un-shimmed flawed scope and therefor misaligned?

– possible, highly improbable

Could anyone accurately and consistently hit a stationary target, let alone moving one, with the rifle using an un-shimmed flawed scope and therefor misaligned?

– possible, improbable

Did Oswald have the basic shooting skills to being able to make the alleged shots?

-possible, slightly probable

Could anyone get off the three shots hitting Kennedy twice, using the alleged rifle with it’s flawed scope?

-possible, improbable.

Could anyone get off the three shots hitting Kennedy twice, using the alleged rifle with it’s flawed scope, where the 3rd shot immediately follows the 2nd shot?

– impossible

Based on the above then I can confidently assert that Oswald did not make the three alleged shots using the Mannlicher–Carcano Model 91/38. And from there I would go to the next level. Did Oswald do the shooting at all? If the alleged rifle is not the murder weapon than what is and where did it go? Was there more than 2 bullet hits as reported by the Warren Commission? Which then leads to the next round of possible-probable questions in the fascinating JFK case.

SideNote: I need to be clear that my above examples are not an exact replication of my thought processes. It is never that orderly or precise. Quite the opposite. First, because rarely does one gather all the information together at one time. Normally you get bits and pieces. So my thinking initially can be quite scattered and non-linear. It’s only after a good deal of reading, research, speculation that I then think through the data in a more disciplined manner. But I use the basic possible-probable test to help decide where to focus. For instance, I view the ‘Magic Bullet’ theory as impossible, actually I move it pass impossible into ridiculous. Therefor I won’t spend my time there. I also try, mind you I said try, to stay open and willing to change if presented with evidence that contradicts a position I hold. I’m not trying to be ‘right’, I’m trying to discover what actually happened. And since we never do, and probably never will, get all the facts or all the testimony, then all our conclusions are made using partial evidence of what really happened. What has become important for me personally is that I can justify to myself why I believe the things I do.

The above two examples have been looking at two pieces of much larger events. Drilling down into the details. It is the piecing together of the details that allows one to view the bigger picture. Attempting then to see the bigger picture, let’s step beyond looking at one false-flag event and look at mass shootings in general. When we do so we find a common theme that happens again, and again, and again. Coincidence? Hmm. Actually there are multiple common themes as mentioned in my original article. But I want to focus on one in particular, and use the Possible-Probable test.

Our last two mass shooting events (Paris Friday 13th, San Bernardino) had this identical occurrence, that of some kind of emergency services drill occurring on the same day, or time and at the same location or close by. Emergency services can include Police, Firemen, EMT, and go from local, state, to national organizations being involved. In particular the specific kind of drills performed can include mass shooting events. In which Law Enforcement practices response actions to such an event, and Fire and manufactured terrorEMT practice how to deal with mass casualties. In order to make these drills more realistic, and hopefully then more effective, they often times employ crisis actors. Who can simulate perpetrators, victims, or injured. Or emergency personnel for that matter.

These drills tend to be rather elaborate affairs, and if they are simulating a mass shooting with mass casualties then they will involve a large number of personnel and their associated vehicles. One other important point. These drills are government sponsored. And they cannot run these drills just anywhere. For instance a Mall is not going to allow a drill like this to occur, as they tend to be all day events. Therefor since these are Government drills the easiest place and least disruptive to the public is to conduct them at government controlled locations. Such as a school that is closed, like during the summer, or closed permanently… such as Sandy Hook. Or like the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, a government funded facility providing services for developmentally disabled persons.

Let’s then consider two items. How many potential soft target locations are there that could be chosen by a perpetrator? This number is huge. Churches, schools (public, private, college), restaurants, retail stores, banks, convenience store, pharmacies, office parks, grocery stores, etc. Many, many, many locations that have a large number of potential victims in a relatively small area.

Now let’s compare that to potential number of locations that could be used for drills. You can rule out many simply because the location is not or cannot allow an all day drill to disrupt their business. So then the potential number of drill locations is but a very small subset of all possible locations.

Lastly, and let’s just stay in the USA for the time period, a mass shooting could happen anywhere and anytime where a large numbers of people congregate. But for any one day in the USA there is only going to be a small number of drills being conducted. So potential targets in the USA would be in the 10’s of millions, and number of emergency services drills in the… hundreds, thousands maybe?

Simple math will show that the probability of a mass shooting taking place at the same location and time period as a drill are ridiculously small. I’ll be super generous and say 10,000 drills are occurring everyday in the USA. So let’s say there are 10 million potential targets. 10,000/10,000,000 = .1% (or 1 chance in 1000). Let’s go crazy generous and say 100,000 drills and 1 million targets, 100,000/1,000,000 = 10%, still a very low percentage.

A 1% chance of the perpetrator(s) picking the same date/time/location as an emergency services drill is being extremely generous, but let’s use it since it keeps it simple.

Is it possible that perpetrators for any one event picked the same date/time/location where drills were currently occurring, occurring at the same time close by, or occurred within 24 hours?

– possible, highly improbable

For events where the drill was actually occurring at the same date/time/location as the shooting, what are the chances that the perpetrators would not notice personnel/activity related to the drill?

– possible, improbable

For events where the drill was actually occurring at the same date/time/location as the shooting, what are the chances that the perpetrators would notice personnel/activity related to the drill and choose to go ahead with their plan regardless?

