Brexit and populist movement to EU and NWO agents: drop dead; we are rising against your nonsense and maneuvering


As long as we breathe there is hope. Today let us revel in sweet success and chase defeatism from our ranks, in gratitude for the bite of the British bulldog.

"No, we're not gonna take it."

“No, we’re not gonna take it.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis, Mark Dankof, & Michael A. Hoffman


The gods of this world and their zombie enablers and marionettes are currently in a state of panic. Against all odds, Britain left the European Union (hence, the name Brexit). The Wall Street Journal itself has called this “a very British revolution.”[1] The Washington Post has reported,

“The fear of E.U. supporters now is that the British vote may have captured a zeitgeist, a deep-seated resentment of globalization that spans the Atlantic, a feeling that may translate into greater nationalism and a stand-alone mentality.”[2]

No power on earth was strong enough to stop that “British revolution.” David Cameron tried but failed miserably and pathetically. As a result, he is out of the Zionist game. Cameron has been a puppet of the Israeli regime since the beginning time, and the regime is now sad because the populist movement kicked him out of the political equation.[3]

Last April, the Israel newspaper Haaretz said that “a British exit from the EU should worry Israel.”[4] Why? Again, their puppet in England has been humiliated by decent people who are fed up with psychological warfare in the Middle East, political machination in much of Europe, and economic disasters virtually everywhere.[5] Alex Massie of Foreign Policy declared,

“No prime minister in living memory has suffered a defeat of such cataclysmic proportions; none has been so thoroughly humiliated by his own electorate.”[6]

The Wall Street Journal reported that President Barack Obama, who is obviously part of the oligarchic rule, “flew to London to do his bit, and Goldman Sachs opened its checkbook.”[7]

The Journal lamented: “And none of it worked. The opinion polls barely moved over the course of the campaign, and 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU. That slender majority was probably the biggest slap in the face ever delivered to the British establishment in the history of universal suffrage.”[8]

Obviously this “British revolution” is pregnant with meaning, but it is too early to come up with a definitive conclusion. What we can say so far is that the movement indicates that New World Order Agents and their puppets are not immortal. They can politically and ideologically bleed. They can be defeated.

Moreover, NWO agents can go down in a second largely because they are just a small group of people who for decades have refused to submit their political appetite and passion to practical reason and have inexorably embraced an essentially diabolical ideology, which over the years has produced nothing but misery and chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, and now in Syria.

This “British revolution” can also create a ripple effect across the globe. In fact, it has already sent shockwaves across the political spectrum.[9] “Over 10,000 Sign Petition to Hold Brexit-Style Referendum in Finland.”[10] The Washington Post has admitted: “Populists across Europe lauded the British vote as an opportunity to abandon the ‘European project’ of political and economic unity.”[11] The Wall Street Journal again has lamented:

“The implications of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will reverberate through the Continent’s politics and economy for years. But it may have an even more immediate global political significance with resonance here in the U.S. as the most powerful demonstration yet of a rising populist tide transforming the established order across the West.”[12]

Obviously the oligarchs are responsible for this. As Gilad Atzmon has recently pointed out, “Britain, like the rest of the West, has been subject to an invasive and brutal paradigm designed to vitiate the working class.” The working class is no longer silent, and the oligarchs are obviously in retreat.

It can easily be argued that the oligarchs began to suppress the majority with their wicked activities since World War I, when Churchill started to utter essentially diabolical statements so that Britain and the US could get involved in the so-called Great War.

Brexit is a reaction to years of psychological warfare by the rich and powerful who always want to use their power to suppress the weak and the unfortunate. British justice secretary Michael Gove started the Brexit movement, and he lamented that he had to deal

“constantly with edicts and regulations framed at the European level—rules that he doesn’t want and can’t change. These were rules that no one in Britain asked for, rules promulgated by officials whose names Brits don’t know, people whom they never elected and cannot remove from office. Yet they become the law of the land. Much of what we think of as British democracy, Mr. Gove argued, is now no such thing.

“Instead of grumbling about the things we can’t change, Mr. Gove said, it was time to follow ‘the Americans who declared their independence and never looked back’ and ‘become an exemplar of what an inclusive, open and innovative democracy can achieve.’ Many of the Brexiteers think that Britain voted this week to follow a template set in 1776 on the other side of the Atlantic.’”[13]

Populist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, one of the leaders of the movement, put something on the political table when he said that the EU “was created by the financial mafia, globalists and all others.”[14] Vladimir Putin added: “Apparently the British people are not satisfied with the way problems are being solved in the security sphere, these problems have become more acute lately with the migration processes.”[15]

Obviously the Brexit campaign is also caused by economic problems and suffering across Britain. Bloomberg declared that the issue was “fed by stagnant wages and resentment over inequality since the Great Recession…”[16] The oligarchs, who have already lost trillions of dollars because of this movement,[17] are sad and mad. There is no doubt that they will try what one might called an ideological coup in the next weeks and months so that they can get the masses back to economic and political slavery once again. Your turn, Mark Dankof.

Vladimir Putin of Russia: Can He Defend His Nation Against The New World Order’s Toxic Brew of External NATO Military Threats and Economic/Cultural Subversion From Within?

Vladimir Putin of Russia: Can He Defend His Nation Against The New World Order’s Toxic Brew of External NATO Military Threats and Economic/Cultural Subversion From Within?

Dankof: The Brexit vote in the UK on June 23, 2016 is the most promising beginning of a revolt against the New World Order and its Globalist Elite in my lifetime.

Two things should be noted by all: First, the Globalist Media Consortiums were proven wrong about Brexit and voter support for it in Britain.

The second point to be absolutely reiterated is the Elite’s panic over the developments of June 23rd. The UK Express Story of June 27th is but the latest example of their ruthless counter reactions to come. They will stop at nothing to destroy this nationalist uprising in both Europe and the United States. This includes the deliberate manipulations of markets, money supply, exchange rates, and food supplies to convince the public to Return to Their Masters.

It also means more False Flag operations to artificially stimulate fear accompanied by the concurrent Globalist Media Consortium and Hysterical Public demands for new Domestic Police State measures with the installation of more profiling and electronic surveillance without court warrants of peaceful populist, anti-globalist, anti-Zionist activists, parties, and movements.

It also means renewed resolve on the part of the New World Order elite for a global war after the American Presidential Election in November. This will be accompanied by a declaration of martial law in the United States if this war transpires, the disarmament of the American public, and the suspension of Constitutional liberties and the Bill of Rights for those who exercise their lawful First Amendment right to protest and resist the Beast.

The Brexit vote is only a beginning. In the United States, whose Political Elite comprises the backbone of the Beast’s Advancing System in America and its accompanying exportation of New World Order “Democracy“ abroad, the Brexit vote in the UK must be followed by the ultimate achievement of the following goals of the American Populist Movement and the Real Right in this country:

These include the termination of the Federal Reserve Board and a return of monetary policy to the Congress of the United States; and the termination of American involvement in NATO, the IMF, the World Bank, the Import-Export Bank, NAFTA, GATT, the FTAA, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and any future Globalist Trade Treaties designed to facilitate World Government. Control of American borders and the rejection of the agenda of the disastrous Immigration Reform Act of 1965 have to be included in this package.

The recovery of American national sovereignty over its economy and the rejection of the targeted destruction of a once vibrant American Middle Class must be accompanied by the achievement of three (3) additional essential elements in restoring the Old American Republic:

First 1): The blatantly un-Constitutional Domestic Police State advancements of the New World Order must be repealed. These include the USA Patriot Acts; the Military Commissions Act of 2006; the warrantless surveillance and data mining programs of the National Security Agency (NSA); and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The Transportation Safety Administration(TSA) needs to be terminated, along with the involvement of Israeli affiliated companies and individuals in both this agency, and every other agency of the American National Security Nexus.

The use of Israeli training seminars for domestic American police departments must end, along with the known direct involvement of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) in working with Federal Law Enforcement and State Law Enforcement in profiling American citizens whose sole offense consists of lawfully opposing the hijacking of the country by our Globalist Masters.

