Who is the Terrorist? An inquiry into Cognitive Dissonance and Cultural-Ethnic Hypocrisy


Michael “Savage”, (real name Wiener) believes he’s doing “God’s work”. On the Monday September 19th Alex-the-Neocon-Jones program, Wiener says any religion that calls for the death of ‘unbelievers’ or advocates pedophilia should NOT be considered a religion; thus, not afforded protection under the First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

But he forgot one thing -his OWN religious affiliation:

The Jewish Talmud says many of the same vile and despicable things as the Koran or even the Old Testament Bible!

For More Information Visit: http://talmudical.blogspot.com

Now, we are not great fans of so-called “Holy Books” that call for any kind of violence or abuse of innocents. But what we are seeing is Wiener and Jones pointing a finger at another religion, while there are THREE Fingers pointing at THEIR OWN Religion(s). Also during the interview with Jones, Wiener suggests a post-election “mock trial” of those whom he perceives as a danger to HIS First Amendment Free Speech Rights! In our opinion, this ‘Savage’ Wiener is, our opinion, a shyster hypocrite salesman and he plays Neocon Jones like a fiddle… just saying….