– possible, highly improbable

One last tidbit of information here, we’ve been focusing on mass shootings and drills practicing for mass shootings. Did you know on the morning of 9/11 there were multiple drills practicing an airplane hijacking? Did you know that during the London 7/7 bombings they were practicing the EXACT same scenario that actually occurred? Did you know there were bomb drills occurring during the Boston Marathon on the day of the bombing? Did you know on the morning of the Paris, Friday 13th attacks that emergency personnel practiced a large scale terrorist attack involving multiple locations?

What are the chances that numerous mass casualty events could be having drills occurring at the same time and of the same type if these events are perpetrated by people completely unconnected with one another?

– impossible

What are the chances that numerous mass casualty events could be having drills occurring at the same time and of the same type if these events are perpetrated by the same or similar groups of people?

– possible, highly probable

You can write off one coincidence, or a couple. But not numerous ones, not one after the other at a single event. And not the same ‘coincidence’ happening at these supposed unrelated events time after time after time.

When researching or doing deep study of potential false-flag events one keeps running into all these ‘coincidences’. To the point, as stated above, that it’s simply impossible to have so many. Which led me to create my ‘coincidence’ theorem.

Coincidence Theorem:

1 coincidence: possible
2 coincidences: suspicious
3 coincidences: a plan
10+ coincidences: False-flag event
100+ coincidences: Massive False-flag event (9/11, JFK)

Using then this theorem in regards to drills at mass casualty events one can but only conclude that this is no ‘coincidence’ but a deliberate plan. That these events are not unrelated. That specific groups are conducting these false-flag events for specific agendas. These groups have national and international reach. They at the least have access, control within the Government(s). They are either creating the drill to create the event, or piggy backing onto an already scheduled legitimate drill. This requires Federal(National) level of involvement.

I want to reiterate that at any event, regardless of how large. It only takes a relatively small number of individuals to control the ‘scene’. The insiders, the secret society members. Most participants are simply knowing-willing participants in a legitimate practice ‘drill’, who then become unknowing-unwilling participants in a drill taken ‘live’. But the ‘controller’ of these events does have to be high up the chain of command, they have to have the requisite authority to control the situation. And usually this person(s) will be at the Federal (National) level of Government. DHS, FBI, FEMA, etc.

In the above examples the focus was on one element within a much larger event (9/11, JFK), or looking at false-flags in general. Going from the specific to the broad, or highly focused vs looking at the big picture. When researching one event both are done. First looking at individual elements within an event and determining possible-probable, and then taking all the elements together to see the big picture. By doing this one is able then to determine for themselves the likely hood of whether any particular event has been staged or is legitimate.

If you have never spent serious time investigating any one false-flag event I would highly encourage you to do so. I would avoid 9/11, JFK at first simply because they are both so huge. Pick one of the smaller events. And do a detail study of it. Make a concerted effort to stay neutral. Investigate all sides. Be open, then be critical. Ask yourself questions as you investigate. Does this make sense? Is this possible? Why would they do this? Who benefits? Question your sources of information, are they bias, or possibly misinformation agents? By making the investment to study one event in detail you can then be certain in your own convictions as to what did and did not happen, and be able to justify your positions. And by becoming an expert in one event, it makes it easier to study others.

I consider myself well versed with the JFK story. With that being said when writing this article I forced myself to back-up some of the often cited ‘evidence’ concerning Oswald’s shooting acumen and the accuracy of the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. The common themes being Oswald was a terrible shot, and the rifle could not hit the broad side of a barn. So I did some digging, or more digging to be precise. Jumped back into the hole, as it were. Imo, and this is backed up be evidence, Oswald was an intelligent man. Most persons with the time and proclivity can become an accurate, consistent shot with a firearm. It seems to me what I was reading about Oswald and firearms is that he had no particular interest in them. Possibly found it boring, and hence his effort was unfocused or half-assed. I think if Oswald wanted to be a good shot he could have been, it just was not his thing. So I don’t buy into the common sentiment that Oswald was incapable of making the supposed shots. Now how probable, that is a different issue.

As for the rifle. As stated there were much better WWII era rifles than the Carcano, and all readily available. Not to mention a plethora of hunting/deer rifles. An excellent question to investigate is why the Carcano? And there is plenty of information available that gives a good explanation as to why for those who wish to dig deeper. Was it a POS? No, nor was it a tack driver either. Tack driver means when shooting multiple times at a target the grouping of shots is so close as to be on top of each other. It was accurate enough at 100yds to get the job done. (This is a change of opinion for myself).

However, and I was not aware of this until diving deep, and in particular diving into the Warren Commission report, and specifically the Testimony parts. It is here where I discovered and confirmed that the real problem with the alleged assassination weapon was not the rifle itself but the scope. In which it had 2 huge issues. One, it was essentially broken (it was a POS), and two it was not mounted properly when the rifle was found. Either of which would have made the rifle inherently inaccurate, but combined it renders the Carcano it was mounted to incapable of being the assassination weapon. I do not consider myself a JFK expert, but I am knowledgeable, and I can’t remember any serious focus within the JFK community on the real issue concerning the alleged assassination weapon, that of the scope. And that raises a flag for me… but that’s a different discussion.

This leads me to another point. In my experience from studying potential false-flag events it is relatively easy to prove that the official narrative of the event is incorrect, or impossible. However, what is extremely difficult is piecing together what actually happened. This is where one must ‘theorize’. And one must do so with incomplete, missing, or deliberately tainted information. This is also where disinformation agents move in to muddy the waters. The JFK case in particular has some very thick dark muddy waters. Therefor there are two separate elements when studying false-flags events. First one is disproving the official narrative, the second is a theory as to who and what really happened. Because of this reality some people get hung up in the fact that the official narrative seems to be false, but they cannot or will not accept the proposed theory and therefor decide to stick with the official narrative even if they no longer really believe it either. Better the devil you know? Those who want to keep an event concealed deliberately introduce false information, spurious theories, and illogical conclusions. The point is to distract, generate confusion and thus create doubt… and keep the doubters planted in the official narrative camp.