Establishment of the Constitutional understanding of the lines of delineation between Federal and State Law Enforcement is an imperative in this context, as is the reinforcement of adherence to Posse Comitatus laws proscribing American military involvement in Domestic Law Enforcement. In this last regard, this priority should be especially obvious with the burgeoning Drone Strike technologies and what The Empire has already done with these technologies in the backyards of other people.

Second 2): The recovery of the Old Republic also involves the repudiation of the employment of the American Military as a Janissary Force for Israel, the Central Bankers, and the Multinational Corporate Elite. I have already mentioned the need for the United States to withdraw from NATO. 

This must be accompanied by the cessation of the obvious attempts to militarize Eastern Europe and the southern underbelly of Putin’s Russia. The illegitimate involvement of the United States in supporting the illegal coup d’etat in the Ukraine in February of 2014 and the Wahhabic Sunni terrorists in Libya and Syria must end, as must the pursuit of the Zionist threat to Iran, and all of the American military and intelligence operations in the Middle East designed to enforce the Sykes-Picot Treaty, the Balfour Declaration, and Bretton Woods. This includes most of what has been supported by the United States in the Middle East since 1948, including the acceleration of all of this since 9-11.

In this regard, bringing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) under the strictures of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, ending the role of Dual Citizens and Israeli linked companies in every branch of the American government, and repudiating the insane campaign finance policies of the Citizens United v FEC and McCutcheon v FEC decisions are critically important in regaining control of our own house.

You may add to this the application of antitrust legislation to regulate the activities of Corporate Media Conglomerates where legitimate, and the termination of the activities of the New World Order agenda in NGOs like that of the Open Society Foundation of George Soros and his ideological ilk.

Third 3): American Old Right Populists must regain the initiative in the Culture Wars catastrophically lost in the last half century. It is essential to understand that a true rejection of the economic and political agenda of the minions of the New World Order must be accompanied by a rejection of the agenda of Cultural Subversion deployed by these people to deliberately target and destroy the moral and spiritual fiber of those who would otherwise constitute the constituency of Massive Resistance to their Game Plan for both the United States and the world at large.

I am referring here to the Freudian Psychotherapeutic Minions of the Frankfurt School’s Institute for Social Research, and their targeted sexual defoliation of this country by Hollywood, the Will and Grace and Oprah Winfrey crowd in the American television industry, the Helen Gurley Browns of the Womens Magazine industry, the pornographers in the image of Al Goldstein and his Screw magazine empire of a generation ago, the LGBT hijacking of American culture which culminated in the Obergefell v Hodges Supreme Court decision of a year ago, and the insidious advancements of the abortion industry via the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision of January of 1973.

In regard to a total macrocosmic evaluation of these matters, it is legitimate to see the advancement of the Culture of Death as more than the mere pacification and disarmament of those who otherwise would resist the New World Order.

Along with the Empire’s global military expeditions, this domestic agenda for the Cultural Subversion of formerly sovereign nation-states is designed to subvert, divert, destroy, and kill millions physically, even as it destroys the religious, moral, and spiritual resistance and autonomy of those who should be resisting the arrival of the most evil World System ever seen in world history.

The understanding of the tragedy of what has happened in the United States is understood by President Putin of Russia and the present leadership of Iran. The recovering of understanding in the United States and Western Europe is the only hope the West has. It may be too late. Time and history will tell.

Time and history will reveal whether the Brexit vote of June 23rd will reveal a longer term string of victories for the recovery of Western Civilization or only a mere tactical gain by those who resist the Beast in a just and righteous cause already lost in the United States and Western Europe. My own evaluation of the prospect of the recovery of Western Civilization in the 21st Century is decidedly pessimistic. I pray I’m proven wrong.

In any event, I maintain my internal peace by my faith in the love, grace, and sovereign control of time and history by the Biblical God who has revealed Himself and his future Kingdom in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Alexis: I am indeed optimistic, despite the fact that chaos currently rules in politics. If men like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Friedrich Hegel, and Richard Wurmbrand refused to be pessimistic in the midst of complete chaos and destruction and despair, then people of reason can do nothing less than to submit their fear to Logos, the essence of the moral order and intellectual freedom. It is for this reason that St. Paul wrote:

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed…”

Solzhenitsyn and others would have agreed here. That should excite us all to be on the optimistic side of the ideological battle, regardless of what current events may produce. Michael Hoffman, your take on the Brexit campaign.

"Vlad, we think you were right all this time. Can we join in now?"

“Vlad, we think you were right all this time. Can we join in now?”

Hoffman: No people can sustain themselves on repeated defeats. The British have defied the elites and voted to leave the Brussels-based European Union (EU). This is beautiful for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the British media trotted out a corpus of “expert opinion” ordering the flinty citizens of the island nation to stay in the EU for the sake of consumerism and globalism.

Money was held aloft as the supreme motive for remaining, and the ones raising this banner of mammon were from the “financial services industry,” which is a media-euphemism for the usurious gang who dominate almost every western country.

In Russia, under Vladimir Putin, the highest value is placed not on the economy but rather on the Church, the land and the people. Due to their loyalty to these ancient Slavic priorities, Russians are libeled, financially sanctioned and threatened with war by NATO and Hillary Clinton. The British meanwhile are beginning to return to the venerable verities championed by populists like Mr. Putin.

Under the laws of the European Union’s super-state, the tiny island nation had to admit any number of immigrants, no matter how large, from member nations. This includes millions of angry and alienated Muslim youth in EU member countries like France and Germany.

Polls repeatedly revealed that this deluge was the driving force behind the vote for a British exit (“Brexit”) from Brussels.  The English and Welsh chose their land and their people—national sovereignty and independence—over the Money Power and the EU’s Tower of Babel. Thank God!

American Indians are praised for considering how any action they take will impact the next seven generations. This stems from the realization that we don’t own the future — we are only custodians of it for the benefit of our posterity. There is today a Britain and a United States because our ancestors chose to create pathways for our preservation.

When Angela Merkel, the gentile-Zionist agent who leads Germany, last year opened the borders of the nation to an invasion by more than one million immigrants from the Middle East and western Asia, with her treason she was spitting on a thousand years of stewardship by the ancestors of the Germans who had sacrificed, fought and died to preserve the Teutonic people and their homeland.

Merkel’s Germany is precisely the deracinated consumer utopia which the Cryptocracy has decided is the future of the United States and Britain. Yet against all odds, Britain’s “bulldog breed” responded at the ballot box with a howl of rage and frustration against their elite Overlords and the “experts” who dispensed hypnotic cues on how to think and vote.

Here in America the television networks and print media are routinely telling the plebes that their skepticism toward Hillary Clinton, trans-gender bathrooms and amnesty for illegal aliens, is a horrible sin. My, my, the “sinful” British appear to have paid no attention to their would-be moral masters in Britain, and increasingly Americans are defying the mainstream media’s demonization of traditional values and common sense.

Lest we conflate a victory in one great battle in Britain with a decisive defeat of Satan’s kingdom in the West, we ought to examine the bigger picture, which entails factoring the Zionists’ plans for Britain and Europe. They have a long memory and forgiveness forms no part of their gestalt. They view Britain and Europe as hereditarily and ineradicably tainted by their former resistance to Judaism.

Influential Orthodox rabbis have let the cat out of the bag by smirking at the growing presence of Sunni-Wahhabist terrorists scourging Britain and Europe. Inevitably these rabbis cite the “unforgivable” Christian resistance to Judaism in the past, as justification for gloating over the immigration invasion, and self-extinguishing rates of abortion, contraception, suicide and euthanasia in Europe and Britain.

One of the main Zionist outlets for their undying hatred is the controlled media of the West, where Europeans and the British are perpetually targeted with movies, TV shows and publications portraying them as moral lepers, fiendishly sadistic mass murderers and in general possessed of a tainted genetic stock.[18]

The relentless negative stereotyping amounts to mental colonization followed by a kind of mental genocide: the commitment by our youth to withhold births of “more wicked whites.” Demographic statistics testify to the efficacy of the media onslaught.

No doubt the Establishment was banking on the inculcation of sufficient levels of this self-hate in numbers large enough to ensure the defeat of Britain’s vote on leaving the European Union. A miracle occurred however, and it was the Cryptocracy that was defeated, in this round at least.

