US Politicians Who Hold Dual US/Israeli Citizenship

“If Americans were ever polled on it—and they never are—the majority who now object to increasing aid to Israel would also likely object to quasi-governmental and governmental positions being staffed by people who—by citizenship or sheer strength of identity politics—are primarily occupied with advancing Israeli interests rather than those of the United States. It is obvious that the real reason AIPAC and its economic luminaries such as Fischer never substantiate any of the advertised benefits the U.S.-Israel “special relationship” delivers to America in return for all of the costs is simple—there simply aren’t any. As greater Dual Citizennumbers of Americans become aware that the entire “special relationship” framework is sustained by nothing more than Israel lobby campaign-finance and propaganda networks, the harder the lobby will have to work… In the very short term, Americans can only fight such undue Israel lobby influence by again—like during the drive to attack Syria—staging a mass action to demand their senators reject Stanley Fischer’s nomination,” Grant Smith, IRMEP

Past and Present:

  1. Attorney General – Michael Mukasey
  2. Head of Homeland Security – Michael Chertoff
  3. Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Richard Perle
  4. Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) – Paul Wolfowitz
  5. Under Secretary of Defense – Douglas Feith
  6. National Security Council Advisor – Elliott Abrams
  7. Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) – “Scooter” Libby
  8. White House Deputy Chief of Staff – Joshua Bolten
  9. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – Marc Grossman
  10. Director of Policy Planning at the State Department – Richard Haass
  11. U.S. Trade Representative (Cabinet-level Position) – Robert Zoellick
  12. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – James Schlesinger
  13. UN Representative (Former) – John Bolton
  14. Under Secretary for Arms Control – David Wurmser
  15. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Eliot Cohen
  16. Senior Advisor to the President – Steve Goldsmith
  17. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Christopher Gersten
  18. Assistant Secretary of State – Lincoln Bloomfield
  19. Deputy Assistant to the President – Jay Lefkowitz
  20. White House Political Director – Ken Melman
  21. National Security Study Group – Edward Luttwak
  22. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Kenneth Adelman
  23. Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former) – Lawrence (Larry) Franklin
  24. National Security Council Advisor – Robert Satloff
  25. President Export-Import Bank U.S. – Mel Sembler
  26. Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families – Christopher Gersten
  27. Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs – Mark Weinberger
  28. White House Speechwriter – David Frum
  29. White House Spokesman (Former) – Ari Fleischer
  30. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Henry Kissinger
  31. Deputy Secretary of Commerce – Samuel Bodman
  32. Under Secretary of State for Management – Bonnie Cohen
  33. Director of Foreign Service Institute – Ruth Davis
  34. Federal Reserve Chair – Janet Yellen
  35. Federal Reserve Vice-Chair – Stanley Fischer

Current (and past) Members of Senate:

  • Representative Gary Ackerman (New York)
  • Representative John H. Adler (New Jersey)
  • Representative Shelley Berkley (Nevada)
  • Representative Howard Berman (California)
  • Representative Steve Cohen (Tennessee)
  • Representative Susan Davis (California)
  • Representative Eliot Engel (New York)
  • Representative Bob Filner (California)
  • Representative Barney Frank (Former) (Massachusetts)
  • Representative Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona)
  • Representative Jane Harman (California)
  • Representative Paul Hodes (New Hampshire)
  • Representative Steve Israel (New York)
  • Representative Steve Kagen (Wisconsin)
  • Representative Ronald Klein (Florida)
  • Representative Sander Levin (Michigan)
  • Representative Nita Lowey (New York)
  • Representative Jerry Nadler (New York)
  • Representative Jared Polis (Colorado)
  • Representative Steve Rothman (New Jersey)
  • Representative Jan Schakowsky (Illinois)
  • Representative Adam Schiff (California)
  • Representative Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania)
  • Representative Allyson Schwartz (Pennsylvania)
  • Representative Brad Sherman (California)
  • Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida)
  • Representative Henry Waxman (California)
  • Representative Anthony Weiner (New York)
  • Representative John Yarmuth (Kentucky)

House of Representatives:

  • Representative Gary Ackerman (New York)
  • Representative John H. Adler (New Jersey)
  • Representative Shelley Berkley (Nevada)
  • Representative Howard Berman (California)
  • Representative Steve Cohen (Tennessee)
  • Representative Susan Davis (California)
  • Representative Eliot Engel (New York)
  • Representative Bob Filner (California)
  • Representative Barney Frank (Massachusetts)
  • Representative Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona)
  • Representative Alan Grayson (Florida)
  • Representative Jane Harman (California)
  • Representative Paul Hodes (New Hampshire)
  • Representative Steve Israel (New York)
  • Representative Steve Kagen (Wisconsin)
  • Representative Ronald Klein (Florida)
  • Representative Sander Levin (Michigan)
  • Representative Nita Lowey (New York)
  • Representative Jerry Nadler (New York)
  • Representative Jared Polis (Colorado)
  • Representative Steve Rothman (New Jersey)
  • Representative Jan Schakowsky (Illinois)
  • Representative Adam Schiff (California)
  • Representative Allyson Schwartz (Pennsylvania)
  • Representative Brad Sherman (California)
  • Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida)
  • Representative Henry Waxman (California)
  • Representative Anthony Weiner (New York)
  • Representative John Yarmuth (Kentucky)


The Genocide of a Land [and its People]

Paul Craig Roberts

In our days of darkness, spreading ignorance, and absence of serious debate in public forums, we can take hope from the fact that some scholars still produce serious and informative books on the most critical issues of our time. If in the future policymakers again seek the guidance of truth, they will have the information at hand. One such book of truth is Jeremy R. Hammond’s just published Obstacle to Peace, a closely reasoned, heavily documented (68 pages of footnotes), fully indexed, readable book with a Foreword by Richard Falk, an Introduction by Gene Epstein, and an endorsement by Noam Chomsky.

The obstacle to peace is the United States government, which has consistently opposed the entire world’s decades long effort to stop the Zionist genocide of a land called Palestine.

Palestine is a stolen and oppressed land. Israel’s greatest leaders themselves acknowledge the fact. Tom Are quotes David Ben-Gurion:

“If I were an Arab leader, I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural, we have taken their country. Sure God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We came from Israel, it’s true, but that was two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come and stolen their country. Why should they accept that?”

What once was a country consists today of a few small isolated Palestinian ghettos in the West Bank surrounded by Israeli settlements and an open air prison known as Gaza. Periodically Israel launches military assaults on the civilian population of Gaza, destroying the lives of the people and the infrastructure of the prison camp.

Israel then prevents outside efforts from sending supplies to the suffering people in Gaza. “Freedom flotillas” crewed by Nobel Laurates, present and former members of US and European legislative bodies, and even members of the Israeli Knesset set sail with supplies for Gaza and are pirated and captured in international waters by the Israeli Navy, which, as a warning to others, kills some of the delegation in “self-defense.” The United States steadfastly defends Israel’s criminal behavior with its UN veto and other governments, though disapproving, are unwilling to confront Washington and force a change.

Washington’s 21st century wars in the Middle East were initiated by neoconservative regimes whose principal policymakers are tightly allied with Israel. The wars focused on Arab nations—Iraq, Libya, and Syria—that were supportive of the Palestinians and had foreign policies independent of Washington. Washington succeeded in destroying two of the countries and has not given up on destroying Syria despite the risk of confrontation with Russia.

The risks that Washington is imposing on Americans and Europeans in order to advance Israeli expansion in the Middle East are horrific. Zionists claim a “greater Israel” from the Nile to the Euphrates. Washington’s wars in the Middle East are designed to remove obstacles to “greater Israel.” For example, on past occasions Israel has attempted to seize southern Lebanon for the water resources, but were driven out by Hezbollah, a militia supplied by Syria and Iran. This is one reason Syria and Iran are on Washington’s target list.

To achieve its or Israel’s goals, Washington uses jihadists. Russia sees the jihadists as threats that could spread to the Muslim areas of the Russian Federation, and Russia acts to protect itself. China also has realized that its province bordering Kazakhstan is subject to jihadist destabilization and appears to be aligning with Russia, Iran, and Syria against Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government and install in its place chaos as Washington has done in Iraq and Libya, thus removing another constraint on Israel’s expansion and the restraint of a secular Syrian government on jihadism.

To get all of this from Hammond, you might have to connect some dots. But what you will get is a massive amount of verbatim dialogue that documents beyond all doubt the conspiracy between Israel, Washington, and the US presstitutes to get rid of “the Palestinian problem” by getting rid of Palestinians.

What does emerge strongly from Hammond’s book is that justice is not a thriving characteristic of the Israeli government, US foreign policy, or the media. The United Nations has produced report after report documenting the extermination of a people, but is powerless to act because of Washington’s veto.