Less than a month after San Bernardino we get Trenton the blacksmith trying to somehow relate his test of a 1/2 steel bar, using a Furnace!, with inches thick steel girders, exposed to office fires. The timing of this video is interesting. I suspect that the quick and for the most part solid debunking of the San Bernardino event led people to ‘rethink’ 9/11. This video was an attempt to bring those new ‘doubters’ back into line. Of course the creator itself is a solid indicator of who the target audience was for the video. Remember, we are in an information war. One other quick item. You do realize how ridiculously easy it is to create ‘Views’ and ‘Likes’ for a video, right? It’s a simple as typing this sentence. Social media, and that includes YouTube (and it’s comments), is now the primary information war battleground.

But the Trenton video is a common tactic of taking one piece, one element trying to disprove it and then applying it to the whole. This is a type of logical fallacy called the Composition Fallacy; ‘What’s true for the individual part of a whole is true for the entire whole form.’ Technically this would be a Reverse Composition Fallacy. So Trenton supposedly debunking the ‘jet fuel fires can’t melt steel beams’ assertion as ‘ridiculous’ is thereby inferring ALL 9/11 theories challenging the official narrative are false. The test he did is full of holes, but furthermore you cannot compare a thin steel rod to inches thick steel girders. Tied together in a lattice work of crossbeams and support beams. The interior framework of the WTC towers was VERY sturdy, extremely strong. It was the main support structure for the tower, it only housed elevator shafts. The jet fuel burned off quickly, it was offices fires after that. And regardless of how hot the office fires got they were BETWEEN the internal steel grid framework and the external walls, which means their heat was not focused on either. And even if office fires could melt or soften steel to a point of collapsing this still does not explain how the towers completely collapsed and disintegrated.

Go do some research on your own. It’s one thing to read a book where a person makes an assertion based on, say, the Warren Commission, even citing the page and section. It’s another thing to read the Warren Commission document yourself. If you are interested in becoming at least knowledgeable on one false-flag but not sure which to chose from I’d suggest first avoiding 9/11 and JFK just because they are so massive. My suggestions; for recent ones dive into San Bernardino or Paris Friday 13th, they are very fresh and certainly could stand some more scrutiny. Charlie Hebdo earlier this year. Then farther back I would suggest the OKC Bombing, Port Arthur, Australia shooting, or what I think is an overlooked one and possibly would fall under the failed attempt category is the WTC bombings in ’93.

Reflections on Media and Politics | © Memory Hole Blog / James F. Tracy 2012-2015

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Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson


By Jonas E. Alexis on December 20, 2015

Instead of doing a little research and providing counter-arguments, most particularly on the Middle East, Jones has chosen to poison his listeners’ minds with crazy things such as the Arabs “control everything,” including Fox News!

"The globalists are responsible for the mess in America and much of the world--but Israeli or Zionist globalists are not. If all this sounds insane to you, that's because it is."
“The globalists are responsible for the mess in America and much of the world–but Israeli or Zionist globalists are not. If all this sounds insane to you, that’s because it is. But that’s the only sophisticated thought that I can come up with.”


Jim W. Dean declared last February that Alex Jones “always seemed to have guardian angel types behind the scenes, the kind no one else had.” No kidding. Timothy Fitzpatrick actually went behind the scene and exposed who those guardian angels actually are. Fitzpatrick said then:

“If people haven’t yet been convinced that [Jones] is an outright shill and operative for the Jewish money power in this world, then I am not sure what will… he is not a legitimate patriot fighting against the New World Order but a Zionist shill.”

This is true. It has really been a blast to watch how Alex Jones has evolved this year and how he pretends to fight the New World Order but ends up agreeing (directly or indirectly) with the principles that make up the New World Order.[1] Sometimes even Fox News does a better job than Jones.

For example, Fox News at least once produced serious evidence indicating that the Israelis were accomplices in 9/11. Jones hasn’t done that at all. He usually quotes George Orwell saying that “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

But how is it that Jones has not been in the business of telling the whole truth? How is it that he keeps saying really crazy things such as Hollywood is owned by the Arabs, despite numerous scholarly evidence to the contrary?[2] If he is too lazy to do a little research, perhaps he should pay attention to Joel Stein, who wrote in the LA Times back in 2008:

“How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish).

“If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

“The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.

“As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between ‘The 700 Club’ and ‘Davey and Goliath’ on TV all day. “So I’ve taken it upon myself to re-convince America that Jews run Hollywood by launching a public relations campaign, because that’s what we do best.”[3]

Speaking of people like Alex Jones (people who deliberately or naively refuse to look at the facts), Stein ended the first paragraph of his article by saying, “Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.”[4]

Instead of doing a little research and providing counter-arguments, most particularly on the Middle East, Jones has chosen to poison his listeners’ minds with crazy things such as the Arabs “control everything,” including Fox News! Jones again says that he is “about logic” and “about being fair,” but he keeps propounding one nonsense after another.


Alex Jones will never stop talking about “Muslim terrorists” and the so-called Syrian refugees because he will never start talking about the real issue. As we have pointed out in a previous article, he is an Israeli defender and puppet.