The next battle consists of building on the defiance. This entails a revival of the family and the absolute necessity of three children or more per married couple, with offspring “trained up in the way they should go,” and populist political parties free of the networks of masonic secret societies, usury bankers and multinational corporations.

As long as we breathe there is hope. Today let us revel in sweet success and chase defeatism from our ranks, in gratitude for the bite of the British bulldog.

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Source: Brexit and populist movement to EU and NWO agents: drop dead; we are rising against your nonsense and maneuvering | Veterans Today


The beginning of the end or end of the beginning?


Most readers of Need to Know news will rejoice over Britain’s exit from the EU, as reported in this week’s edition. It’s not that we have a stake in Britain’s internal affairs, but because this issue has as much to do with global government as it does with national prosperity. In other words, this is a setback for the BIG strategy to put elitist politicians and bankers into control of the entire world – and that affects all of us at the macro level.


It is tempting to give a victory shout and boast that this is the beginning of the end for the globalists, but we know from long experience that they do not give up that easily. Even before the Brexit vote took place, undoubtedly they had prepared Plan-B for just such an outcome.

It is not hard to imagine what such a plan would include. The proven technique for herding the masses into places they would not otherwise choose is to cause them to experience fear and panic. In modern times, this has become an important part of political science in which grotesque enemies are engineered and manufactured with great precision. False-flag attacks are the new normal, and (as illustrated in this week’s news) there even is a talent agency that provides ‘crisis actors’ to corporate and government clients around the world.

Everything is possible – including a return to the EU – if people are in fear for their lives as a result of war,terrorism, economic collapse, or civil disorder, all of which can be arranged. It is an eerie feeling knowing that there are people in high places, like Maurice Strong, a UN icon for internationalism, who, not only long for the economic destruction of advanced countries, but are in positions to bring it about. It was Strong who said:

What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude that the principle risk to the earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? … The group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about? [See The Creature from Jekyll Island, page 533.]

The current victory over the EU is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning of a long and fierce contest between the forces of global tyranny and personal freedom. It is good to rejoice and celebrate, but the next battle is coming, and we must now prepare.

G. Edward Griffin
2016 June 24

Source: Around the World – NEED TO KNOW


Exposing Hillary Clinton’s Ties to Saul Alinsky & Communist Doctrine


Hillary Clinton is a lady many despise and many love. But just what does anyone know about her background and how it relates to the United States? Her background has some really radical people in it, and one particular individual is none other than Saul Alinsky. Now, many have to wonder just who is this Saul Alinsky? Now we do have to give a brief background on him, since it is his ideology that Hillary Clinton grew up loving. The first thing we have to present is his famous book, “Rules For Radicals,” of which Hillary even wrote a letter to him asking when it would be out, as she so lightly stated in her letter to Saul Alinsky, dated July 8, 1971.

“Dear Saul,

When is that new book coming out—or has it come out and I somehow missed the fulfillment of Revelation? I have just had my one-thousandth conversation about Reveille and need some new material to throw at people. You are being rediscovered again as the New Left-type politicos are finally beginning to think seriously about the hard work and mechanics of organizing. I seem to have survived law school, alightly bruised, with my belief and zest for organizing intact. If I never thanked you for the encouraging words of last spring in the midst of the Yale-Columbia madness, I do so now. The more I’ve seen places like Yale Law School and the people who haunt them, the more I am convinced I am that we have the serious business and joy of such work ahead, –if the commitment to a free and open society is ever going to mean more than eloquence and frustration.

I miss our biennial conversations. Do you ever make it out to California? I am living in Berkeley and working in Oakland for the summer and would love to see you. Let me know if there is any chance of our getting together—2667 Derby #2, Berkeley 415-841-5330.”

(See the entire letter)

Let us inform you of just who this Saul Alinsky is that Hillary Clinton is trying to meet in California. We will make this brief, since including Saul Alinsky’s history and how it goes against the Constitution would take up many pages, which we will do in a book soon.

Saul Alinsky was born to Russian-Jewish parents in Chicago in 1909, Saul Alinsky was a Communist/Marxist fellow-traveler who helped establish the tactics of infiltration — coupled with a measure of confrontation — that have been central to revolutionary political movements in the United States in recent decades. He never joined the Communist Party, but instead, as David Horowitz puts it, became an avatar of the post-modern left.

Saul Alinsky has been identified as such:

  • Identified a set of very specific rules that ordinary citizens could follow, and tactics that ordinary citizens could employ, as a means of gaining public power
  • Created a blueprint for revolution under the banner of “social change”
  • Two of his most notable modern-day disciples are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

As Alinsky put it: “A reformation means that the masses of our people have reached the point of disillusionment with past ways and values. They don’t know what will work but they do know that the prevailing system is self-defeating, frustrating, and hopeless. They won’t act for change but won’t strongly oppose those who do. The time is then ripe for revolution.”[1]

[1] Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals (New York: Vintage Books), March 1972 edition, p. xxii. (Original publication was in 1971.)

(See also)

Now, with her letter, part of which is shown above from the site, it could be asked just what type of person Hillary Clinton is. It would seem to show that she is a closet Socialist/Communist at best, or maybe an individual who has the same type of “Rules For Radicals” in her head to toss out upon the people of the United States. Much could be stated about what Hillary Clinton may plan to do, should she win the 2016 Presidential election, but one thing is for sure: her idea of the United States is not the same as the honest, working Citizen’s! Her ideas are lined with dreams of an “Alinsky” style of not just government, but nation—one that has the Constitution trampled upon.

Allen West wrote the article cited above, and in it are the total copies of the letters both to and from Saul Alinsky in relation to Hilary Clinton. We should have extreme questions about this, no matter where one sits on the sides of politics, since her ideas seem to stem from the teachings of Saul Alinsky and his ideology was to destroy the United States and turn it into a “Socialist” state! Obama had the Communist Party of the United States support him, not just as President, but also when he ran for Illinois Senator! It would seem that, since Hillary Clinton comes from that same distinct area, maybe she, too, stands to obtain the support of the Communist Party!

We are not just dropping names here; these are facts, as shown in the opening paragraph of the article written by Allen West:

“I went to Chicago a couple of times over the summer — beautiful city, and what an awesome waterfront along Lake Michigan. However, I just have to laugh when I think of the level of radicalism and corruption in Chicago politics. Here is the lineup of famous Chicago residents: Saul Alinksy, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Jr. (the latter being a federal prison resident), Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, Tony Rezko, Louis Farrakhan, David Plouffe, and, of course, Al Capone. Now, combine that with the number of incarcerated former politicians and the fact that in June of this year, the Communist Party of the United States held its 30th convention in Chicago.”

Allen West also states in his article:

“As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “Previously unpublished correspondence between Hillary Clinton and the late left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky reveals new details about her relationship with the controversial Chicago activist and shed light on her early ideological development. Clinton met with Alinsky several times in 1968 while writing a Wellesley college thesis about his theory of community organizing. Clinton’s relationship with Alinsky, and her support for his philosophy, continued for several years after she entered Yale law school in 1969, two letters obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.

“The last thing America needs is another left wing ideologue espousing progressive socialist policies. The problem for Hillary Clinton is that she’s tried very hard to hide her radicalism – as a matter of fact, she’s doing everything possible right now to distance herself from ol’ brother Barack. However, she’s not trusted by the progressive Left or the rest of America either. We all know Hillary Clinton as a shrewd deceptive operator, not personable and willing to tell a lie at the drop of a hat. Plus, the Clintons have more scandals following them than the days are long — hmm, sounds like a familiar tune of the past six years. After all, they were all spawned from the same corrupt social organizing political machine. They’re just serious rivals.

“A self-proclaimed radical, Alinsky advocated guerilla tactics and civil disobedience (SEIU, Occupy Wall Street, ACORN) to correct what he saw as an institutionalized power gap in poor communities. His philosophy divided the world into “haves”—middle class and wealthy people —and “have nots”—the poor. He took an ends-justify-the-means approach to power and wealth redistribution, and developed the theoretical basis of “community organizing.” “The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power,” wrote Alinsky in his 1971 book. “Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.”