What has happened to Palestinians is a replay of what happened to the native inhabitants of North America and Australia. Palestinians have been dispossessed and murdered. For this crime, the United States shares responsibility with Israel.

Become informed while you still can. Propaganda is turning truth-tellers into “conspiracy theorists” and “domestic extremists.” We can’t take the continued presence of truth-tellers for granted. When one appears support him or her. Order Hammond’s book here:

You will never regret being informed.

New Poll Based Upon a Realistic Voter Turnout = 34% D, 33% R, 33% I(ndependent): Trump (44%) vs. Hillary (38%)

[Note: Establishment Media Surveys Poll Registered and Likely Voters 2 to 1 Democrat vs Republican and Independent. The percentages here are much fairer, though skewed toward Democrat and Independent. There are actually more self-identified Independents than there are Republican OR Democrat put together. The Two-Party Dinosaur is on its way to the tar pit. -Ed]

The Survey, conducted August 13-17, was a sample of 1,405 likely voters, of which 475 were Democrats (34%), 462 were Republicans (33%), and 468 were Independent or Other (33%).

Donald Trump with forty-four percent (44%) support to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s thirty-eight (38%).

Aug 18 Poll A

John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released

John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released

August 04, 2016

Vero Beach, FL – (TRUNEWS) U.S. Senator John McCain recorded a Tokyo Rose-style propaganda message that was broadcast on North Vietnamese radio in 1969.

TRUNEWS, a nonprofit Christian digital news app, obtained the bombshell audio recording and released it today on the organization’s daily newscast hosted by Rick Wiles. TRUNEWS acquired the audio recording in cooperation with, a new media company founded by Charles Johnson.

The 1969 North Vietnamese radio broadcast has never been heard in the United States of America. In fact, there has never been any knowledge that such a recording existed. The audio recording was found in a misplaced file in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The broadcast was recorded by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, a branch of the CIA that monitored international shortwave and foreign radio broadcasts.

Lt. Commander John McCain was shot down over Hanoi by a North Vietnamese missile while flying his 23rd bombing mission. Both of his arms and one leg were broken. He was pulled ashore by North Vietnamese who took him to a prison known by POWs as the “Hanoi Hilton.”

McCain was a prisoner of war for five and a half years. He was released on March 14, 1973, and returned to the United States of America as a war hero. His POW legacy propelled McCain to victory in a race for a U.S. Congressional seat in Arizona in 1982. He replaced Barry Goldwater in the Senate in 1986.

In the propaganda recording, Lt. Commander McCain said he was “guilty of crimes against the Vietnamese country and people.” He confessed that he bombed “their cities, towns, and villages and caused many injuries, even deaths, for the people of Vietnam.”

He praised the medical care and kindness of his communist captors even though he came to North Vietnam as “an aggressor.” McCain said he wished to express his “deep gratitude” for their “kind treatment” and that he “will never forget” the kindness extended to him by the communist North Vietnamese.

Senator McCain is running for a sixth six-year term in the Senate. He is facing a strong primary challenge from former State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician in Lake Havasu.

The Arizona Republican Primary is August 30. Sen. McCain will turn age 80 on the day before the primary.

Here is the actual script of John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” propaganda broadcast on North Vietnamese radio.

To the Vietnamese people and the government of the DRVN:

From John Sidney McCain, 624787, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, born 29 August, 1936, Panama, home state Oregon. Shot down 26 October, 1967, A-4E aircraft.

I, as a U.S. airman, am guilty of crimes against the Vietnamese country and people. I bombed their cities, towns and villages and caused many injuries, even deaths, for the people of Vietnam.

I was captured in the capital city of Hanoi, while attacking it. After I was captured, I was taken to the hospital in Hanoi, where I received very good medical treatment. I was given an operation on my leg, which allowed me to walk again, and a cast on my right arm, which was badly broken in three places.

The doctors were very good and they knew a great deal about the practice of medicine. I remained in the hospital for some time and regained much of my health and strength. Since I arrived in the camp of detention, I received humane and lenient treatment.

I received this kind treatment and food even though I came here as an aggressor and the people who I injured have much difficulty in their living standards. I wish to express my deep gratitude for my kind treatment and I will never forget this kindness extended to me.

To listen to the full interview click here for the August 4th edition of TRUNEWS.

– See more at:

Source: John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released

Top 3 reasons and video PROOF Hillary is a puppet for the insidious agendas of Monsanto, Big Pharma, eugenics and forced vaccination

Hillary Clinton

(NaturalNews) Adolf Hitler convinced millions of people around the globe, not just Germans, about an elite “master race” that would be smarter and have the ultimate genes for reproduction. Utilizing propaganda through leaflets, films and speeches, he spread his psychotic eugenics philosophy, while committing acts of massive genocide, all in the name of the “greater good.” Here are just a few examples of Hitler’s mentality, and the brainwashing tactics he used to win the minds of millions, while exterminating more than six million innocent people who disagreed with his “brand” of science and medicine:

“All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.”

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

It seems very extreme to think that an American President or President-to-be (hopefully not) could inflict so much carnage while claiming to be functioning for the “greater good,” but that is exactly what “Hitler-y” is planning, along with policies of forced euthanasia, sterilization, organ harvesting and medical experimentation through Big Pharma, which is exactly what the “science” of the Nazi regime attempted to accomplish using positive imagery to claim it was creating a better society.

In fact, some of Adolf Hitler’s propaganda was being promoted in America, and supported by the Rockefellers, the Sloan Foundation and other rich, powerful elitists who carried on with the eugenics program, even after the fall of the Nazi empire. Even now, in Pennsylvania, a poster promotes immunization by emphasizing your “patriotism,” saying you “Earn your stripe!” when you get vaccinated.

In Nazi Germany, a propaganda poster explained how diseased and physically handicapped people are a financial burden on the state, insinuating that they should all be euthanized for the “greater good.” That same “greater good” logic is currently invoked by vaccine pushers and abortion clinics in America, because certain politicians believe this type of policy serves the interests of the state, just like Planned Parenthood’s insidious agenda, of which most people are completely unaware.

Other Nazi posters complained about the cost of the government providing care for “mentally ill negros” who had been institutionalized for many years (think of today’s severely autistic children). Again, the argument is that killing off non-tax payers, the weak, the sick, the handicapped and the elderly, is good for society. Take a good look at these Nazi posters that reflect all of the propaganda on which the previous statements are based.

Bill Gates and his immoral “Foundation” work hand-in-hand with the Clintons, and will seek to destroy and eliminate the “weak” – the very people who are on food stamps, are unemployed and who rely on social security and government aid to survive. All socialist aid will be cut off under Clinton, martial law will ensue in every inner city, and those who don’t support the tyrannical government’s agenda will be euthanized, shot or sent to political DHS and FEMA-controlled re-education or “concentration” camps, never to be seen again.

Meet the ruthless ‘Goddess of Distress,’ Hitler-y Rodham Clinton, who believes in eugenics and an elite, straight, white class to rule the world

Are you ready to be force-vaccinated with any and every experimental vaccination the CDC can conjure and concoct? Under Clinton rule, all pregnant women, infants, children, teens and adults will be force-vaccinated (at gunpoint if necessary), and have no doubt, vaccines given to the non-elitists will contain sterilization chemicals (like the ones Bill Gates pushes in Africa now).

Hitler-y also hates blacks and gays, feels they are lesser beings, and thinks they don’t deserve the same rights as white, straight people … listen here:

Planned Parenthood (PP) awarded Hillary Clinton the “Margaret Sanger Award” for “furthering” reproductive health – which means pushing for more abortions for blacks and poor Americans. Headquartered inside Washington DC, PP has hidden agendas that promote terminating pregnancies as part of ethnic cleansing and for selling fetal body parts, brains, organs and even whole aborted babies on the black market (for cash) to biotech companies for experimentation.

PP receives funding from private donors (including, of course, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) who support population control for the elite. Bottom line: Hitler-y Clinton pushes for low-income abortions and maiming all the rest with a boatload of vaccines that drive autism rates through the roof; all in all it’s mass profit for PP. To top it all off, Hitler-y does not believe in gay marriage, and will ban it nationwide if given the chance, overruling any state rights already in place, just like with banning GMO labels.

Hitlery loves pesticide-laden, cancer causing crops for all Americans, except the elitists who know better

While Obama has pushed a massive genetically modified food program on America via Monsanto, his wife touts her organic garden at the White House. Have no brain fog on this one: Hitler-y is the “Bride of Frankenfood.” She has already sworn her allegiance to Monsanto, and will ban GMO labeling nationwide, while prosecuting and destroying anyone and everyone that supports organic food and natural cures – including approving FDA, USDA and EPA swat raids on organic farms. Don’t believe it? Take a hard listen right here and you’ll know this is true, from the lips of the “Goddess of Distress” herself.

Have no illusions, genetically modified, pesticide-laden foods are a form of genocide – and millions more unsuspecting Americans will die of cancer from consuming them, and sooner in life than ever before.

Beware! A vote for Hitler-y is a vote for Monsanto, mass population reduction, expanded Big Pharma power and force vaccination. You may or may not like Trump, but Hitler-y will lead a tyrannical, Nazi-style regime like you’ve never seen before on U.S. soil.

Sources for this article include:

Source: Top 3 reasons and video PROOF Hillary is a puppet for the insidious agendas of Monsanto, Big Pharma, eugenics and forced vaccination

Refugees Being Smuggled In via UPS -Confirmed

[Ed Note; Mr. Khizr Khan, a Pakistani immigrant (?) and lawyer continues to lecture U.S. about his right to politicize the immigration issue in order to advance the DNC Agenda for unfettered immigration into the U.S. Well sir, we have immigration laws in this country that even those who have taken an oath to the Constitution do not respsect as evidenced by the Obama administrations policy of illegally smuggling Syrian Refugees into the U.S….]



The Pennsylvania Senate joined the battle against the covert importation of Syrian refugees into their state on chartered UPS jets.

This passage of Senate Resolution 248 is a rebuke to Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf who said after the Paris Friday the 13th attacks that refugees fleeing war-torn Syria were welcome in Pennsylvania.

However, despite the Resolution passing by an overwhelming 37-to-13 margin, it is completely symbolic.

According to the Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212), the states do not have the power to reject refugees because it is a federal law. The 1980 law raised the limit from 17,400 refugees admitted per year, up to 50,000 refugees, and provided “emergency procedures” for when the Attorney General determines that even higher numbers are needed.

However, a significant backlash is developing in the state against the huge influx of these undocumented refugees because of the future dangers they may represent.

Alert subscriber Ed S. sent me a link to a syndicated radio show that ran yesterday called the JJ McCartney Show. The host interviewed Pennsylvania State Constable Mark Kohan.
In Pennsylvania, state constables are like US Marshalls in the federal system; they can arrest anywhere in the state. But they are elected to 6-year terms.

Constable Kohan confirmed that undocumented refugees were being flown into his state covertly on chartered UPS flights:
“They have been coming in at night – the wee hours of the night – on UPS planes.

“A week and a half ago, there were actually – two UPS planes actually flew into Harrisburg airport. 30 busloads of refugees were picked up and scattered throughout the state.”

Constable Kohan then explained where they go, and how local mayors are convinced to take them by the provision of money from the federal government:
“Most of these refugees are actually being brought in and given to different faith-based organizations within the state.”
“They take the tax dollars and they set the refugees up for housing at different locations throughout the state.”
“From our investigations and talking to other law enforcement officers within the state, the mayors are actually on board with this.”
“The mayors that have signed on to it are padded with tax dollars also.”

Then a caller from Michigan explained that many of the refugees that have come into Michigan over the last year have been Syrians.
“Yeah, hi, this is Dick in Michigan and the update I wanted to give you from Michigan is that we now know – only because of Freedom of Information – that 180 unvettable Syrians are now living on the taxpayer dollar, but living in Michigan.
“And in my opinion, that’s a problem that sheriffs should be notified about.”
Constable Kohan then explained that so many of these undocumented refugees have been pumped into one town that they now have completely taken over the city government.
“One of the small towns in Pennsylvania – it’s called Whitehall. It’s just north of Allentown. It used to be just a local mill town.”
“Now, from what I understand from talking to some of my colleagues, the town has basically been taken over by Middle Eastern refugees over a period now of about 2-and-a-half years, and the whole town – in fact, the government, itself, is made up of Muslims.”
Constable Kohan then offered an alternative solution:
“Ultimately, what we believe in the law enforcement community is something that Donald Trump and some of the other politicians are coming around to is that we are putting so much money into bringing some of these refugees here, it would be better if we would developed safe havens for them in their own country.”
“So, when things subside, they are in their own country and then they are in familiar surroundings.
Currently, 31 state Governors – all but one are Republicans – have informed the State Department that they do not want Syrian refugees to enter their state.
Although state opposition is not binding, states can make the process for immigrants much more difficult.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.