That is one reason why Jones will never start telling his listeners that Muslims are largely victims of the Zionist wars in the Middle East. If Americans are reacting to the San Bernadino debacle, why are they not reacting to thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslims who are being killed by “the globalists” in the Middle East virtually every month? Do all lives really matter? Here is the number of civilians who got exterminated in Iraq since 2008:

2008:  6,787

2009:  3,056

2010:  2,953

2011:  2,771

2012:  3,238

2013: 7,157[5]

If we add those numbers up, we end up with 25,962 dead civilians. Furthermore, that “doesn’t include killings in December – and doesn’t include Iraqi soldiers and militants who have died. Data compiled by Agence France-Presse – whose methodology differs from the UN’s – had at least 337 Iraqi civilians killed so far this month [by the middle of December 2013]…”[6]

That doesn’t even count Libya or Afghanistan or Syria. In Syria, for example, more than 41,000 civilians have been slaughtered in the conflict.[7] Over the first six months of 2014, at least 5,500 civilians died in Iraq, while 11,665 were wounded.[8] “Another 1.2 million have been driven from their homes by the violence.”[9] We are also told that

“Nearly half a million people have died from war-related causes in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003, according to an academic study published in the United States on Tuesday. That toll is far higher than the nearly 115,000 violent civilian deaths reported by the British-based group Iraq Body Count, which bases its tally on media reports, hospital and morgue records, and official and non-governmental accounts.”[10]

Why doesn’t Jones even remotely say anything about this? Does he mean to tell us that he doesn’t know? If we are talking about not allowing Muslims to America and then allowing Americans to go to places like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria, to destroy those questions and then leave the decent people in a mess, aren’t we indirectly fulfilling an essentially Talmudic ideology? Aren’t we playing into the enemies’ hands?

You see, Jones and much of the media have already adopted the political categories which pernicious people already imposed upon America and much of the West. For the past decade or so, Jewish intellectuals and writers have relentlessly and mercilessly beaten the West over the head by saying things like the Arab world is fundamentally anti-Christian, anti-Western, and anti-Semitic.[11]

In order for that ideology to work, its proponents have to ignore the fact that the Arab world and the West worked together in the past. It must be acknowledged that Arabic countries have made enormous contributions to science, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, etc.

“From the eight century to the end of the fourteenth,” writes noted historian Toby E. Huff in his magnum opusThe Rise of Early Modern Science, “Arabic science was probably the most advanced science in the world, greatly surpassing the West and China.”[12]

In fact, the word algebra was derived from Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi’s magnum opus Al-jabr wa-al-Muqabilah, a work that was translated into Latin and was widely known all the way to the sixteenth century as a rigorous mathematical work in major European universities.[13]

It was al-Khwarizmi who to a large extent separated algebra and geometry as two distinct but compatible fields of mathematics.[14] It was because of al-Khwarizmi’s Al-jabr wa-al-Muqabilah that Europe was able to develop a field of algebraic mathematics which still carries his name.[15]

This view is common knowledge among scholars and historians of mathematics.[16] This is even acknowledged by Philo-Semitic historians and Zionists such as Niall Ferguson.[17] Mathematician and historian E. T. Bell writes,

“While Europe slept and all but forgot Greek mathematics, the Moslem scholars were industriously translating all they could recover of the works of the classic Greek mathematicians. Several of these translations became the first sources from which Christian Europe revived the mathematics it had all but let die. For this timely service to civilization, the Moslems no doubt deserve all the gratitude they have received.”[18]

“Al-Khwarizmi also contributed enormously to astronomical knowledge with detailed explanations, which “included results taken from both Ptolemy and Brahmgupta…The Algebra of Alkarismi holds a most important place in the history of mathematics, for we may say that the subsequent Arab and the early medieval works on algebra were founded on it, and also that through it the Arabic or Indian system of decimal numeration was introduced into the West.”[19]

In general, the Muslim world has made significant contributions to the West. Historian Paul Kenney of Yale writes in The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,

“For centuries before 1500 the world of Islam had been culturally and technologically ahead of Europe. Its cities were large, well-lit, and drained, and some of them possessed universities and libraries and stunningly beautiful mosques. In mathematics, cartography, medicine, and many other aspects of science and industry—in mills, gun casting, lighthouses, and horse breeding—the Muslims had enjoyed a lead.”[20]

These stubborn facts do not line up with what we have been told in the media, most specifically by Alex Jones, who postures himself as a person who is interested in the truth.

"If 'Muslim terrorists' didn't exist, I would have to invent them."

“If ‘Muslim terrorists’ didn’t exist, I would have to invent them.”

Jones and his supporters would probably ask, “What about Muslim killings and all that hoopla?” Take it from flaming Jewish historian and Zionist Bernard Lewis of Princeton:

“Muslim fighters are commanded not to kill women, children, or the aged unless they attack first; not to torture or otherwise ill-treat prisoners; to give fair warning of the opening of hostilities or their resumption after a truce; and to honor agreements.

“In the medieval juristic literature, there are interesting discussions about the lawfulness of missiles, such as mangonels and catapults, and of chemical warfare, in the form of poison-tipped arrows and poisoning enemy water supplies.

“Some jurists permit, some restrict, and some disapprove of the use of these weapons. At no time did the classical jurists offer any approval or legitimacy to what we nowadays call terrorism. Nor indeed is there any evidence of the use of terrorism as it is practiced nowadays.”[21]

Which brings us to a central point in our conversation: polite people of this world have been using false flag operations to demonize, attack, and even humiliate Muslims. In a diabolical way, the powers that be are using the Muslims for ideological purposes. Yes, there are extremists on all religions. All you have to do is look at real puppets like John Hagee.