Now, with all this just waiting to be dispensed out to the good people of the United States, we decided to bring these facts to light, and if people wish to read the letters and see for themselves what Hillary Clinton wrote, they can go to the site and read it. We feel that the more people that know about Hillary Clinton’s links to Socialists, Communists, thugs, criminals, and the like, the better it will be.

We do know that maybe the people are just now waking up to see that our very freedom and the Constitution we love is in threat, so maybe they will see Hillary for who she really is and that this lady should never hold another office of public statue anywhere.

Source: Exposing Hillary Clinton’s Ties to Saul Alinsky & Communist Doctrine – Freedom Outpost


New Questions Arise About the “Suicide” of a Reporter – Glomar Disclosure


Nearly twenty five years ago, Danny Casolaro was found dead in his hotel bathtub. His wrists had been cut and the tendons severed, a bag had been tied around his head, his arm was bruised, bloody bath water had been splashed against the wall and onto the floor, his drinking glass was broken and his briefcase missing. His death was ruled a suicide by the local police and the Department of Justice, despite the firm disagreement of his friends and family.

This article will not rehash the circumstances of his death or his investigation into the Inslaw affair and related matters. Instead, the focus will be on the false alibi of the primary suspect in Danny Casolaro’s death and what investigating FBI agents actually thought about Danny’s death, as revealed by a previously secret document from the Department of Justice.

According to both the Department of Justice report and the Bua Report on the Inslaw affair:

On the day Mr. Casolaro died, August 10, 1991, Cuellar was in Washington, D.C., working on his “outprocessing” from Desert Storm, and his “in-processing” into the Southern Command. Several witnesses have verified that he was in Washington on August 10, 1991.

The Bua Report is dated March 1993. A memo from February 1994, however, tells an entirely different story:

Cuellar advised that three (3) to four (4) weeks prior to Casolaro’s death, he left for Panama and was advised of Casolaro’s death through a phone call to Lynn Knowles. Cuellar returned from Panama to attend Casolaro’s funeral.

These two versions of events are irreconcilable. Cuellar’s initial claim, and apparently verified alibi, was that he was in Washington D.C. on the day Danny died, a two hour drive from where he had died early in the morning. The later assertion that he had been in Panama for weeks is impossible to attribute to misremembering. To date, there is no evidence that the Department of Justice ever investigated the change in Cuellar’s alibi, nor was it publicly reported on. The documentation was only recently obtained as part of a Special Access Review with the National Archives.

A previously secret document from a BCCI/BNL task force that was obtained through the same Special Access Review also reveals that many FBI agents doubted the conclusion of suicide, that they met with resistance while investigating the matter and felt their careers were being put at risk.

However, despite my request for a complete and unredacted  copy of the [Bua] report, I was only able to review the public version that was deleted of all 6(e) material, a great deal of which was provided in connection with matters and witnesses previously linked to the alleged BCCI connection (pages 39-60 of the redacted Bua report).

Some questions remain in my mind about the Casolaro  death and his allegations. Before the Task Force was broken up, I asked each of the agents for his or her subjective, off-the-record view of the case. At least half of them thought the matter should be further pursued and questioned the conclusion of a suicide. I thought that level of doubt was especially significant, because even at that time (December 1992), it was clear that to express those views risked one’s own judgment being called into question. Last Fall, when the agents attempted to learn about the Casolaro case, they met with almost complete resistance from the Martinsburg police and prosecutor’s office. Recently, however, the FBI agent in Pittsburgh who covers the Martinsburg area has told a WMFO agent that the local officials simply felt besieged by outsiders, many of whom were criticizing the way that Casolaro ‘s death was being investigated. The Pittsburgh agent claims that Martinsburg handled the case properly (though he never did his own investigation) and has invited us to make a visit there.

The inquiry into Casolaro’s death by the BCCI Task Force began before my arrival, and I supported it thereafter. I believe from my own review of Casolaro’s notes that if he was murdered, venue for an ITAR investigation would properly lie in any of three districts – Los Angeles, Martinsburg, or Washington (and possibly E.D. Va.). Of course, for purposes of this investigation, the larger question is whether his death was connected in any way to the recent pronouncements he had made about finding a BCCI link, whether or not there was any factual basis for his theory. Assuming Casolaro did commit suicide, it would still be important to know if he had received threats related to his claim of having uncovered a BCCI connection.

I want to emphasize that I am not criticizing the Inslaw report prepared by Judge Bua. His focus was on Inslaw, and a key figure for him was John Nichols. In contrast, Robert Booth Nichols seems to have warranted little attention. For our purposes, however, it is Robert Booth Nichols who may be an important witness. Given the fact that Nichols threatened an FBI agent who was apparently not interviewed by Judge Bua, an agent who later told Congressional investigators he actually knew more than he was able to reveal to them, and given the fact that Casolaro ‘s death occurred shortly after Casolaro met with Nichols, received threats himself, and then claimed to have found a link to the BCCI investigation, and given the fact that there certainly are persons who figure into the 1980 hostage negotiations, Iran-contra, and BCCI, I feel we need to pursue the actions noted below.

  1. Review an unredacted copy of the pertinent parts of the report by Judge Bua, or at least ascertain any information available in the full version about BCCI or Robert Booth Nichols.
  2. Interview S/A Gates of the FBI.
  3. There have been allegations that a key source of Casolaro’s [Alan Standorf], an employee of the electronic surveillance station at Vint Hill Farm (Va.), was found murdered at National Airport shortly before Casolaro’s own death. An inquiry into this allegation was assigned by the WMFO but has remained pending for months. It needs to be completed in order to determine if there is any merit to the allegation.
  4. Interview James Starr, the GWU Professor of Law and Forensic Sciences who, according to Judge Bua, was “reported” to have reviewed the forensic investigation into Casolaro’s death (page 249).
  5. Interview Robert Booth Nichols.
  6. Visit Martinsburg and meet with local officials.
  7. Re-evaluation after #4 or #6, both in terms of the BCCI investigation and in terms of whether any basis exists for a separate federal ITAR case.

[Emphasis added]

To date, none of the documents released indicate whether any of these steps were taken. 33,000 pages of documents related to Inslaw and the death of Danny Casolaro are still pending in the Special Access Review, along with repeated FOIA requests.

These new questions and contradictions further question the conclusion of suicide in the death of Danny Casolaro, and demonstrate the de facto coverup  of the Department of Justice’s refusal to investigate contradictory alibis.



Two days ago David Cameron was mocking "Brexit conspiracy theorists." Today he announced his impending resignation.

Two days ago David Cameron was mocking “Brexit conspiracy theorists.” Today he announced his impending resignation.

The New World Order plan to impose bankster-driven global tyranny took a huge hit Friday morning as news of the Brexit victory stunned markets, political leaders and pundits.

They obviously hadn’t planned on this. Polls before the vote showed “leave” down 52%-48%. Given the likelihood of pro-“remain” election fraud – the skids for which had been greased by the elimination of exit polls – a pro-Brexit result seemed mathematically impossible. So…what happened?

That is undoubtedly what the Rothschilds and their minions are asking themselves as they take a much-needed break from cackling and rubbing their hands together in glee at the cascading successes of their planetary hostile takeover operation, and instead get to experience a tiny fraction of the anxiety that their victims everywhere have been living with for centuries.

mr burns = jacob rothschild

Wipe that smirk off your face Jacob, Brexit just lost

A poll-forecasted four point Brexit defeat somehow turned into a four-point victory. That’s an eight-point swing overnight.  How did it happen?

Normally such discrepancies suggest election fraud. But the people with the tools to steal elections were generally anti-Brexit, so I think we can eliminate that possibility.

The second leading reason for poll vs. result discrepancies is what might be called a “tell the pollster what the establishment wants to hear” bias. Polls that ask whether you would refuse to vote for Obama because he is black, for example, typically find very few if any people saying “yes, of course I would never vote for a black president.” But actual secret-ballot votes show that this kind of racism exists in much greater numbers than polls reveal. (Conversely, of course, even more people voted for Obama BECAUSE he was black; but they probably wouldn’t easily admit that to a pollster either.)

Voting for Brexit, like racism, is politically-incorrect according to establishment ideology. Therefore a certain percentage of people probably misstated their actual intentions to pollsters. This had the happy result of lulling the New World Order elites into a sense of complacency. They probably had a contingency plan to steal the election if it was close. They probably decided they wouldn’t have to to so because the polls showed they would win anyway. Or, conversely, they may have figured they would only have to shave off a couple of points from the pro-Brexit side, not realizing that the polls were massively  understating pro-Brexit sentiment. So they may have committed election fraud, but not to the degree that would have permitted them to win.

The NWO elites may also have had another reason for complacency: The seeming success of the apparent Jo Cox murder false flag.

Prior to the emotion-stirring killing of “heroic anti-Brexit icon” Jo Cox by an apparent Brexit supporter, the polls showed the pro-Brexit side was significantly ahead. In the wake of the Cox murder, a huge swing occurred, putting anti-Brexit forces ahead 52-48% in polls taken on the eve of the vote. The elites who had arranged the false flag were presumably cackling and rubbing their hands in glee. What could possibly go wrong now?

What went wrong was “conspiracy theories.”

IB Times:

On Thursday, countless posts were circulating on Twitter and Facebook suggesting Cox was sacrificed by pro-EU forces.

The New Statesman:

But focusing on the EU referendum ignores a wider divide: between parliamentary democracy and a majoritarian fury. Between respectful disagreement on immigration and dog whistle claims. Between reporting on facts and the kind of paranoid internet conspiracy that labels Cox’s death a “false flag”. The kind of divide that has echoes in US politics and European populism.

Virtually all British voters who use the internet heard about these “conspiracy theories.” A significant number believed them, while an even more significant number – likely a majority – gave them at least some credence. Today, more and more people understand that the elites manipulate the population through public relation stunts that appeal to emotions and shut down rational thought. The BBC documentary Century of the Self exposed the legacy of Edward Bernays, father of mass mind control, to the British and global public.

Believing in “conspiracy theories,” indeed giving them any credence at all, is wildly politically-incorrect, if not downright heretical, according to establishment ideology. So the very large number of voters who found the timing and style of the Cox murder suspicious would never admit that in a formal setting; on the contrary, when contacted by a pollster, they would be even more likely than before to misstate their intentions in the direction of pretending to be anti-Brexit.

But in the privacy of the voting booth, people often go with their real thoughts and emotions. Enough of them, anyway, to occasionally sway elections.

If the above analysis is correct, the wildly-popular “false flag” meme that I have been tirelessly promoting for more than a decade may have been a key factor precipitating this historic first step in the eventual break-up of the European Union and the destruction of the New World Order.

It’s all the fault of “conspiracy theories.”

Their false flag manipulations don’t work any more.


No wonder the whole establishment, led by such supposed intellectual heavyweights as Obama’s former information czar Cass Sunstein, is dedicated to eradicating “conspiracy theories” even if they have to “disable the purveyors” (harass them? cripple them? kill them?) or, worse, burn the Constitution, make conspiracy theories illegal, police the internet, and send people like me to prison for thoughtcrime.

But it may be too late. The breakup of the EU, then NATO and finally the whole New World Order project has already been set in motion.

Congratulations are in order to all who have contributed to propagating the false flag meme, exposing the New World Order, taking down the DIPS (Dominant Inbred Psychopaths) and clearing the way for a better world.


Report Saying CIA Did Orlando Shooting Going Viral! 


UPDATE: 6-20-16   – Tom Heneghan has reported his Intelligence sources confirm this amazing story is 100%  TRUE!   He also reports the story is causing chaos because they got caught!!  Is that why they won’t release the FULL transcript of what Omar Mateen told police on the 911 calls?  How ridiculous we can’t get access to the entire tape!  We pay taxes – it’s our property!  How dare our government tell us we can’t hear the tapes at all because Muslim in the closet Obama wants to take the blame off his ISIS buddies and go for the guns using the “lone wolf” garbage story!

The shocking report on claiming James Howell spilled the beans on the CIA involvement in the Orlando shooting as well as their plot to attack the gay parade on the West Coast has now gone viral thanks in part to the readers of BeforeItsnews.  In my video I go over some interesting things that seem to make James Howell’s testimony fit.  First we know now there are multiple shooters no matter what the Fake News tell us.  We know there was at least one witnesses who said they heard Omar saying he had help inside the club including a woman wearing a suicide vest!   Was this woman the “Brandy” Howell mentioned to police?

Did GetOfftheBS just break the biggest story in history?  We shall soon see!  I personally think it’s true because of the huge risk this website would be taking if they simply made up a story and blamed the CIA for the Orlando shooting!   That would be very very stupid to bring that kind of heat for nothing!  It appears they have done some very good stories in the past also so I don’t believe they would start making up stuff now.  There has been no legal action against the website either so far.  If they made up the story and had no supporting evidence I would think they would be forced to pull the story fast!

If this is indeed true, then maybe the CIA made a deal with Howell where if he plays along and shuts up now, he is given reduced charges and a lot of money when he gets out.  This is just speculation but with a story like this you’re not going to be able to call the police and ask them!

Howell claims he was trained by the CIA in Virginia on how to shoot and make bombs!  Here’s a story I found listing some of the known CIA bases where paramilitary training is done.

“Under the CIA’s directions, a host of other paramilitary camps were established in such places as Red House, Virginia; Commerce, Georgia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Macon, Georgia; Squaw Valley, California; Marion, Alabama; Talihina, Oklahoma; and Toronto, Ontario.[10]“Source:

(From G. Edward Griffin)

Howell told police he was turning himself in because he wanted protection. His story was that he had been assured by his recruiters that he would not be harmed in the shooting but, when he heard on the news that Omar Mateen, the lead gunman in the Orlando group, had been killed by sniper fire, he realized he was being set up as a patsy and would be killed.

Soon after that, the FBI took over the investigation, and information to the public was filtered to remove any facts that might show the Orlando shooting as a planned event involving others.

(1) After the FBI took charge of the investigation, Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks changed her original report that Howell was part of a group of five people who intended to do harm at the gay-pride event in West Hollywood. Her altered report made no mention of anyone other than Howell.

(2) The web site that reported this story is still carrying the article without triggering legal action against it. That is significant because, if the story is false, immediate legal action would be expected. If it is true, Howell will be killed or ‘disappeared’ to prevent him from talking, but the last thing the perpetrators would want is a public trial where witnesses can be called to testify.

This news story could be one of the most important reports ever published in the annals of journalism. 


This story has now gone viral in alternative media and is being reported by  WeAreChange, Jim Stone, G. Edward Griffin and others.

BLOCKBUSTER: Patsy to police: The CIA killed Mateen, and they will kill me!

Quick explanation: The man arrested in Santa Monica with bomb material and automatic weapons to “attack a gay pride parade” actually turned himself in to the Santa Monica police for protection after he heard Mateen (who was part of his CIA team) was killed in the shooting! Get a load of this, it appears to be the false flag bust of the century!

“The real truth of the story was released to a former Los Angeles County prosecutor who works for Get Off the BS by two Santa Monica police officers that have been issued gag orders under threat of Federal prosecution for further talking about the incident.

According to two department sources, Howell called the Santa Monica police on Sunday morning claiming that he needed protection from the CIA. Howell further elaborated to the dispatcher stating that he “had been set up by the CIA – they are going to kill me.”

According to Howell, he was in LA to meet with another person in a collaborated attack on the gay communities in both Florida and Los Angeles.

Howell additionally stated that, “everything has gone south. Dan was gone when I got here. They killed the leader of the Florida attack this morning. They are going to kill me. I need protection.”


Images source:

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb are now trying to confirm this story with their own Intel sources and should be able to report more on this in the coming days.

James Howell’s Facebook Page Says He Worked for the CIA!  Did he leave this as a clue to be found in case he was setup for the fall?  

Youtuber finds a clue!  James Howell’s Facebook page said he worked for the CIA!  Did Howell  leave this clue to be found in case he was setup by the CIA?  This is interesting regardless.

Here’s what is being reported!  This must go viral because the fakes (Alex Jones, Drudge) will NEVER report this!