Alex Jones cannot address those issues historically and rationally because he will have to close down his propaganda show. Even if we move to current events, he will have a lot of rethinking to do. For example, the Jerusalem Post reported in 2013 that 66.6 percent of Israelis wanted the U.S. and the United Kingdom to attack Syria.[22] In the same year, Jewish Neocon Daniel Pipes propounded this diabolical statement:

“The West should prevent either side in the civil war from emerging victorious by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong their conflict… This policy recommendation of ‘helping whichever side is losing’ sounds odd, I admit, but it is strategic.”[23]

If Jones says that he is defending America, then his viewers need to start asking him deep questions. According Meretz leader Zehava Galon, Benjamin Netanyahu keeps “giving the American the finger.”[24] Jones needs to address those issues in a logical manner. If he fails to do so, then his viewers need to stop plunking down the money to support him.

As we are beginning to see, Jones needs to thoroughly explain to his viewers why they should continue to support him. Why? Because the the so-called “globalists” are largely people that Jones do not want to talk about. For example, according to the Jerusalem Post, Israel

“has opened its borders with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to Nusra Front and al-Qaida fighters wounded in the ongoing civil war…”[25]

The Post cited the Wall Street Journal saying that al-Nusra, which is a violent terrorist group, “hasn’t bothered Israel since seizing the border area last summer…”[26] There is more:

While Israel views al-Qaida and its allies as enemies, it is far more disturbed by what it views as an even bigger menace – Iran and its proxies.”[27]

If Jewish writer Bob Dreyfuss of The Nation is right—that the war in Syria “is really about Iran and Israel”[28]—then Alex Jones needs to start talking about Israel’s monsters, which have spread like wild fire all over the Middle East and much of the West.

In order to seduce his naïve listeners, Jones has chosen to attack the symptoms rather than the real problem. For example, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman said of Israel Arabs last March:

“Those who are with us deserve everything. Those against us, it cannot be helped, we must lift up an ax and behead them – otherwise we will not survive here.”[29]

Once again, how did Lieberman manage to escape from Jones’ “prison planet”? If Jones is really concerned about the whole truth, why doesn’t he address that at all? Why is he publishing Zionist propaganda? Furthermore, why hasn’t Paul Joseph Watson been writing about the Israeli regime at all? Does he mean to tell us that he doesn’t know?

If Watson is that ignorant, then he needs to quit his propaganda job at If he does know what is going on and chooses to stay silent, then he is also an Israeli front and has concealed critical information. Watson does not seem to lack the sophistication to expose the Israeli regime. We can even give him some help. For example, in 2013, the Economist declared that

Israeli aircraft struck Syria for the first time since the Syrian uprising began nearly two years ago, say sources in Israel and Syria.”[30]

The next two sentences read:

“But the attack does not mean that Israel wants to interfere in Syria’s burgeoning civil war. Rather, it marks the continuation of Israel’s covert war against an arms build-up by Islamist militias on its border, in particular the Lebanese Shia group, Hizbullah.”[31]

You bomb Syrian territories, but it does not mean that you are interfering in Syria’s war. That is a contradiction, and it is high time that Jones and Watson tell writers in the Economist and elsewhere to shut up.

If they fail to do so, then we can conclude that both Jones and Watson have sold their souls to the Israeli regime for money and popularity. They are a carbon copy of Ann Coulter, who has made thousands and perhaps millions of dollars selling books about the so-called “Left” but never gets the courage to provide the real source of the issue.

Instead of seriously educating his listeners about the pernicious people who are bringing America down, Jones chose to praise Ted Cruz, a guy who has been basically an Israeli talisman.[32] Jones calls Cruz “a well-spoken intellectual…The establishment is scared of Ted Cruz.”[33]

Nonsense. How can the establishment be scared of you when you are an Israeli puppet? If Ted Cruz “is the answer,” as Jones propounded in 2014, then we are in trouble. Listen to this—and it is coming from

Cruz’s insider connection is a family affair. His wife, Heidi, is a Goldman Sachs vice president in Houston, Texas, according to her LinkedIn profile. She also served as an economic advisor for the Bush administration.

“In 2011, a Cruz campaign spokesman portrayed Heidi as “an expert on North American trade,” in other words she is savvy when it comes to globalist transnational trade deals like NAFTA, the single most destructive government move against the American worker in history.”

Cruz’s greatest defender is none other than “America’s Rabbi” Shmuley Boteach,[34] a man who has been completely silent about Israel’s massacre. Cruz proved himself to be a complete buffoon when he said:

“ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and their state sponsors like Syria and Iran, are all engaged in a vicious genocidal campaign to destroy religious minorities in the Middle East…”[35]

If Cruz is right, then we will let him debate retired Israeli official and philosopher Avner Cohen, who said that “Hamas, to my regret, is Israel’s creation.”[36]

So, the next time you are planning to watch an Alex Jones show, keep your eyes open, put your thinking cap on, and then ask Jones serious questions. Perhaps this will force him to stop concealing important information. When Paul Joseph Watson starts talking about “Muslim terrorism,” ask him about Daniel Pipes.

[1] Infowars has recently published an article entitled, “The Left’s War on Christmas.” We certainly would invite Jones to take a look at the real people behind the war on Christmas here.

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[33] Gordon Duff once referred to Bernard Levy as a “Mossadist philosopher.” Perhaps that’s what Jones was saying about Ted Cruz—a Mossadist intellectual? Perhaps Levy, whose greatest intellectual achievement is to put gasoline on countries he does not like, should call Cruz for a cup of coffee because both men have a kindred spirit.