The real truth of the story was released to a former Los Angeles County prosecutor who works for Get Off the BS by two Santa Monica police officers that have been issued gag orders under threat of Federal prosecution for talking further talking about the incident.

According to two department sources, Howell called the Santa Monica police on Sunday morning claiming that he needed protection from the CIA. Howell further elaborated to the dispatcher stating that he “had been set up by the CIA – they are going to kill me.”

According to Howell, he was in LA to meet with another person in a collaborated attack on the gay communities in both Florida and Los Angeles.

Howell additionally stated that, “everything has gone south. Dan was gone when I got here. They killed the leader of the Florida attack this morning. They are going to kill me. I need protection.”

According to sources within the police department’s investigation Howell indicated to officers who first made contact with him that Howell claimed he was one of five people involved in a planned Sunday attack on both the east and west coasts.

Howell stated that he was suppose to “hook up” late Saturday night with his contact in LA who was suppose to have more weapons and chemicals to mix with the Tannerite he was in possession of.

“When I got here, Dan was gone. I went to his apartment and he had cleared out….I tried calling him but he never answered me,” said Howell.

When questioned about the other four people involved in the plot, Howell was only familiar with the first names of three of the alleged suspects, naming his contact in LA – Dan and two of the three contacts in Florida, Omar and Brandy

Speaking of the suspect killed in the Pulse Bar massacre in Florida, Howell stated, “Omar was not suppose to be killed. They lied to us – Omar and Brandy were suppose to get away.”

When Howell was questioned about how he and his conspirators knew each other, he said that,

“We were all familiar with each other through an online fundamental Islamic knowledge seminary course[1] – we were recruited through the course and trained together at a camp in Virginia – we were taught how to shoot and make bombs – everyone knew their part – something went wrong….”

Before the officers could further question Howell, agents working for the Los Angeles office of the FBI quickly swept in and took over the case. Santa Monica detectives were never allowed to talk with Howell.

This video proves 100% there were more than one shooter!

This video shows some strange witnesses.   Check out the woman who begs to take out assault weapons!  You just lose your kid and your first thought is take our guns?  Some of them are admitted actors!  This all must be investigated further.  I’m not saying it’s all fake at this time by any means but it must be thoroughly investigated to see who is guilty here.

Google Proves articles on Orlando shooting posted before the event happened!  This is another smoking gun!

PULSE SHOOTING REPORT SIX HOURS BEFORE IT HAPPENED: TYPE “20 DEAD 40 injured pulse” into Google and tell it to only return results from the 11th.

They will “Berenstain” this quickly now that I posted it. Hopefully you will get a chance before they do.

If you catch this before they wipe it, you will discover that the original story was supposed to be 20 dead and 40 injured, and that it was released to the MSM 6 hours early and damn near everybody published it six hours early. Google scrubbed a lot of it, and an AI or something went through and over wrote all reports (including date updates to the 12th, but the ghost is still there, take a look at this!:

UPDATE: This has been updated and made better as I went around laughing, finding better stuff that totally showed how far their pants were pulled down. They BLEW THIS, the official lie CANNOT SURVIVE THIS.



Here are more interesting pieces of this puzzle in Orlando

CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter To “Informants”

Source: Report Saying CIA Did Orlando Shooting Going Viral! | Alternative


Meet the Jews Who Own Hollywood and the Media


Do the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media? Are they using the media to mold and shape American opinion by constantly injecting Zionist propaganda and bias into news programs, movies, television shows, even children’s cartoons and entertainment?

The answer is so blatantly “Yes!” that you wouldn’t think these questions are even worth pursuing. But recently, the untoward comments of a patriot talk show host made me stop and rethink it. Are there people out there—even in the Patriot Movement—who really are that much in the dark, who deny Jewish influence in the media?

Recently, when a caller to a talk show on the Genesis Communications Network suggested that the Jews control the media, the host went wild. He raged on and on, playing the race card. He branded the surprised caller and others like him who are weary of Zionist influence “Nazis” and “anti-Semites.” Angrily, he denied Jewish involvement in any conspiracies and ridiculed those who had the audacity to suggest that Jews run Hollywood or the media. Then, in a real fit of spewed venom, the talk show host demanded that the caller and all others who believe like him should go out and hang themselves to promote population reduction.

As if that wasn’t hateful enough, the pro-Zionist host then stated that all the “Nazis and anti-Semites” who opposed Zionism and the Jews “should plug in an electric toaster, hold it to their bodies, jump into a bathtub filled with water, and have a party.” In other words, kill themselves.

Quite a rampage by the supposedly “patriot” talk show host. And all because the poor caller had dared to propose undue Jewish influence over the media.

Hearing the actual taped broadcast of this unbelievable tirade by a pro-Zionist advocate confirmed my resolve to inform good folks once again of the truly dictatorial grip that Zionist Jews have on the media. The best way to do this is not to rage and spew venom, but simply to present the facts, to document the truth of Jewish control of the media.

What Do Knowledgeable Jews Say?

How about going to top Jews in the media themselves and see what they say? Take Joel Stein, for example, columnist for the Los Angeles Times newspaper and regular contributor to Time magazine. In his column in the LA Times (Dec. 19, 2008), Stein says that Americans who think the Jews do not control Hollywood and the media are just plain “dumb.”

“Jews totally run Hollywood.” Stein proudly admits. He then goes on to

Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times

“Jews totally run Hollywood.”

Joel Stein
Los Angeles Times

provide a long, long list of Hollywood media chieftains—all Jews!—to prove his point. On his list: Fox News President Peter Chernin; Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey; Walt Disney CEO Robert Igor; Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton; Warner Brothers Chairman Barry Meyer; CBS CEO Leslie Moonves; MGM Chairman Harry Sloan; and NBC/Universal Studios CEO Jeff Zucker.

That’s just the top brass at the studios. Then there are the actors and entertainers—predominantly Jews, from Barbara Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow to Adam Sandler to Ben Stiller. Jew…Jew…and Jew again. As Stein wryly remarks, even the head of the actors’ union, the Screen Actors Guild, Alan Rosenberg, is a Jew.

“The Jews are so dominant,” writes Stein, “I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies.” “But lo and behold,” Stein says, “even one of that six, AMC President Charles Collier, turned out to be a Jew!”

“As a proud Jew,” says Joel Stein, “I want America to know of our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood.”

ADL’s Foxman Admits Jewish Control

Abe Foxman of the Jewish ADL

“All eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish.”

Abe Foxman
Chairman, Jewish ADL

Stein says he then called Abe Foxman, Chairman of the Jewish ADL, to ask him, why don’t more Jews just come out and boast at this great accomplishment? Foxman responded by admitting that yes, it’s true that most of the top execs “happen to be Jewish.” In fact, Foxman told Stein, “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish.”

Ben Stein (no relation to Joel), the well-known Jewish actor, economic commentator and writer, when asked “Do Jews run Hollywood?” stared blankly at the questioner, then retorted, “You bet they do—and what of it?” Shahar Ilan, writing in, the internet division of Israel’s top daily newspaper, commented, “The Jews do control the American media. This is very clear, and claiming otherwise is an insult to common knowledge.”

Neal Gabler, also a Jew and a noted media researcher, wrote an entire book outlining Jewish control of Hollywood. It was entitled, An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood. But to really see how the Jews, in their own publications and press, view the reality of Jewish control of the media, all one has to do is take a look at a recent issue of the Jewish Daily Forward, which featured an article entitled, “Billionaire Boychiks Battle for Media Empire.”

Billionaire Jews Battle for Media

This fascinating, look-see article discussed how the Jews had for decades owned the media and now were competing; that is, vying, to buy one of America’s most powerful media companies, Tribune Company, which owns 23 television stations, a baseball team, and many major newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

“However, it turns out,” gloated the Jewish mag, “we’ll have a Jew in charge of the (LA) Times, which was once one of old Los Angeles’ most famous WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) institutions. What a great day for old LA Jews…”

The publication noted that among the Jewish billionaires (“boychiks”) vying for the Tribune media empire is “Liberal, Jewish, media mogul David Geffen.”

And who, pray tell, is the current owner of the Tribune Company? Why, that would be Jewish billionaire Sam Zell. Zell is a major donor to Israeli, Zionist and Jewish causes. His own rabbi proudly reports that Zell is “a committed Zionist, a generous supporter of Israel, and a member in good standing of the synagogue.”

Asked who his own favorite newspaper columnists were, Zell quickly answered, “Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Friedman, and David Brooks.” Surprise! The trio are all ardent Zionist whack-jobs who clamor over each other demanding the U.S. attack Iran, provide billions more in foreign aid to favored nation Israel, and so forth.

Local Newspapers Owned by Foreign Agents

So powerful is the Jewish control over the media that Nathanael Kapner, a rare Jew who converted to Christianity and now is adept at reporting these things, asserts that no longer can we trust our local daily newspaper. “Zionist Jews have taken over the ‘local newspaper’ in America,” Kapner writes. Indeed he explains that there basically is no local newspaper anymore, because, “Most local newspapers are owned by companies controlled by Zionists whose offices are hundreds of miles away.”

Nathanael Kapner Quote from RealJewNews

Kapner provides manifold evidence of Zionists’ dominating control of the media at all levels. The Newhouse Empire of the Jewish brothers Samuel, Donald, and Theodore Newhouse, Kapner says, “illustrates the insatiable appetite for opinion control:”

“Today, the Newhouse Empire owns 40 local newspapers across the U.S.A. These include the Newark Star Ledger, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Portland Oregonian, and the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.”

Then, there is the vast array of magazines run by the Jewish Newhouse family—including the New Yorker, Vogue, Golf Digest, Glamour, Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ), and the massively circulated newspaper insert, Parade magazine.

Jewish Media Spew Out Pro-Zionist Propaganda

The fact that Zionists control virtually every media outlet in America is no doubt why the American citizenry hears only one version of events in the Middle East—the pro-Jew, pro-Israeli side. This led Dr. Kevin MacDonald, professor at California State University, to write:

“In the contemporary world, organized American Jewish lobbying groups and deeply committed Jews in the media are behind the pro-Israel U.S. foreign policy that is leading to war against virtually the entire Arab world.”

This Zionist bias and propaganda spin by the Jewish-owned American media is not new. As far back as 1978, the noted Jewish political writer Alfred Lillienthal, in his revealing book, The Zionist Connection, stated:

“The most effective component of Jewish connection is probably that of media control. It is well known that American opinion molders have long been largely influenced by a handful of powerful newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the St. Louis-Post Dispatch (All Jewish Families).”

Arthur Sulzberger is only one of the Jewish billionaires who own the American media. Sulzberger’s propaganda empire includes the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Tuscalossa News, the Santa Barbara News Press, and a host of other newspapers and magazines.

To further illustrate the breadth of Jewish media control, we note that Jewish magnate Arthur Sulzberger’s media empire today includes not only the New York Times (which, in Stalin’s day, systematically covered up the genocidal crimes of Jewish commissars in Communist U.S.S.R), but also the Boston Globe, the Lexington Dispatch (NC), the Gainesville Sun (FL), the Ocala Star Banner (FL), the Tuscaloosa News (AL), the Spartanburg Herald Journal (SC), and the Santa Barbara News Press (CA). Each of the newspapers Lillienthal mentioned back in 1978, in turn, owned and still owns dozens of others. So tainted is the news because of this that almost every newspaper in America endorsed President George Bush’s radically pro-Israel policies in the Middle East, including Israel’s savage butchery of Lebanon and Palestine.

There can be no doubt. It is easy for us to document the massive dominance over the media by evil Jewish shills who are continually hostile to pure American interests while, everyday, unabashedly spewing out reams of misleading Zionist propaganda. Time magazine, Newsweek, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX—and many, many more are all owned or run by Jews and operated solely to further the aims of the traitorous, anti-American, ever-growing Zionist World Empire.

All America is in the Grip of the Hidden, Red Iron Fist of Zionism

Of course, the media, even as important as it is to our culture, is only a bit piece of the whole that is now, regrettably, under the big thumbs of the Jewish Zionist elite. Our educational establishment, Wall Street, the banks, the Federal Reserve, our Congress, the White House (just consider Rahm Emanuel, the Zionist Israeli freak who is Obama’s White House Chief of Staff), and our judiciary—each and every one is infiltrated by Zionist radicals who put Israel and their own “Chosen People” first, to the detriment of everything sacred to honest, God-fearing, hard-working Americans.

So, the next time you hear some ignorant rube on talk radio or elsewhere shoving the race card in your face and ranting and raving about “Nazis” and “anti-Semites” who “claim” the Jews control the media, why don’t you just reach out and turn that radio dial to another place. And please, don’t forget to also let the radio network and station manager know of your displeasure.

The fact is that the dishonest Zionist shills out there promoting Zionist lies, drivel, and nonsense truly deserve our contempt.

Source: Meet the Jews Who Own Hollywood and the Media


Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Omar Had US Marines License Plate


Layout of Pulse (image)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Just thought I would toss this out there:

Pulse shooter’s father meeting with members of congress

UPDATE: Police chief now says he’s “not sure” if those 4 people in the bathroom with suspect were killed when they breached the wall but that “dozens and dozens” escaped when they went in at 2am, 3 hours earlier. As I pointed out, the one kid texting his mother from the bathroom is listed as one of the fatalities.

Also, they are now saying Omar may have gone to Disney World that day to “plan the attack”. “Plan the attack”? At Disney World? What?

Yes, President Obama just went on TV and basically laid out the two policy agenda points I wrote earlier that he would try to use this event to advance: getting an Authorization for the Use of Military Force against “ISIS” and passing some kind of comprehensive “common sense” gun control laws. He also seemed interested in blaming the open internet for the attack.

The president noted that there was no confirmed communications or other connection with “ISIS” and said it was like San Bernadino in that regard (I guess meaning they linked it to “ISIS” without there actually being any kind of a link)

Authorities searching Omar Mateen's vehicle on June 13, 2016. (WFLA)

Also of note: I saw a thing on MSNBC where they showed a vehicle in the apartment he lived in which is supposedly his vehicle. The car, still in the apartment complex parking lot, had a US Marine Corp sticker on it as well as a US Marine Corp themed license plate. That’s what they showed live on the air. The image above is from WFLA.

That matches up with what someone else said about him earlier:

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Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Obama Likely to Get Two Agenda Items from This

by Scott Creighton

[see UPDATES at end of article]

To say that President Obama is determined to get his comprehensive “common sense” gun law and “ISIS” war authorization passed in congress would be an understatement.

He recently said he saw it as the major disappointment of his two terms in office that he couldn’t get Billionaire Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing bill passed. And we all know how badly he has been pushing for a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force since Dec. of last year.

Hell, someone wrote about that just a couple weeks ago saying “Congress has been derelict in its duty to authorize the use of force against ISIS.

As some of you know, this new authorization for war would be an open-ended blank check for Obama and whoever replaces him next year to wage endless war against anyone, anywhere in the world just so long as someone makes a stupid “ISIS” video claiming they are there. It’s more open-ended than Bush’s war against al Qaeda. And since we seem to be fighting alongside al Qaeda in Syria (al Nusra) then I guess they really need a new authorization so they can legally bomb Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey (soon enough), Iran (soon enough) and any other location where “ISIS” might pop up.

The New York Times (thanks for the tip Victor) has posted a story about how this event will likely dominate congress for the foreseeable future.

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Pulse Mass Casualty Event: New Details from Today’s Press Conference

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: This is interesting. According to the new official story, the suspect was locked in the bathroom with “4 or 5” hostages who, according to the Orlando chief of police, exited through the hole in the back wall after 5am when they breached. He said there were no shots fired by the suspect while the hostage situation was going on for 3 hours.

However, Eddie Jamoldroy Justice is the young man who was texting his mother from the bathroom. He said the suspect was in there with them. He is now listed as one of the deceased.

The official story hasn’t changed much but where it has changed or at least become more specific, is worth noting.

The Orlando Police Chief gave us the most interesting new developments in the official story this morning when he told us that:

  • the suspect did not fire on anyone during the 3 hour hostage standoff
  • hostage standoff took place in a bathroom
  • suspect had “4 to 5” hostages in bathroom with him
  • other “hostages” (15?) were in “other bathroom”
  • suspect made “ISIS” call while in bathroom
  • recordings of that call not available
  • no comment on surveillance videos in building
  • 3 or 4 cops made entry into building after exchanging gunfire with suspect outside and chased him back in. Gun fire continued inside building until suspect ended up in bathroom.
  • did not allow EMTs into building to aid 50 wounded/dead victims during standoff
  • SWAT blew hole in interior wall after 3 hours of standoff. Did not gain entry. Used device outside to knock holes in exterior walls to “save dozens” trapped inside bathroom with suspect (“4 or 5” reported by him earlier as in there). Hostages escaped out those holes and when suspect tried to exit, a gun fight ensued and he was killed.
  • the story about suspect “laughing and celebrating” while on the phone appears to be more Islamaphobic bullshit.

The police chief was asked directly about whether or not it was possible for some of the victims to have been killed when the police made the initial entry into the building at 2am and he answered by saying “SWAT took him out and the only thing behind him at the time was a concrete wall” deliberately avoiding talking about the initial entry into the building.

Here is a photo I found of the holes they blew in the exterior wall in the back of the building.

notice the impact craters from bullet strikes?

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Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Why Is There a Whole Parade of Victims Walking Back Toward Shooting Scene?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I just heard a reporter on MSNBC telling a story related to him by a victim’s father. He said he was wounded, shot in the leg, fell on the ground and got trampled. Said his kid saw a report on TV which showed a picture of the alleged shooter and he claimed he saw him that night at the bar drinking. So this guy who hates gays is at the bar, wearing a vest and carrying an AR-15 and drinking at the bar with gays? What?

UPDATE: Only 4 people named as victims of the shooting. Not much is known about any of them.

UPDATE: Suspect, Omar Mateen, worked for private global security company, G4S for the past 9 years or so. You mean to tell me this guy who liked to wear NYPD shirts, who’s father was a wannabe big wig in Afghanistan and who worked for one of the largest for-profit security companies in the world, just “went off” and decided to kill gay people because he saw a couple kissing a few months back and then dedicated himself to “ISIS”? Is that really the fucking story? Really?

Oh wait… he had been investigated by the FBI twice since 2013 for supposedly making “terrorist sounding threats”… and yet he was still working for G4S? bullshit

UPDATE: According to the official story, the suspect called the cops during the standoff and “pledged allegiance to “ISIS™”  They said that phone call happened about 20 minutes into the standoff so that would have been around 2:30am. The chief of police held a news conference this morning at 10am and he was asked about whether or not it was terrorism related and he said they had no evidence that it was. WTF was that?

You’re not going to believe this.

Apparently after barely escaping the Pulse nightclub with their lives, all the victims decided to walk back down the street, in front so some dude with a camera, right past the still ongoing hostage situation.

What? No. That didn’t happen. The police would have prevented anyone from doing anything that stupid.

Well, apparently not.

A reader sent me a little insight via email, so I looked it up and there they were, walking down the street, right back toward the Pulse nightclub across the street, right through a hostage standoff scene. And just one group (the one with that guy in the stupid hat who did all those TV interviews) but in fact, several groups of “injured” people. There they are, walking right back through the police standoff scene.

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Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Suspect’s Father is a Political Figure in Afghanistan and Wants to be the Next US Puppet President

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Looks like his father set up something called the Provisional Government of Afghanistan corporation back in March of this year. The business appears to be located in his home.

UPDATE: Obama just announced on Thursday a widening of US troop involvement in Afghanistan and an extension of how long they are to stay in the country.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday evening that the Obama administration’s new measures “authorize U.S. troops, stationed in Afghanistan on a dual training and counterterrorism mission, to begin accompanying conventional local forces on the battlefield in a way that now occurs only with elite Afghan forces.”

On Friday, AP noted that the new authorization will also “expand the military’s authority to conduct airstrikes against the Taliban.” Common Dreams

I’m still piecing this together so bare with me, but Goddamn.

It would appear that the father of the suspected shooter, Omar Mateen, runs an NGO out of Port St. Lucie Florida and is politically active in Afghanistan, so much so, he may indeed have aspirations to be Obama’s next puppet in the country.

The father’s name is Mir Seddique and he runs something called The Durand Jirga. As far as I can tell, it has something to do with the line between Pakistan and Afghanistan and he doesn’t like it.

The guy has a TV show which I think he films in Florida and broadcasts over there in Afghanistan but I could be wrong. But he does seem to have some influence in the war-torn country and has even supposedly put his name in the hat for the next presidential election.

“Florida incorporation papers indicate that a Seddique Mateen heads a non-profit organization, The Durand Jirga, Inc. The non-profit was formed in 2010 and is registered at the Port St. Lucie, Florida address where both the father and Omar Mateen appear to reside.” Daily Beast


He did some kind of stunt back in 2011 in DC. Notice his sign says “Long Live USA”


Here he is on his TV show from back in May of 2015 announcing his candidacy for president (I think. I don’t speak Pashtun, if that is what he is speaking)

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Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Largest Mass Casualty Event in US History

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Apparently the suspect liked taking pictures of himself for his Myspace account wearing NYPD shirts, had a Florida security guard license and a firearm license and worked as a security guard at a local facility for juveniles. His ex-wife he used to beat her for not doing the dishes. So this means the “mental hygiene” laws will have to also apply to people who already have their firearms legally when they decide who gets to have/keep them.

UPDATE: Someone on Twitter asked me why there wasn’t more witness statements on-line or on the news and I remembered reading about the police rounding up all the witnesses and putting them on buses and taking them to the police station so they could be (told?) asked what they saw.

UPDATE: Mother of some missing guy is still making videos for ABC, still weeping. She says there are bodies inside the hospital that are unidentified and some in critical care who are still unidentified… yet here she is, outside on the street, talking to the press? I would be shoving my way through those doors at the hospital trying to see if my kid were on some gurney somewhere or on a slab. What is she doing talking to the press? And why is she acting like she’s weeping? Sorrow, you might think, would have given way to anger for me at this point. Why still weeping or acting like she’s weeping?

It is now officially the mass casualty event to end all mass casualty events in the United States.

Police in Orlando are reporting there are 50 dead in the Pulse nightclub with another 52 injured in local hospitals. Those numbers are up from 20 dead and 42 wounded released earlier this morning.

The officer at the press conference said there was some shooting at 2:02am inside the club (witnesses said between 20 and 30 rounds fired) and then some shooting that took place outside between gunman and officers and then the next shot fired were when the SWAT team breached the club at 5am.

It was reported that as many as 100 club-goers where inside when the suspect, Omar Mateen, born in New York and currently living in Port St. Lucie, Florida , went back into the club and the standoff started.

Police officials praised SWAT team members who entered the building at 5 am and saved “30 potential victims”

The same official said there had been “some communications” between the shooter and police during the 3 hour standoff but made it clear, there had been no more gunshots heard coming from inside the club during that time.

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Pulse Mass Casualty Event: What We Know So Far

by Scott Creighton

Omar the Duckfaced Terrorist?

(see UPDATES at end of article)

Just over 24 hours after the shooting in Orlando of singer Christina Grimmie at a nightclub, there has been another shooting in another Orlando nightclub. The first shooting took the life of Grimmie as she was signing autographs after a show. Her attacker, identified as Kevin James Loibl, was not from the Orlando area but rather from St. Petersburg. Loibl was tackled on the scene by bystanders after he shot Grimmie and he was carrying a couple handguns so a mass casualty event was likely foiled by those people who responded by attacking him very quickly.

The very next night, we have another shooting at another Orlando nightclub and this one did turn into a mass casualty event.

20 people are reportedly dead inside the club with another 42 injured and taken to local hospitals.

The shooter is dead.

All we know about this new shooter is that, like Loibl, he “was not from the Orlando area” and his motive, if there was one, is not immediately clear at this point.

This new shooter from the Pulse nightclub, a gay nightclub, had the requisite number and types of firearms as many of the previous American Gladio events: hand gun, extended clips and of course, the obligatory AR-15 assault rifle.

I do not know at this point if he was wearing body armor and a mask as many of the other shooters have in the past.

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Source: American Everyman | “The Future is not inherited, it is Achieved” JFK