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Israel Supports Islamic Terrorists


Israel claims that it’s in a mortal struggle with Islamic terrorists …

But as we reported last year, the Israeli military has admitted to supporting Syrian Islamic jihadis. And see this.

Last week, Daily Mail journalists embedded with Israeli troops reported:

Almost every night, Israeli troops run secret missions to save the lives of Syrian fighters, all of whom are sworn enemies of the Jewish state.


Analysts suggest the Jewish state has in fact struck a deadly ‘deal with the devil’ – offering support to the Sunni militants who fight the Syrian ruler Assad in the hope of containing its arch enemies Hezbollah and Iran.


Many of the casualties rescued by Israel belong to Salafist groups …. Some may be members of Jabhat al-Nusra, a Syrian group affiliated to Al Qaeda that has kidnapped scores of UN peacekeeping troops in this area, and has massacred Christians deeper in Syria.


In the three years that Israel has been running these operations, it has saved the lives of more than 2,000 Syrians – at least 80 per cent of whom are male and of fighting age – at a cost of 50 million shekels (£8.7 million).


‘Above all, Israel wants to prevent Hezbollah from gaining control on the other side of the border,’ said Michael Stephens, Research Fellow for Middle East Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

‘The Sunni militants are fighting Hezbollah, so for now they share the same objectives as Israel. That’s why we’re seeing this odd cooperation between people who would be enemies under any other circumstances.


Significantly, an Israeli spokesman confirmed that no medical support has been provided to any militants from the Shia alliance.

‘From an Israeli viewpoint, it’s a case of my enemy’s enemy is my friend,’ said Kamal Alam, research analyst at RUSI and an expert in Syrian affairs.

‘There is no one they can trust in the Syrian quagmire, but if you get rid of Hezbollah, that’s the end of Iran in the region. Israel’s main aim has to be to eliminate Hezbollah – and whoever takes on Hezbollah is an uneasy but necessary ally.

‘In giving medical support to these fighters, Israel has done a deal with the devil.’

Indeed, Israel has made no secret of the fact that it prefers ISIS and Al Qaeda to the Iranian backed terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah:

In September 2013, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren, then a close adviser to Prime Minister Netanyahu, told the Jerusalem Post in an interview: “The greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. … We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.” He said this was the case even if the “bad guys” were affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

In June 2014, Oren expanded on this thinking at an Aspen Institute conference, extending Israel’s preference to include even the hyper-brutal Islamic State. “From Israel’s perspective, if there’s got to be an evil that’s got to prevail, let the Sunni evil prevail,” Oren said.

But it’s not just Iran or Shias … Israel decided long ago to break up Syria and Iraq into numerous mini-states.  And Israel wants a compliant government in Syria to allow its pipelines to win out over competing pipelines.

No wonder the Israeli air force has bombed near the Syrian capital of Damascus, and attacked agricultural facilities and warehouses (the Syrian government is the main opponent of ISIS in Syria).

We noted last year:

The Times of Israel reported Wednesday:

A Free Syrian Army commander, arrested last month by the Islamist militia Al-Nusra Front, told his captors he collaborated with Israel in return for medical and military support, in a video released this week.Read more: Syrian rebel commander says he collaborated with Israel.

In a video uploaded to YouTube Monday … Sharif As-Safouri, the commander of the Free Syrian Army’s Al-Haramein Battalion, admitted to having entered Israel five times to meet with Israeli officers who later provided him with Soviet anti-tank weapons and light armsSafouri was abducted by the al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front in the Quneitra area, near the Israeli border, on July 22.

“The [opposition] factions would receive support and send the injured in [to Israel] on condition that the Israeli fence area is secured. No person was allowed to come near the fence without prior coordination with Israel authorities,” Safouri said in the video.


In the edited confession video, in which Safouri seems physically unharmed, he says that at first he met with an Israeli officer named Ashraf at the border and was given an Israeli cellular phone. He later met with another officer named Younis and with the two men’s commander, Abu Daoud. In total, Safouri said he entered Israel five times for meetings that took place in Tiberias.

Following the meetings, Israel began providing Safouri and his men with “basic medical support and clothes” as well as weapons, which included 30 Russian [rifles], 10 RPG launchers with 47 rockets, and 48,000 5.56 millimeter bullets.

Also on Wednesday, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency – a 97-year old Jewish wire servicereported:

A senior employee of the Dutch Justice Ministry said the jihadist group ISIS was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation.

Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, made the assertion Wednesday on Twitter, the De Telegraaf daily reported.

“ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name,” wrote Haifi ….

In March, Haaretz reported:

The Syrian opposition is willing to give up claims to the Golan Heights in return for cash and Israeli military aid against President Bashar Assad, a top opposition official told Al Arab newspaper, according to a report in Al Alam.


The Western-backed militant groups want Israel to enforce a no-fly zone over parts of southern Syria to protect rebel bases from air strikes by Assad’s forces, according to the report.

Perhaps that’s why ISIS, Al Nusra and the other Islamic terrorists in Syria haven’t tried to lay a glove on Israel?

This isn’t an isolated dynamic …

Source: Israel Supports Islamic Terrorists


4 Examples of Mainstream Media Fabricating News to Push for War


Fake TV IllusionDylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

As we inch further into the future and evermore closer to the next, and certainly last, world war, it seems proper to give pause and consider the significance of the fact that much of the information provided on world events is dreadfully compromised by corporate and political propagandists.

Mainstream media, with its exceptional reach, is able to mold the public’s first impression of any global event thereby establishing the ‘official story,’ the one that is repeated again and again during the first moments of a crisis. They capitalize on the immediate shock value of an act of extraordinary violence or unrest to mold public perception into conformity with a narrative that will become the abiding fiction by which any further substantive investigation of the event must be measured against.

9/11 is perhaps the best example of this, as nearly 15 years afterwards, an incredible amount of information and research has become available the public, at least enough to unseat the official version of events and inspire a deeper investigation, yet contrary reporting is still not taken seriously at all by mainline media outlets.

“The news is all about artificially manipulating the context of stories. The thinner the context, the thinner the mind must become to accept it. If you want to visualize this, imagine a rectangular solid. The news covers the top surface. Therefore, the mind is trained to work in only two dimensions. Then it can’t fathom depth, and it certainly can’t appreciate the fact that the whole rectangular solid moves through time, the fourth dimension.” –Jon Rappoport

Sometimes the media gets caught fabricating events and twisting reality. Here’s a disturbing look at some of the more recent examples of mainstream media news deceptions, staged events and psy-ops that have been exposed by the international independent press.

Example #1 –  BBC stages a chemical weapons attack in Syria to justify NATO invasion. 

With BBC reporter Ian Pannell standing amidst a host of crisis victims while on the scene at a small rural hospital in Syria, a supposed incendiary bomb or napalm attack happened, and as they were filming and a stream of wounded patients began pouring in. A doctor was interviewed on the scene, remarking that a napalm attack had occurred.

One month later as the NATO pressed for military intervention in Syria, the exact same footage was used in a new video report, however, the audio of a crisis doctors statement had been digitally altered. The word ‘napalm,’ had beeb changed to ‘chemical weapons,’ an obvious deception.

This video ‘…shows both versions are identical and from the same speech. The BBC then digitally altered the words from ‘napalm’ to ‘chemical weapon,’ the exact justification that NATO was finding difficult to prove.” [Source]

Watch the analysis of this totally fabricated event for yourself here:

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Example #2 – Staged ISIS execution videos and terror stooges.

In 2014, as the Western supplied mercenary army ISIS was rising to its prominance as the CIA’s most evil proxy army to date, a series of frightening videos emerged of ISIS executioners with heavy British accents sawing the heads off of Western hostages, including freelance journalist James Foley.

James Foley video

ISIS Staged Foley execution

Graphic videos of the slayings were posted online and shortly afterward, another video emerged online purportedly showing the movie set where the Foley beheading was fabricated. The authenticity of this video is also unverifiable, however, even technical elements in the original video suggest manipulation, and some experts agree that the Foley video is staged.

As reported by The Telegraph UK:

“…a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used.”

The executioner was later identified by intelligence agencies as 23 year-old British rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, and like Osama bin Laden, he became a resuable icon in the propaganda campaign in the war on terror. For his media appearances he was given a catchy name, ‘Jihadi John.’ When Jihadi John’s mileage ran out, he was literally ‘evaporated’ by a night time drone strike in Raqqa, Syria. His death, like Bin Laden’s, was celebrated by many. Another brick in the wall.

He walked out of a building and got in the car. We struck it right after with zero collateral damage,’ a counter-terrorism official said. ‘The vehicle was on fire. It was a 100 per cent flawless, direct hit.’ [Source]

Jihadi John before being 'evaporated' by a drone strike.

Jihadi John Assasination

If you recall, in the early days of the war on terror, the faces Al Qaeda’s top lieutenants were plastered on decks of playing cards, serving the same purpose as Jihadi John; terror stooges assassinated as needed to maintain public interest in the war on terror.

Al Qaeda Palying Cards

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Example #3 – Scripted, staged and phony local news broadcasts.

In the following clip which contains numerous examples, CNN and other major news outlets are caught again and again fabricating news reporting with chroma key green screens in network studios, posing as thought they were engaging in front line war reporting. The use of chroma key is ubiquitous in the mainstream media, and with it they can effectively pull off just about any visual deception.

Have a look at this collage of mainstream news fakery:

In this photo, an ABC news anchors makes the blunder of wearing a green shirt to the taping of an important news segment about Kim Kardashian’s wedding. Let’s also not forget what Hollywoood is capable of these days.

Never wear a green shirt to a green screen broadcast.

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Example #4 – Staged photo-op of political leaders after the Charlie Hebdo massacre on January 7th, 2015.

Politicians and public leaders depend on professional public relations managers to ensure their likeability. In 2015, after the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, France, leaders from over 40 nations gathered side-by-side with the French president in a much hyped public display of solidarity against terrorism.

They were shown leading an excited crowd with determined sincerity on their faces, yet when originally unpublished photos of the event were revealed, it was discovered that it was a staged photo-op, not an actual genuine action by these fearless leaders. The wide angle shot shows them standing alone in a blocked off, heavily guarded side street.



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Bonus – Phony, scripted and ridiculous local news broadcasting. 

If you’re getting your news from mainstream programming, you know that it’s fake. Because 90% of media in the US is owned by a mere 6 corporations, even the local news programming is pre-packaged and delivered from corporate HQ as either completed news reels or scripts to be read on camera by your favorite, loveable local news anchor.

Comedian Conan O’Brien does a fabulously and hilarious job of demonstrating just how ridiculous and foolish local news casts are. There is little to no authenticity left in nightly news casts. See for yourself:

Final Thoughts

All of this is, of course, nothing new. Almost everything in our world seems to be fake these days. Remember former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s speech at the UN justifying the 2003 invasion of Iraq?

Colin Powell

There are other examples as well, including the use of crisis actors which are people who appear in press inerviews and on teh scenes in multiple public events. The amount of resources that go into creating false realities for the masses is an absurd misallocation of human effort, and an embarrasing assault on human intelligence.

Since the mainstream medias is working in concert with the military industrial complex and corrupt governments to push the world over the brink and into all out war, it’s up to individuals and independent researchers to counter the propaganda and free the minds of those who are ready to wake up.

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Source: 4 Examples of Mainstream Media Fabricating News to Push for War


Craft International Mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting – According to Steven D Kelley -former NSA/CIA contractor.


Mercenaries from the Craft International, a tactical training company for the US military, carried out last week’s false flag operation in San Bernardino, California, according to Steven D Kelley, a former NSA/CIA contractor.

On Wednesday, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 29, stormed a holiday party in San Bernardino, California, killing at least 14 people and injuring 21 in the deadliest mass shooting in the US in three years. Hours later, the couple reportedly died in a fire exchange with police.

Malik had pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group, three US officials familiar with the investigation claimed on Friday. On Saturday, the Takfiri group also claimed the couple as its followers.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said on Monday the couple had been radicalized “for some time.”

Kelley told Press TV on Tuesday that the shooting “is just one in a long string of false flag events that I am afraid to say are not over.”

“We’ll probably be seeing several more before the end of the year, because of the events that are going on in the world, specifically with the NATO being implicated in the buying of oil from Daesh and other events,” he stated.

“So when these things happen they need to have a rapid response which requires a false flag attack. This was very obvious that this was going to happen,” the analyst added.

“The people that were on the scene and saw this happen also reported that three tall white men wearing black shirts, khaki pants and tanned combat boots were actually the shooters. The description is almost exactly what the gentlemen from Craft International, the mercenary organization that was involved in so many other false flags, actually look like. This seems to be their standard uniform,” he noted.

President Barack Obama on Sunday called the California shooting an “act of terrorism” and said the couple who launched the attack “had gone down the dark path of radicalization.”

“They had stockpiled assault weapons, ammunition and pipe bombs. So this was an act of terrorism,” he claimed.

Kelley said “the people that are being implicated – the couple — first of all if they were planning something, if they were radicalized as this is being said, and clearly the NSA, the FBI will be right on the top of these people all the time, but rather than stopping them from doing something, they were nurtured to be used for this exact purpose.”

“I do not suspect that these people have anything to do with the actual shooting. I suspect that these were patsies, no different than Timothy McVeigh or any of these other people who have historically been used to implement these terrorist acts,” the commentator said.

“If you look at the people that were wounded you can see clearly that bullet wounds are not real. The .223 caliber weapon or bullets fired from AR15 – an extremely powerful weapon — would blow someone’s arm off, it is not going to make a small hole,” said Kelley, who is also a weapons expert.

“So clearly this is a very very dirty false flag. Obviously, the United States is getting very very desperate; the government here is very desperate, they need to do something immediately to disarm the United States prior to a revolution, because the people here are waking up very fast, and they are ready to shut down this evil empire. And this needs to happen very soon,” the analyst concluded.

In his televised address from the Oval Office, Obama called for tougher gun controls, starting with a ban on gun purchases for anyone on a US government no-fly list.  “To begin with, Congress should act to make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun.”

“What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon? This is a matter of national security,” he stated.

Obama has said the “biggest frustration” of his time in the office has been the inability to reduce unparalleled levels of gun violence in the country.

Source: PressTV-‘Craft mercs carried out CA shooting’


World Class Journalist Spills The Beans & Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake



Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is a top German journalist and editor and has been for more than two decades, so you can bet he knows a thing or two about mainstream media and what really happens behind the scenes. Recently, Dr. Ulfakatte went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also adding that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job. He recently made an appearance on RT news to share these facts:

I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public. But seeing right now within the last months how the German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia — this is a point of no return and I’m going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do and have done in the past because they are bribed to betray the people, not only in Germany, all over Europe.

It’s important to keep in mind that Dr. Ulfakatte is not the only person making these claims; multiple reporters have done the same and this kind of truthfulness is something the world needs more of. One (out of many) great examples of a whistleblowing reporter is investigative journalist and former CBC News reporter Sharyl Attkisson. She delivered a hard-hitting TEDx talk showing how fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.

Another great example is Amber Lyon, a three-time Emmy award winning journalist at CC, who said that they are routinely paid by the US government and foreign governments to selectively report and even distort information on certain events. She has also indicated that the government has editorial control over content.

Ever since Operation Mockingbird, a CIA-based initiative to control mainstream media, more and more people are expressing their concern that what we see in the media is nothing short of brainwashing. This is also evident by blatant lies that continue to spam the TV screen, especially when it comes to topics such as health, food, war (‘terrorism‘), poverty, and more.

Things have not changed, in fact, when in comes to mainstream media distorting information and telling lies. They have gotten much worse in recent years, in fact, so it is highly encouraging that more people are starting to see through these lies, even without the help of whistleblowers like Dr. Ulfakatte. One great example is the supposed ‘war on terror,’ or ‘false flag terrorism.’ There are even Wikileaks documents alluding to the fact that the United States government planned to “retaliate and cause pain” to countries refusing GMOs. Mainstream media’s continual support of GMOs rages on, despite the fact that a number of countries are now banning these products.

The list of lies goes on and on. It’s time to turn off your T.V. and do your own research if you are curious about what is happening on our planet. It’s time to wake up.

Source: World Class Journalist Spills The Beans & Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake