By Wayne Madsen

British intelligence reported in February 2002 that the Israeli Mossad ran the Arab hijacker cells that were later blamed by the U.S. government’s 9/11 Commission for carrying out the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. WMR has received details of the British intelligence report which was suppressed by the government of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.


A Mossad unit consisting of six Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jews infiltrated “Al Qaeda” cells in Hamburg (the Atta-Mamoun Darkanzali cell), south Florida, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the months before 9/11. The Mossad not only infiltrated cells but began to run them and give them specific orders that would eventually culminate in their being on board four regularly-scheduled flights originating in Boston, Washington Dulles, and Newark, New Jersey on 9/11.

The Mossad infiltration team comprised six Israelis, comprising two cells of three agents, who all received special training at a Mossad base in the Negev Desert in their future control and handling of the “Al Qaeda” cells. One Mossad cell traveled to Amsterdam where they submitted to the operational control of the Mossad’s Europe Station, which operates from the El Al complex at Schiphol International Airport. The three-man Mossad unit then traveled to Hamburg where it made contact with Mohammed Atta, who believed they were sent by Osama Bin Laden. In fact, they were sent by Ephraim Halevy, the chief of Mossad.

The second three-man Mossad team flew to New York and then to southern Florida where they began to direct the “Al Qaeda” cells operating from Hollywood, Miami, Vero Beach,  Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach. Israeli “art students,” already under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for casing the offices and homes of federal law enforcement officers, had been living among and conducting surveillance of the activities, including flight school training, of the future Arab “hijacker” cells, particularly in Hollywood and Vero Beach.FBIisraeliAgetnsESPIONAGEmeme

In August 2001, the first Mossad team flew with Atta and other Hamburg “Al Qaeda” members to Boston. Logan International Airport’s security was contracted to Huntleigh USA, a firm owned by an Israeli airport security firm closely connected to Mossad — International Consultants on Targeted Security – ICTS. ICTS’s owners were politically connected to the Likud Party, particularly the Netanyahu faction and then-Jerusalem mayor and future Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. It was Olmert who personally interceded with New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to have released from prison five Urban Moving Systems employees, identified by the CIA and FBI agents as Mossad agents. The Israelis were the only suspects arrested anywhere in the United States on 9/11 who were thought to have been involved in the 9/11 attacks.DancingIsraelis911suspectsMEME

The two Mossad teams sent regular coded reports on the progress of the 9/11 operation to Tel Aviv via the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. WMR has learned from a Pentagon source that leading Americans tied to the media effort to pin 9/11 on Arab hijackers, Osama Bin Laden, and the Taliban were present in the Israeli embassy on September 10, 2001, to coordinate their media blitz for the subsequent days and weeks following the attacks. It is more than likely that FBI counter-intelligence agents who conduct surveillance of the Israeli embassy have proof on the presence of the Americans present at the embassy on September 10. Some of the Americans are well-known to U.S. cable news television audiences.israeliEmbassy911meme

In mid-August, the Mossad team running the Hamburg cell in Boston reported to Tel Aviv that the final plans for 9/11 were set. The Florida-based Mossad cell reported that the documented “presence” of the Arab cell members at Florida flight schools had been established.

The two Mossad cells studiously avoided any mention of the World Trade Center or targets in Washington, DC in their coded messages to Tel Aviv. Halevy covered his tracks by reporting to the CIA of a “general threat” by an attack by Arab terrorists on a nuclear plant somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. CIA director George Tenet dismissed the Halevy warning as “too non-specific.” The FBI, under soon-to-be-departed director Louis Freeh, received the “non-specific” warning about an attack on a nuclear power plant and sent out the information in its routine bulletins to field agents but no high alert was ordered.

The lack of a paper trail pointing to “Al Qaeda” as the masterminds on 9/11, which could then be linked to Al Qaeda’s Mossad handlers, threw off the FBI. On April 19, 2002, FBI director Robert Mueller, in a speech to San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club, stated: “In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper — either here in the United States, or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere — that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 plot.”


The two Mossad “Al Qaeda” infiltration and control teams had also helped set up safe houses for the quick exfiltration of Mossad agents from the United States. Last March, WMR reported: “WMR has learned from two El Al sources who worked for the Israeli airline at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport that on 9/11, hours after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all civilian domestic and international incoming and outgoing flights to and from the United States, a full El Al Boeing 747 took off from JFK bound for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The two El Al employee sources are not Israeli nationals but legal immigrants from Ecuador who were working in the United States for the airline. The flight departed JFK at 4:11 pm and its departure was, according to the El Al sources, authorized by the direct intervention of the U.S. Department of Defense. U.S. military officials were on the scene at JFK and were personally involved with the airport and air traffic control authorities to clear the flight for take-off. According to the 9/11 Commission report, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta ordered all civilian flights to be grounded at 9:45 am on September 11.” WMR has learned from British intelligence sources that the six-man Mossad team was listed on the El Al flight manifest as El Al employees.


WMR previously reported that the Mossad cell operating in the Jersey City-Weehawken area of New Jersey through Urban Moving Systems was suspected by some in the FBI and CIA of being involved in moving explosives into the World Trade Center as well as staging “false flag” demonstrations at least two locations in north Jersey: Liberty State Park and an apartment complex in Jersey City as the first plane hit the World Trade Center’s North Tower. One team of Urban Moving Systems Mossad agents was arrested later on September 11 and jailed for five months at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Some of their names turned up in a joint CIA-FBI database as known Mossad agents, along with the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominik Suter, whose name also appeared on a “Law Enforcement Sensitive” FBI 9/11 suspects list, along with the names of key “hijackers,” including Mohammed Atta and Hani Hanjour, as well as the so-called “20th hijacker,” Zacarias Moussaoui.


Suter was allowed to escape the United States after the FBI made initial contact with him at the Urban Moving Systems warehouse in Weehawken, New Jersey, following the 9/11 attacks. Suter was later permitted to return to the United States where he was involved in the aircraft parts supply business in southern Florida, according to an informe3d source who contacted WMR. Suter later filed for bankruptcy in Florida for Urban Moving Systems and other businesses he operated: Suburban Moving & Storage Inc.; Max Movers, Inc.; Invsupport; Woodflooring Warehouse Corp.; One Stop Cleaning LLC; and City Carpet Upholstery, Inc. At the time of the bankruptcy filing in Florida, Suter listed his address as 1867 Fox Court, Wellington, FL 33414, with a phone number of 561 204-2359.

From the list of creditors  it can be determined that Suter had been operating in the United States since 1993, the year of the first attack on the World Trade Center. In 1993, Suter began racking up American Express credit card charges totaling $21,913.97. Suter also maintained credit card accounts with HSBC Bank and Orchard Bank c/o HSBC Card Services of Salinas, California, among other banks. Suter also did business with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Palm Beach in Florida and Ryder Trucks in Miami. Miami and southern Florida were major operating areas for cells of Israeli Mossad agents masquerading as “art students,” who were living and working near some of the identified future Arab “hijackers” in the months preceding 9/11.

ABC’s 20/20 correspondent John Miller ensured that the Israeli connection to “Al Qaeda’s” Arab hijackers was buried in an “investigation” of the movers’ activities on 9/11. Anchor Barbara Walters helped Miller in putting a lid on the story about the movers and Suter aired on June 21, 2002. Miller then went on to become the FBI public affairs spokesman to ensure that Mueller and other FBI officials kept to the “Al Qaeda” script as determined by the Bush administration and the future 9/11 Commission. But former CIA chief of counter-terrorism Vince Cannistraro let slip to ABC an important clue to the operations of the Mossad movers in New Jersey when he stated that the Mossad agents “set up or exploited for the purpose of launching an intelligence operation against radical Islamists in the area, particularly in the New Jersey-New York area.” The “intelligence operation” turned out to have been the actual 9/11 attacks. And it was no coincidence that it was ABC’s John Miller who conducted a May 1998 rare interview of Osama Bin Laden at his camp in Afghanistan. Bin Laden played his part well for future scenes in the fictional “made-for-TV” drama known as 9/11.


WMR has also learned from Italian intelligence sources that Mossad’s running of “Al Qaeda” operatives did not end with running the “hijacking” teams in the United States and Hamburg. Other Arab “Al Qaeda” operatives, run by Mossad, were infiltrated into Syria but arrested by Syrian intelligence. Syria was unsuccessful in turning them to participate in intelligence operations in Lebanon. Detailed information on Bin Laden’s support team was offered to the Bush administration, up to days prior to 9/11, by Gutbi al-Mahdi, the head of the Sudanese Mukhabarat intelligence service. The intelligence was rejected by the Biush White House. It was later reported that Sudanese members of “Al Qaeda’s” support network were double agents for Mossad who had also established close contacts with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and operated in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Eritrea, as well as Sudan. The Mossad connection to Al Qaeda in Sudan was likely known by the Sudanese Mukhabarat, a reason for the rejection of its intelligence on “Al Qaeda” by the thoroughly-Mossad penetrated Bush White House. Yemen had also identified “Al Qaeda” members who were also Mossad agents. A former chief of Mossad revealed to this editor in 2002 that Yemeni-born Mossad “deep insertion” commandos spotted Bin Laden in the Hadhramaut region of eastern Yemen after his escape from Tora Bora in Afghanistan, following the U.S. invasion.911IsraelMossadFBIgovernment

French intelligence determined that other Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jewish Mossad agents were infiltrated into Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates as radical members of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the “Muslim Brotherhood” agents actually were involved in providing covert Israeli funding for “Al Qaeda” activities. On February 21, 2006, WMR reported on the U.S. Treasury Secretary’s firing by President Bush over information discovered on the shady “Al Qaeda” accounts in the United Arab Emirates: “Banking insiders in Dubai report that in March 2002, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Paul O’Neill visited Dubai and asked for documents on a $109,500 money transfer from Dubai to a joint account held by hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi at Sun Trust Bank in Florida. O’Neill also asked UAE authorities to close down accounts used by Al Qaeda .  . . . The UAE complained about O’Neill’s demands to the Bush administration. O’Neill’s pressure on the UAE and Saudis contributed to Bush firing him as Treasury Secretary in December 2002 ” O’Neill may have also stumbled on the “Muslim Brotherhood” Mossad operatives operating in the emirates who were directing funds to “Al Qaeda.”MossadPassportsMEME

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Sharjah’s ruler, Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi, who survived a palace coup attempt in 1987, opened his potentate to Russian businessmen like Viktor Bout, as well as to financiers of radical Muslim groups, including the Taliban and “Al Qaeda.”

Moreover, this Israeli support for “Al Qaeda” was fully known to Saudi intelligence, which approved of it in order to avoid compromising Riyadh. The joint Israeli-Saudi support for “Al Qaeda” was well-known to the Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah-based aviation network of the now-imprisoned Russian, Viktor Bout, jailed in New York on terrorism charges. The presence of Bout in New York, a hotbed of Israeli intelligence control of U.S. federal prosecutors, judges, as well as the news media, is no accident: Bout knows enough about the Mossad activities in Sharjah in support of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, where Bout also had aviation and logistics contracts, to expose Mossad as the actual mastermind behind 9/11. Bout’s aviation empire also extended to Miami and Dallas, two areas that were nexuses for the Mossad control operations for the “Al Qaeda” flight training operations of the Arab cell members in the months prior to 9/11.

Bout’s path also crossed with “Al Qaeda’s” support network at the same bank in Sharjah, HSBC. Mossad’s phony Muslim Brotherhood members from Egypt and Yemen controlled financing for “Al Qaeda” through the HSBC accounts in Sharjah. Mossad’s Dominik Suter also dealt with HSBC in the United States. The FBI’s chief counter-terrorism agent investigating Al Qaeda, John O’Neill, became aware of the “unique” funding mechanisms for Al Qaeda. It was no mistake that O’Neill was given the job as director of security for the World Trade Center on the eve of the attack. O’Neill perished in the collapse of the complex.Mossad uses a number of Jews born in Arab countries to masquerade as Arabs. They often carry forged or stolen passports from Arab countries or nations in Europe that have large Arab immigrant populations, particularly Germany, France, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands.


For Mossad, the successful 9/11 terrorist “false flag” operation was a success beyond expectations. The Bush administration, backed by the Blair government, attacked and occupied Iraq, deposing Saddam Hussein, and turned up pressure on Israel’s other adversaries, including Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Hamas, and Lebanese Hezbollah. The Israelis also saw the U.S., Britain, and the UN begin to crack down on the Lebanese Shi’a diamond business in Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa, and with it, the logistics support provided by Bout’s aviation companies, which resulted in a free hand for Tel Aviv to move in on Lebanese diamond deals in central and west Africa.

Then-Israeli Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commented on the 9/11 attacks on U.S. television shortly after they occurred. Netanyahu said: “It is very good!” It now appears that Netanyahu, in his zeal, blew Mossad’s cover as the masterminds of 9/11.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He has written for several renowned papers and blogs.

Madsen is a regular contributor on Russia Today. He has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and MS-NBC. Madsen has taken on Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on their television shows. He has been invited to testifty as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government.

As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. He subsequently worked for the National Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

Madsen is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and the National Press Club. He is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker.


Why Are We Surprised With the Push for ‘Pedophile Rights’

Many Americans have been shocked by reports about a recent pro-pedophilia conference in Baltimore in which psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, representing institutions like Harvard and Johns Hopkins, sought to present pedophilia in a sympathetic and even positive light. But why should this surprise us?

Academic articles in scholarly journals have been presenting pedophilia in a sympathetic light for years, and, as Matthew Cullinan Hoffman noted, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) released a report in 1998 “claiming that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from their child sexual abuse experiences.’ It even claimed that large numbers of the victims reported that their experiences were ‘positive,’ and suggested that the phrase ‘child sex abuse’ be replaced with ‘adult-child sex.’” Others have coined the more disgusting term “intergenerational intimacy.”

The APA’s report was so disturbing that it drew an official rebuke from Congress, yet the pro-pedophile (or, pro-pederast) push continues. In fact, some psychiatric leaders, like Dr. Richard Green, who were instrumental in removing homosexuality from the APA’s list of mental disorders in 1973, have been fighting to remove pedophilia as well.

Consider, for example, this statement from the late John Hopkins professor John Money: “Pedophilia and ephebophilia [referring to sexual attraction felt by an adult toward an adolescent] are no more a matter of voluntary choice than are left-handedness or color blindness. There is no known method of treatment by which they may be effectively and permanently altered, suppressed, or replaced. Punishment is useless. There is no satisfactory hypothesis, evolutionary or otherwise, as to why they exist in nature’s overall scheme of things. One must simply accept the fact that they do exist, and then, with optimum enlightenment, formulate a policy of what to do about it.”

Now, go back and reread that paragraph, substituting the word “homosexuality” for “pedophilia” and “ephebophilia.” How interesting!

To help flesh this out, let’s picture a homosexual man making his case to a heterosexual man:

1) My homosexuality is not a sexual preference but a sexual orientation, just as much as your heterosexuality is not a sexual preference but a sexual orientation.

2) My homosexuality is just as normal as your heterosexuality.

3) Since my behavior is genetically determined and is not a choice, it is intolerant and hateful to suggest that it is wrong. And to call my sexual behavior illegal or immoral, or to refuse to legitimize same-sex relationships, is to be a moral bigot of the highest order.

4) I deeply resent your attempts to identify areas of my upbringing and environment as alleged causes for my homosexuality.

5) I categorically reject the myth that someone can change his or her sexual orientation. Rather, such statements only add to the anguish and suffering of gays and lesbians, and attempts to change us often lead to catastrophic consequences, including depression and suicide.

Now, let’s turn this around and have a pederast making his case to a homosexual, substituting the words accordingly (thus, “My pederasty is not a sexual preference but a sexual orientation, just as much as your homosexuality is not a sexual preference but a sexual orientation.”)

In point of fact, all the principle arguments commonly used to normalize homosexuality have been used to normalize pedophilia and pederasty, as I documented in painstaking (and painful) detail in A Queer Thing Happened to America, where I also made clear that I was not equating homosexuality with pedophilia but was instead comparing the arguments used to normalize both.

Here are the eight principle arguments, all of which (in modified form) are commonly used in support of homosexuality:

1) Pedophilia is innate and immutable.

2) Pederasty is richly attested in many different cultures throughout history.

3) The claim that adult-child sexual relationships cause harm is greatly overstated and often completely inaccurate.

4) Consensual adult-child sex can actually be beneficial to the child.

5) Pederasty should not be classified as a mental disorder, since it does not cause distress to the pederast to have these desires and since the pederast can function as a normal, contributing member of society.

6) Many of the illustrious homosexuals of the past were actually pedophiles.

7) People are against intergenerational intimacy because of antiquated social standards and puritanical sexual phobias.

8) This is all about love and equality and liberation.

But none of these arguments should surprise us. After all, the age of increasing sexual anarchy in which we live is a fruit of the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, and the seeds of sexual anarchy were sown already by Alfred Kinsey in the late 1940’s, as Prof. Judith Reisman has tirelessly documented. And it was Kinsey, after all, who relied on the research of pedophiles to document the sexual responses of infants and children.

All this, to be sure, is utterly unspeakable. But it should certainly come as no surprise. In fact, we should expect this and more.

Source: Why Are We Surprised With the Push for ‘Pedophile Rights’

US Politicians Who Hold Dual US/Israeli Citizenship

“If Americans were ever polled on it—and they never are—the majority who now object to increasing aid to Israel would also likely object to quasi-governmental and governmental positions being staffed by people who—by citizenship or sheer strength of identity politics—are primarily occupied with advancing Israeli interests rather than those of the United States. It is obvious that the real reason AIPAC and its economic luminaries such as Fischer never substantiate any of the advertised benefits the U.S.-Israel “special relationship” delivers to America in return for all of the costs is simple—there simply aren’t any. As greater Dual Citizennumbers of Americans become aware that the entire “special relationship” framework is sustained by nothing more than Israel lobby campaign-finance and propaganda networks, the harder the lobby will have to work… In the very short term, Americans can only fight such undue Israel lobby influence by again—like during the drive to attack Syria—staging a mass action to demand their senators reject Stanley Fischer’s nomination,” Grant Smith, IRMEP

Past and Present:

  1. Attorney General – Michael Mukasey
  2. Head of Homeland Security – Michael Chertoff
  3. Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Richard Perle
  4. Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) – Paul Wolfowitz
  5. Under Secretary of Defense – Douglas Feith
  6. National Security Council Advisor – Elliott Abrams
  7. Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) – “Scooter” Libby
  8. White House Deputy Chief of Staff – Joshua Bolten
  9. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – Marc Grossman
  10. Director of Policy Planning at the State Department – Richard Haass
  11. U.S. Trade Representative (Cabinet-level Position) – Robert Zoellick
  12. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – James Schlesinger
  13. UN Representative (Former) – John Bolton
  14. Under Secretary for Arms Control – David Wurmser
  15. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Eliot Cohen
  16. Senior Advisor to the President – Steve Goldsmith
  17. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Christopher Gersten
  18. Assistant Secretary of State – Lincoln Bloomfield
  19. Deputy Assistant to the President – Jay Lefkowitz
  20. White House Political Director – Ken Melman
  21. National Security Study Group – Edward Luttwak
  22. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Kenneth Adelman
  23. Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former) – Lawrence (Larry) Franklin
  24. National Security Council Advisor – Robert Satloff
  25. President Export-Import Bank U.S. – Mel Sembler
  26. Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families – Christopher Gersten
  27. Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs – Mark Weinberger
  28. White House Speechwriter – David Frum
  29. White House Spokesman (Former) – Ari Fleischer
  30. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Henry Kissinger
  31. Deputy Secretary of Commerce – Samuel Bodman
  32. Under Secretary of State for Management – Bonnie Cohen
  33. Director of Foreign Service Institute – Ruth Davis
  34. Federal Reserve Chair – Janet Yellen
  35. Federal Reserve Vice-Chair – Stanley Fischer

Current (and past) Members of Senate:

  • Representative Gary Ackerman (New York)
  • Representative John H. Adler (New Jersey)
  • Representative Shelley Berkley (Nevada)
  • Representative Howard Berman (California)
  • Representative Steve Cohen (Tennessee)
  • Representative Susan Davis (California)
  • Representative Eliot Engel (New York)
  • Representative Bob Filner (California)
  • Representative Barney Frank (Former) (Massachusetts)
  • Representative Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona)
  • Representative Jane Harman (California)
  • Representative Paul Hodes (New Hampshire)
  • Representative Steve Israel (New York)
  • Representative Steve Kagen (Wisconsin)
  • Representative Ronald Klein (Florida)
  • Representative Sander Levin (Michigan)
  • Representative Nita Lowey (New York)
  • Representative Jerry Nadler (New York)
  • Representative Jared Polis (Colorado)
  • Representative Steve Rothman (New Jersey)
  • Representative Jan Schakowsky (Illinois)
  • Representative Adam Schiff (California)
  • Representative Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania)
  • Representative Allyson Schwartz (Pennsylvania)
  • Representative Brad Sherman (California)
  • Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida)
  • Representative Henry Waxman (California)
  • Representative Anthony Weiner (New York)
  • Representative John Yarmuth (Kentucky)

House of Representatives:

  • Representative Gary Ackerman (New York)
  • Representative John H. Adler (New Jersey)
  • Representative Shelley Berkley (Nevada)
  • Representative Howard Berman (California)
  • Representative Steve Cohen (Tennessee)
  • Representative Susan Davis (California)
  • Representative Eliot Engel (New York)
  • Representative Bob Filner (California)
  • Representative Barney Frank (Massachusetts)
  • Representative Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona)
  • Representative Alan Grayson (Florida)
  • Representative Jane Harman (California)
  • Representative Paul Hodes (New Hampshire)
  • Representative Steve Israel (New York)
  • Representative Steve Kagen (Wisconsin)
  • Representative Ronald Klein (Florida)
  • Representative Sander Levin (Michigan)
  • Representative Nita Lowey (New York)
  • Representative Jerry Nadler (New York)
  • Representative Jared Polis (Colorado)
  • Representative Steve Rothman (New Jersey)
  • Representative Jan Schakowsky (Illinois)
  • Representative Adam Schiff (California)
  • Representative Allyson Schwartz (Pennsylvania)
  • Representative Brad Sherman (California)
  • Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida)
  • Representative Henry Waxman (California)
  • Representative Anthony Weiner (New York)
  • Representative John Yarmuth (Kentucky)


The Genocide of a Land [and its People]

Paul Craig Roberts

In our days of darkness, spreading ignorance, and absence of serious debate in public forums, we can take hope from the fact that some scholars still produce serious and informative books on the most critical issues of our time. If in the future policymakers again seek the guidance of truth, they will have the information at hand. One such book of truth is Jeremy R. Hammond’s just published Obstacle to Peace, a closely reasoned, heavily documented (68 pages of footnotes), fully indexed, readable book with a Foreword by Richard Falk, an Introduction by Gene Epstein, and an endorsement by Noam Chomsky.

The obstacle to peace is the United States government, which has consistently opposed the entire world’s decades long effort to stop the Zionist genocide of a land called Palestine.

Palestine is a stolen and oppressed land. Israel’s greatest leaders themselves acknowledge the fact. Tom Are quotes David Ben-Gurion:

“If I were an Arab leader, I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural, we have taken their country. Sure God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We came from Israel, it’s true, but that was two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come and stolen their country. Why should they accept that?”

What once was a country consists today of a few small isolated Palestinian ghettos in the West Bank surrounded by Israeli settlements and an open air prison known as Gaza. Periodically Israel launches military assaults on the civilian population of Gaza, destroying the lives of the people and the infrastructure of the prison camp.

Israel then prevents outside efforts from sending supplies to the suffering people in Gaza. “Freedom flotillas” crewed by Nobel Laurates, present and former members of US and European legislative bodies, and even members of the Israeli Knesset set sail with supplies for Gaza and are pirated and captured in international waters by the Israeli Navy, which, as a warning to others, kills some of the delegation in “self-defense.” The United States steadfastly defends Israel’s criminal behavior with its UN veto and other governments, though disapproving, are unwilling to confront Washington and force a change.

Washington’s 21st century wars in the Middle East were initiated by neoconservative regimes whose principal policymakers are tightly allied with Israel. The wars focused on Arab nations—Iraq, Libya, and Syria—that were supportive of the Palestinians and had foreign policies independent of Washington. Washington succeeded in destroying two of the countries and has not given up on destroying Syria despite the risk of confrontation with Russia.

The risks that Washington is imposing on Americans and Europeans in order to advance Israeli expansion in the Middle East are horrific. Zionists claim a “greater Israel” from the Nile to the Euphrates. Washington’s wars in the Middle East are designed to remove obstacles to “greater Israel.” For example, on past occasions Israel has attempted to seize southern Lebanon for the water resources, but were driven out by Hezbollah, a militia supplied by Syria and Iran. This is one reason Syria and Iran are on Washington’s target list.

To achieve its or Israel’s goals, Washington uses jihadists. Russia sees the jihadists as threats that could spread to the Muslim areas of the Russian Federation, and Russia acts to protect itself. China also has realized that its province bordering Kazakhstan is subject to jihadist destabilization and appears to be aligning with Russia, Iran, and Syria against Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government and install in its place chaos as Washington has done in Iraq and Libya, thus removing another constraint on Israel’s expansion and the restraint of a secular Syrian government on jihadism.

To get all of this from Hammond, you might have to connect some dots. But what you will get is a massive amount of verbatim dialogue that documents beyond all doubt the conspiracy between Israel, Washington, and the US presstitutes to get rid of “the Palestinian problem” by getting rid of Palestinians.

What does emerge strongly from Hammond’s book is that justice is not a thriving characteristic of the Israeli government, US foreign policy, or the media. The United Nations has produced report after report documenting the extermination of a people, but is powerless to act because of Washington’s veto.

What has happened to Palestinians is a replay of what happened to the native inhabitants of North America and Australia. Palestinians have been dispossessed and murdered. For this crime, the United States shares responsibility with Israel.

Become informed while you still can. Propaganda is turning truth-tellers into “conspiracy theorists” and “domestic extremists.” We can’t take the continued presence of truth-tellers for granted. When one appears support him or her. Order Hammond’s book here:

You will never regret being informed.

New Poll Based Upon a Realistic Voter Turnout = 34% D, 33% R, 33% I(ndependent): Trump (44%) vs. Hillary (38%)

[Note: Establishment Media Surveys Poll Registered and Likely Voters 2 to 1 Democrat vs Republican and Independent. The percentages here are much fairer, though skewed toward Democrat and Independent. There are actually more self-identified Independents than there are Republican OR Democrat put together. The Two-Party Dinosaur is on its way to the tar pit. -Ed]

The Survey, conducted August 13-17, was a sample of 1,405 likely voters, of which 475 were Democrats (34%), 462 were Republicans (33%), and 468 were Independent or Other (33%).

Donald Trump with forty-four percent (44%) support to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s thirty-eight (38%).

Aug 18 Poll A

John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released

John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released

August 04, 2016

Vero Beach, FL – (TRUNEWS) U.S. Senator John McCain recorded a Tokyo Rose-style propaganda message that was broadcast on North Vietnamese radio in 1969.

TRUNEWS, a nonprofit Christian digital news app, obtained the bombshell audio recording and released it today on the organization’s daily newscast hosted by Rick Wiles. TRUNEWS acquired the audio recording in cooperation with, a new media company founded by Charles Johnson.

The 1969 North Vietnamese radio broadcast has never been heard in the United States of America. In fact, there has never been any knowledge that such a recording existed. The audio recording was found in a misplaced file in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The broadcast was recorded by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, a branch of the CIA that monitored international shortwave and foreign radio broadcasts.

Lt. Commander John McCain was shot down over Hanoi by a North Vietnamese missile while flying his 23rd bombing mission. Both of his arms and one leg were broken. He was pulled ashore by North Vietnamese who took him to a prison known by POWs as the “Hanoi Hilton.”

McCain was a prisoner of war for five and a half years. He was released on March 14, 1973, and returned to the United States of America as a war hero. His POW legacy propelled McCain to victory in a race for a U.S. Congressional seat in Arizona in 1982. He replaced Barry Goldwater in the Senate in 1986.

In the propaganda recording, Lt. Commander McCain said he was “guilty of crimes against the Vietnamese country and people.” He confessed that he bombed “their cities, towns, and villages and caused many injuries, even deaths, for the people of Vietnam.”

He praised the medical care and kindness of his communist captors even though he came to North Vietnam as “an aggressor.” McCain said he wished to express his “deep gratitude” for their “kind treatment” and that he “will never forget” the kindness extended to him by the communist North Vietnamese.

Senator McCain is running for a sixth six-year term in the Senate. He is facing a strong primary challenge from former State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician in Lake Havasu.

The Arizona Republican Primary is August 30. Sen. McCain will turn age 80 on the day before the primary.

Here is the actual script of John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” propaganda broadcast on North Vietnamese radio.

To the Vietnamese people and the government of the DRVN:

From John Sidney McCain, 624787, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, born 29 August, 1936, Panama, home state Oregon. Shot down 26 October, 1967, A-4E aircraft.

I, as a U.S. airman, am guilty of crimes against the Vietnamese country and people. I bombed their cities, towns and villages and caused many injuries, even deaths, for the people of Vietnam.

I was captured in the capital city of Hanoi, while attacking it. After I was captured, I was taken to the hospital in Hanoi, where I received very good medical treatment. I was given an operation on my leg, which allowed me to walk again, and a cast on my right arm, which was badly broken in three places.

The doctors were very good and they knew a great deal about the practice of medicine. I remained in the hospital for some time and regained much of my health and strength. Since I arrived in the camp of detention, I received humane and lenient treatment.

I received this kind treatment and food even though I came here as an aggressor and the people who I injured have much difficulty in their living standards. I wish to express my deep gratitude for my kind treatment and I will never forget this kindness extended to me.

To listen to the full interview click here for the August 4th edition of TRUNEWS.

– See more at:

Source: John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released

Top 3 reasons and video PROOF Hillary is a puppet for the insidious agendas of Monsanto, Big Pharma, eugenics and forced vaccination

Hillary Clinton

(NaturalNews) Adolf Hitler convinced millions of people around the globe, not just Germans, about an elite “master race” that would be smarter and have the ultimate genes for reproduction. Utilizing propaganda through leaflets, films and speeches, he spread his psychotic eugenics philosophy, while committing acts of massive genocide, all in the name of the “greater good.” Here are just a few examples of Hitler’s mentality, and the brainwashing tactics he used to win the minds of millions, while exterminating more than six million innocent people who disagreed with his “brand” of science and medicine:

“All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.”

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

It seems very extreme to think that an American President or President-to-be (hopefully not) could inflict so much carnage while claiming to be functioning for the “greater good,” but that is exactly what “Hitler-y” is planning, along with policies of forced euthanasia, sterilization, organ harvesting and medical experimentation through Big Pharma, which is exactly what the “science” of the Nazi regime attempted to accomplish using positive imagery to claim it was creating a better society.

In fact, some of Adolf Hitler’s propaganda was being promoted in America, and supported by the Rockefellers, the Sloan Foundation and other rich, powerful elitists who carried on with the eugenics program, even after the fall of the Nazi empire. Even now, in Pennsylvania, a poster promotes immunization by emphasizing your “patriotism,” saying you “Earn your stripe!” when you get vaccinated.

In Nazi Germany, a propaganda poster explained how diseased and physically handicapped people are a financial burden on the state, insinuating that they should all be euthanized for the “greater good.” That same “greater good” logic is currently invoked by vaccine pushers and abortion clinics in America, because certain politicians believe this type of policy serves the interests of the state, just like Planned Parenthood’s insidious agenda, of which most people are completely unaware.

Other Nazi posters complained about the cost of the government providing care for “mentally ill negros” who had been institutionalized for many years (think of today’s severely autistic children). Again, the argument is that killing off non-tax payers, the weak, the sick, the handicapped and the elderly, is good for society. Take a good look at these Nazi posters that reflect all of the propaganda on which the previous statements are based.

Bill Gates and his immoral “Foundation” work hand-in-hand with the Clintons, and will seek to destroy and eliminate the “weak” – the very people who are on food stamps, are unemployed and who rely on social security and government aid to survive. All socialist aid will be cut off under Clinton, martial law will ensue in every inner city, and those who don’t support the tyrannical government’s agenda will be euthanized, shot or sent to political DHS and FEMA-controlled re-education or “concentration” camps, never to be seen again.

Meet the ruthless ‘Goddess of Distress,’ Hitler-y Rodham Clinton, who believes in eugenics and an elite, straight, white class to rule the world

Are you ready to be force-vaccinated with any and every experimental vaccination the CDC can conjure and concoct? Under Clinton rule, all pregnant women, infants, children, teens and adults will be force-vaccinated (at gunpoint if necessary), and have no doubt, vaccines given to the non-elitists will contain sterilization chemicals (like the ones Bill Gates pushes in Africa now).

Hitler-y also hates blacks and gays, feels they are lesser beings, and thinks they don’t deserve the same rights as white, straight people … listen here:

Planned Parenthood (PP) awarded Hillary Clinton the “Margaret Sanger Award” for “furthering” reproductive health – which means pushing for more abortions for blacks and poor Americans. Headquartered inside Washington DC, PP has hidden agendas that promote terminating pregnancies as part of ethnic cleansing and for selling fetal body parts, brains, organs and even whole aborted babies on the black market (for cash) to biotech companies for experimentation.

PP receives funding from private donors (including, of course, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) who support population control for the elite. Bottom line: Hitler-y Clinton pushes for low-income abortions and maiming all the rest with a boatload of vaccines that drive autism rates through the roof; all in all it’s mass profit for PP. To top it all off, Hitler-y does not believe in gay marriage, and will ban it nationwide if given the chance, overruling any state rights already in place, just like with banning GMO labels.

Hitlery loves pesticide-laden, cancer causing crops for all Americans, except the elitists who know better

While Obama has pushed a massive genetically modified food program on America via Monsanto, his wife touts her organic garden at the White House. Have no brain fog on this one: Hitler-y is the “Bride of Frankenfood.” She has already sworn her allegiance to Monsanto, and will ban GMO labeling nationwide, while prosecuting and destroying anyone and everyone that supports organic food and natural cures – including approving FDA, USDA and EPA swat raids on organic farms. Don’t believe it? Take a hard listen right here and you’ll know this is true, from the lips of the “Goddess of Distress” herself.

Have no illusions, genetically modified, pesticide-laden foods are a form of genocide – and millions more unsuspecting Americans will die of cancer from consuming them, and sooner in life than ever before.

Beware! A vote for Hitler-y is a vote for Monsanto, mass population reduction, expanded Big Pharma power and force vaccination. You may or may not like Trump, but Hitler-y will lead a tyrannical, Nazi-style regime like you’ve never seen before on U.S. soil.

Sources for this article include:

Source: Top 3 reasons and video PROOF Hillary is a puppet for the insidious agendas of Monsanto, Big Pharma, eugenics and forced vaccination

Refugees Being Smuggled In via UPS -Confirmed

[Ed Note; Mr. Khizr Khan, a Pakistani immigrant (?) and lawyer continues to lecture U.S. about his right to politicize the immigration issue in order to advance the DNC Agenda for unfettered immigration into the U.S. Well sir, we have immigration laws in this country that even those who have taken an oath to the Constitution do not respsect as evidenced by the Obama administrations policy of illegally smuggling Syrian Refugees into the U.S….]



The Pennsylvania Senate joined the battle against the covert importation of Syrian refugees into their state on chartered UPS jets.

This passage of Senate Resolution 248 is a rebuke to Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf who said after the Paris Friday the 13th attacks that refugees fleeing war-torn Syria were welcome in Pennsylvania.

However, despite the Resolution passing by an overwhelming 37-to-13 margin, it is completely symbolic.

According to the Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212), the states do not have the power to reject refugees because it is a federal law. The 1980 law raised the limit from 17,400 refugees admitted per year, up to 50,000 refugees, and provided “emergency procedures” for when the Attorney General determines that even higher numbers are needed.

However, a significant backlash is developing in the state against the huge influx of these undocumented refugees because of the future dangers they may represent.

Alert subscriber Ed S. sent me a link to a syndicated radio show that ran yesterday called the JJ McCartney Show. The host interviewed Pennsylvania State Constable Mark Kohan.
In Pennsylvania, state constables are like US Marshalls in the federal system; they can arrest anywhere in the state. But they are elected to 6-year terms.

Constable Kohan confirmed that undocumented refugees were being flown into his state covertly on chartered UPS flights:
“They have been coming in at night – the wee hours of the night – on UPS planes.

“A week and a half ago, there were actually – two UPS planes actually flew into Harrisburg airport. 30 busloads of refugees were picked up and scattered throughout the state.”

Constable Kohan then explained where they go, and how local mayors are convinced to take them by the provision of money from the federal government:
“Most of these refugees are actually being brought in and given to different faith-based organizations within the state.”
“They take the tax dollars and they set the refugees up for housing at different locations throughout the state.”
“From our investigations and talking to other law enforcement officers within the state, the mayors are actually on board with this.”
“The mayors that have signed on to it are padded with tax dollars also.”

Then a caller from Michigan explained that many of the refugees that have come into Michigan over the last year have been Syrians.
“Yeah, hi, this is Dick in Michigan and the update I wanted to give you from Michigan is that we now know – only because of Freedom of Information – that 180 unvettable Syrians are now living on the taxpayer dollar, but living in Michigan.
“And in my opinion, that’s a problem that sheriffs should be notified about.”
Constable Kohan then explained that so many of these undocumented refugees have been pumped into one town that they now have completely taken over the city government.
“One of the small towns in Pennsylvania – it’s called Whitehall. It’s just north of Allentown. It used to be just a local mill town.”
“Now, from what I understand from talking to some of my colleagues, the town has basically been taken over by Middle Eastern refugees over a period now of about 2-and-a-half years, and the whole town – in fact, the government, itself, is made up of Muslims.”
Constable Kohan then offered an alternative solution:
“Ultimately, what we believe in the law enforcement community is something that Donald Trump and some of the other politicians are coming around to is that we are putting so much money into bringing some of these refugees here, it would be better if we would developed safe havens for them in their own country.”
“So, when things subside, they are in their own country and then they are in familiar surroundings.
Currently, 31 state Governors – all but one are Republicans – have informed the State Department that they do not want Syrian refugees to enter their state.
Although state opposition is not binding, states can make the process for immigrants much more difficult.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.


Israel Leader Demands Worldwide Internet Censorship

Israel have unveiled plans to impose internet censorship across the world’s social media platforms by building an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.

The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan announced hits internet censorship plans in an article in the Times of Israel, where he calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most of which “are very interested in this idea.” reports:

The legislation would have common features, such as defining what constitutes incitement and what the responsibilities of social networks regarding it are, a spokesman for the minister told the Israeli-based newspaper.

“Companies that do not comply will find themselves hauled into court, paying a penalty,” he added.

The Times of Israel story about internet censorship

Source: Israel Leader Demands Worldwide Internet Censorship

Debunking The “Saudis did 9-11” Nonsense!

The official story of 9-11 is collapsing almost as fast as the Obamacare website. Most Americans are now well aware of the strange collapse of WTC Building 7, the video that captures the sound of the actual explosionthat initiates the collapse of WTC7, the very strange behavior of the Secret Service as President Bush read about goats at Booker Elementary School. We have all seen the photographs that confirm the remains of demolition “cutter charges” in the remains of the towers. And we all know how the BBC reported that Building 7 collapsed 26 minutes before it actually happened.indicating a script was being followed (but alas, not carefully enough).

With the official story in free fall, Americans are wondering just who did this heinous deed. With the US Government itself the prime suspect, many are asking if the US Government had help from an outside nation, one with a long track record of world-changing dirty tricks.

There is a great deal of evidence that implicates the nation of Israel as a co-conspirator with the Bush administration. First, there was the massive Israeli spy ring uncovered in the United States just before 9-11, and how some of the “Dancing Israelis” arrested after being seen cheering and dancing as the World Trade Towers collapsed turned out to be Mossad spies! Then there was the strange case of Odigo, an Israeli-owned company whose New York offices received a warning about the attacks before the planes used in the attacks had even left the ground! All four of the hijacked planes departed from airport gates whose security was provided by the same Israeli security company. Israel has a long track record of playing dirty tricks against the United States and other countries, including the Lavon affair (framed on Egypt), Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty (initially framed on Egypt), and Israel’s smuggling a radio transmitter into Libya that was used to send fake messages that tricked President Reagan into bombing Libya.

As people start to seriously examine the plethora of evidence regarding Israel’s numerous perfidies it comes as no surprise that recently we have seen Israel’s “useful idiots” launch a propaganda campaign to claim that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9-11 attacks, based on a lawsuit brought against Saudi Arabia by the families of the victims, and a secret report that Representatives Stephen F. Lynch and Walter B. Jones are demanding be made public; a report that purportedly claims Saudi arabia was behind 9-11. But anyone can bring a lawsuit against anyone for anything. That does not mean the lawsuit allegations are true. Nonsense lawsuits are a reality of the modern US court system, as are lawsuits staged primarily as political and propaganda stunts, which is what this appears to be. Likewise, the report the Representatives wish to make public appears to be the US Government’s attempt to “get ahead of the ball” and craft a new lie to replace the one that has failed. At the very least these two pieces of propaganda are intended to deflect interest away from Israel. At worst, it is the start of the campaign to justify military invasion of that country, just asSaddam’s nuclear weapons were the excuse to invade Iraq, and the more recently (and thankfully failed) attempt to justify invasion of Syria by claiming Syria’s government was gassing their own people.

As I have mentioned before, the best way to tell if you are being lied to is to look for what should be there but isn’t. In the case of the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11, what should be there and isn’t is a motive for Saudi Arabia to do something like that.

George Bush had a motive to do 9-11. He needed that “new Pearl Harbor” to enrage Americans into the century of war called for by the Project For The New American Century. Israel certainly had a motive to do 9-11 and frame Muslims for it, to trick Americans into siding with Israel’s continued land grabs and wars against Israel’s enemies, with Israel’s agenda being (as it was with the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty, and the Libyan radio hoax) that Americans fight those wars for them!

Saudi Arabia does not have a history of dirty tricks, nor a demonstrated ability to carry out such deceptions. More to the point, Saudi Arabia has no motive to attack the United States. The Saudi princes have grown very rich indeed through the Petrodollar arrangement. Saudi Arabia buys many American products and weapons ($61 billion in 2011), and unlike Israel, the American taxpayer does not have to give them the money first with which to buy those weapons. Whereas Israel constantly takes money out of the US, the Saudis pour it in! Private Saudi investment in the US economy is over $400 billion. Saudi Arabia is a major creditor to the US Government. Exact figures are hard to find but Saudi Arabia has loaned the US Government hundreds of billions of dollars.

Saudi Arabia is not going to risk an attack on the US because all that wealth would vanish. The Saudi wealth inside the US would be frozen or seized, and the outstanding loans to the US would never be repaid. The “useful idiots” trying to save Israel by blaming 9-11 on Saudi Arabia have yet to come up with a motive for the Saudis to do something like 9-11 that risks losing all that cash.

Remember that Saudi Arabia was being framed for 9-11 right from the start. One of the accused hijackers, a Saudi Pilot named Saeed Al-Ghamdi, wasstill alive after 9-11 and sued the US Government for defaming him.

And finally, here is some common sense that totally undermines the attempt to frame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. If Saudi Arabia really wanted to hurt the United States, they don’t need to fly airplanes into skyscrapers to do it. All they have to do is ask for their money back, all at once. The resulting damage to the US financial system would make 9-11 look like a minor inconvenience in comparison.

And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to ask for their money back.

Which is why we know that the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11 has no more basis in fact than the claim that Saddam had nuclear weapons or that Assad gassed his own people right in front of the UN chemical weapons inspectors.

As the media tries to blame Saudi Arabia for 9-11, it is worth recalling that the Bush administration initially claimed that Iraq was behind 9-11 to sell the 2003 invasion, then later admitted Iraq had actually been innocent. So there is a pattern of the US simply using 9-11 as a “one size fits all” excuse to invade yet another oil rich nation.

At the very least, even if you accept the new claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11, then it means the US Government was lying when they claimed Afghanistan and then Iraq were behind it! So why would you trust them now?


Alex Jones and others do not seem to understand that people are not free to do or produce that which is immoral and contrary to practical reason, as in the case of Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut.

a-clockwork-oranA Clockwork Orange


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Stanley Kubrick admitted that his whole idea in directing A Clockwork Orangewas “to make an immoral person palatable.” The psychopathic main character, played by Malcolm McDowell, in order to escape the consequences of his existentially immoral actions—theft, aggravated assault, rape, and violence—tries to commit suicide in the middle of the movie by jumping out a window.

Anthony Burgess, the author who actually wrote A Clockwork Orange, has some interesting things to say about the book itself:

“It was the most painful thing I’ve ever written, that damn book. I was trying to exorcise the memory of what happened to my first wife, who was savagely attacked in London during the Second World War by four American deserters. She was pregnant at the time and lost our child. This led to a dreadful depression, and her suicide attempt.

“After that, I had to learn to start loving again. Writing that book—getting it all out—was a way of doing it. I was very drunk when I wrote it…I loathe it! And one feels so responsible putting an act of violence down on paper. If one can put an act of violence on paper, you’ve created the act! You might as well have done it! I detest that damn book now…

“I saw that the book might be dangerous because it presented good, or at least harmlessness, as remote and abstract, something for the adult future of my hero, while depicting violence in joyful dithyrambs.”[1]

Obviously Stanley Kubrick knew exactly what he was doing to his viewers. He said:

“Watching a film is like having a daydream. It operates on portions of your mind that are only reached by dreams or dramas, and there you can explore things without any responsibility of conscious ego or conscience.”[2]

So, if responsibility or morality is out of the question, what is left? Democracy and freedom? Or enslavement through sophisticated means? Let us allow director David Cronenberg answer that for us. Once a person dismisses morality and practical reason, says Cronenberg,

“You can then be free. Free to be unethical, immoral, out of society and agent for some other power, never belonging. Ultimately, if you are an existentialist and you don’t believe in God and the judgment after death, then you can do anything you want: You can kill, you can do whatever society considers the most taboo thing.”[3]

This is exactly what Cronenberg has tried to articulate in certainly all his movies, and it is the exact message that Kubrick is telling us in many of his films as well. Kubrick, as some scholars have pointed out, was an admirer of Friedrich Nietzsche, the man who deliberately infected himself with syphilis in a demonic pact.[4] It was Nietzsche who said that

“To be truthful means using the customary metaphor—in moral terms: the obligation to lie according to a fixed convention, to lie herd-like in a style obligatory for all.”[5]

According to the moral order, our actions in life must be subordinated to reason and not to passion or unbridled lust and manipulation. According to Nietzsche, this is incorrect. The moral order, says Nietzsche, must be dismissed, and thetransvaluation of all values is to be substituted. “Nietzsche’s thought,” one scholar argues, “run through” Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, “given the strong influence Nietzsche had on Kubrick’s work.”[6]

But Kubrick’s other films, such as Eyes Wide Shut, is also Freudian, in that they challenge the sexual order. Scholar Karen D. Hoffman notes that Eyes Wide Shut is problematic largely because it challenges the institution of marriage:

“Marriage is an institution designed to—and predicated on the belief that individuals are able to—control the expression of sexual desire. Yet Kubrick’s film suggests that the darker forces of the personality are whimsical and unpredictable; they cannot be willed into or out of existence. The tension created by the instability and unpredictability of desire propels the film.”[7]

This is a good assessment. But Hoffman fails to point out some of the key initiators behind Kubrick’s Eye Wide Shut. Eye Wide Shut was based on the writing of Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931), an Austrian author and Jewish dramatist who had frequent correspondences with Sigmund Freud. “Schnitzler was branded as a pornographer after the release of his play Reigen, in which ten pairs of characters are shown before and after the sexual act, leading and ending with a prostitute.”

It was Freud who postulated in 1915 that

“Sexual morality—as society, in its extreme form, the American, defines it—seems to me very contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life.”[8]

In 1905, Freud advocated “the granting of a greater measure of sexual freedom,” saying things like “the indissolubility of marriage” is “contrary to ‘significant ethical and hygienic principles and psychological experiences.”[9]

Sexual freedom is what we find in Schnitzler’s work, and this was obviously why Freud praised him: “I have gained the impression that you have learned through intuition – although actually as a result of sensitive introspection – everything that I have had to unearth by laborious work on other persons.”

“Anti-Semitism” in Austria, according Peter Gay’s interpretation of Schnitzler, was “neither respectable nor dangerous.”[10] But in order to fight whatever “anti-Semitism” he perceived there was in Austria, Schnitzler obviously thought that he had to corrupt the morals of society. How interesting that Stanley Kubrick took the work of Schnitzler and articulated it on the big screens.

Eye Wide Shut obviously garnered numerous accolades, but movie goers probably did not know that it was another manipulation by the Dreadful Few to corrupt the social order.

When Kubrick was asked the question, “Are you as dark visioned about man as your films appear to indicate?,” he didn’t hesitate in responding,

“A satirist is someone who has a very skeptical, pessimistic view of human nature, but who still has the optimism to make some sort of joke out of it. However brutal that joke might be.”[11]

So, Kubrick was using satire to bring his audience face to face with subversive ideology. If Schnitzler’s ideas didn’t get anywhere with the masses, then Kubrick made it possible through Eyes Wide Shut.


The big question here is this: can people praise Kubrick for all his work without even mentioning his immoral dimension and covert operation in his films? How again can people like Alex Jones fail to see this?

Obviously Jones and Paul Joseph Watson pretend to tell their listeners the truth about what is happening in the world, but they are ignoring some of the most important facts on the ground.

Alex Jones and Kubrick’s daughter can talk about the Second Amendment all the day long, but neither one of them seems to understand that true freedom cannot exist without morality.

As a corollary, Jones and others do not seem to understand that people are not free to do or produce that which is immoral and contrary to practical reason, as in the case of Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut. If they do believe that morality should play a major role in the political firmament, then why have they been promoting Kubrick’s movies without warning?

Malcolm McDowell, the man who plays the evil character in A Clockwork Orange, believes that the movie is anti-liberal, which is to say that A Clockwork Orange is a conservative film. “Any liberal with brains should hate Clockwork,” he said, “not as a matter of artistic criticism but for the trend this film represents.”[12]

One has to be really zombified to come up with crazy statements like that. But maybe McDowell is right: A Clockwork Orange is “anti-liberal,” which means that the so-called conservative movement is as corrupt as any other revolutionary party. If it is “anti-liberal,” and Alex Jones supports the movie without a disclaimer, then Alex Jones is corrupt.

Moreover, if Delarge is right, that the movie is anti-liberal, then its essential themes support the capitalist machine and the Neoconservative ideology in America.

By supporting A Clockwork Orange and by using the same vocabulary that his oppressors have been propounding on the West from time immemorial,[13] Alex Jones has ultimately become a thorough representative of the Powers That Be. He is almost certainly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sure, he tells some truth here and there, but vital truth?

Paul Joseph Watson is another classic representation of that statement. When he was asked the question, “What is your opinion on Jewish influence in the media,” Watson responded,

People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I read the news every day. I track narrative. I don’t see a big Jewish influence.”

First of all, Jews do not “control the world.” But I can see why Watson is totally confused here because he reads “the news every day.” That obviously leaves little time for scholarly research. But if Watson is denying any Jewish influence in world affairs, most specifically in America and England, here’s my little homework for him. I would encourage him to go to his public library and check out the following books, which are written almost exclusively by Jewish scholars and historians. Pay close attention to their provocative titles:

Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2004); Murray Friedman, The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005); Erich Haberer, Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995); R. Michael Miller, Rabbis and Revolution: The Jews of Moravia in the Age of Emancipation (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2011); Benjamin Ginsberg, The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993); Nathan Abrams, The New Jew in Film: Exploring Jewishness and Judaism in Contemporary Cinema (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2012); Josh Lambert, Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews, and American Culture (New York: New York University Press, 2012); Neal Gabler, An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood (New York: Anchor Books, 1988).

There are more scholarly studies that could be cited, but we don’t want to burry Watson within an avalanche of evidence. Here is what he has to do for the rest of the year, since he declares that he hasn’t seen any evidence for (negative) Jewish influence on world affairs. He has to read those studies and tell us what he thinks.

If Watson remains silent on these issues next year, then you can be sure that this man is not worth your time and penny. If he continues to perpetuate one misleading claim after another about Muslims and ignore the big issues, then you can be sure that he is right where the Powers That Be want him. Until you get a rational answer from this man, you may want to suspend sending money to Alex Jones. You work too hard for that money.

[1] Quoted in Vincent Lobrutto, Stanley Kubrick: A Biography (New York: Penguin, 1997), 336.

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  • Jonas E. Alexis

Jonas E. Alexis graduated from Avon Park High School, studied mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and has a master’s degree in education from Grand Canyon University.

Some of his main interests include the history of Christianity, U.S. foreign policy, the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book ,Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism: A History of Conflict Between Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism from the first Century to the Twenty-first Century.

He is currently teaching mathematics in South Korea. He plays soccer and basketball in his spare time. He is also a cyclist. He is currently writing a book tentatively titled Zionism and the West.

Alexis welcomes comments, letters, and queries in order to advance, explain, and expound rational and logical discussion on issues such as the Israel/Palestine conflict, the history of Christianity, and the history of ideas.

In the interest of maintaining a civil forum, Alexis asks that all queries be appropriately respectful and maintain a level of civility. As the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron,” and the best way to sharpen one’s mind is through constructive criticism, good and bad.

However, Alexis has no patience with name-calling and ad hominem attack. He has deliberately ignored many queries and irrational individuals in the past for this specific reason—and he will continue to abide by this policy.

BLM Dallas False Flag –  Shooters ‘Appear To Have Been Militarily Trained’

 – Black Power Group Issues Threat ‘More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days!’


We are watching the culmination of an agenda of orchestrated terrorism geared toward creating a civil war and create conditions for martial law.

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

As Black Lives Matter (BLM) marched in protest across America against the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, snipers ambushed Dallas police offers, which resulted in 11 12 being shot and 5 killed, but in looking at a previous report of BLM leaders’ hacked conversations indicating they were colluding with the Obama administration in order to create conditions in order for martial law to be declared, we have to ask if we are watching the culmination of that agenda with orchestrated terrorism.

Michael Bautista captured part of the downtown Dallas shooting on video. He saw one officer down, dragged into vehicle and taken away. The video was broadcast during a Facebook Live post. – Source: The Dallas Morning News

While ANP has received emails and seen Internet chatter with people wondering if this was a “staged” event, with some even claiming the whole thing was a hoax,  we find one sentence within a Daily Mail article which leads us to believe that it was not a “hoax,” but was was an orchestrated event to use the death of these Dallas officers to create a racial civil war in America.

It is not known if the shooters were protesters, however they appear to have been militarily trained. Their motive is not clear.

Screen shot below, in case that lines ends up disappearing from the DM article, because it confirms information Doug Hagmann puts forth in an article titled “Helter Skelter in a Summer Swelter,” quoted below the screencap.


Doug Hagmann receieved a call from a Dallas, Texas police officer who indicated the MSM was already in “spin-mode” and was deliberately downplaying significant information about the shooters.

He emphasized that this was a very well-planned and well-coordinated attack that was executed with a disturbing level of precision. He described the attackers as utilizing body armor and having access to communications equipment, as well as a significant amount of weapons, ammunition and bomb-making materials and devices. He further emphasized that the planning of this attack had certain signatures of paramilitary or Muslim terrorist groups, although was careful not to make any direct linkage at this early stage. “It just had that feel,” he said.

This source stated that the methods used by the attackers in terms of “triangulation of targets” was both acknowledged and alarming, meaning that knowledge of the hastily-planned route used by the demonstrators was known and used by the perpetrators for “maximum damage.” In other words, he stated, “this [attack] against the police might have been planned before the event and adapted for use at this event, which goes back to having certain disconcerting ‘signatures’ as I just mentioned.”

Read the entire piece at The Hagmann Report.


Once again we see the same type of methods utilized…. black men shot – Check! BLM organizes nationwide protests – Check! Chaos ensues – Check!

This same scene has been playing out over and over again, the sole purpose is to stoke tensions to the point where civil war erupts.

Flashback 2014 – Two uniformed NYPD officers were shot dead Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman’s ­assassination-style mission to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Flashback 2015 – Just hours after a Harris County, Tex. sheriff’s deputy was ambushed and executed at a Houston-area gas station, BLM protesters were chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

Polizette reports that “Anti Police Rhetoric Turns Deadly,” and that is the point, the shootings aren’t a “hoax,” but they are quite possibly false flag attacks, with the sole purpose of stoking racial tensions, geared towards using the BLM patsies to stage protests in order bring about conditions that would give the government cause to declare martial law.

These latest police deaths brings the total to 56 police officers killed in the line of duty this year.

Breitbart shows more anti-police rhetoric, via Twitter:



In reading everything out there about the massacre in Dallas, I ran across a SQ alert that ties shooting of black men by police, the following execution of cops and protests,  together with other disturbing reports we have been getting regarding the increasing sightings of UN vehicles being positioned and moved across the U.S., along with the October announcement about Obama’s “global police force” to fight extremism within America.


ANSWER TO ALL THE SENSELESS SHOOTINGS? Obama administration’s goal is to further nationalize and federalize local law enforcement. Exactly what we see happening across America. So are these federal officers American’s? The first seven cities to be targeted will be Birmingham, Alabama; Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Stockton, California. They are using U.S. taxpayer dollars to deploy federal employees charged with training LOCAL officers to act in a manner that the DOJ deems just inessence doing the bidding of the Obama administration. According to the official announcement, an unspecified number of police departments and communities will also be targeted. This made headlines in March 2015 when Obama signed the executive order. This is not the homegrown police officers that are doing this – I feel strongly in my spirit our police departments across the country (especially in large cities) have been infiltrated with the global police force Obama spoke of as early as his first campaign speeches. My prayer is that this message will be received with the discernment God gives believers to as many as possible.

Read the entire SQ ALERT.

FLASHBACK – RED ALERT: UN Global Police Force Invades US Cities To Hunt “Extremists”


Former Congressman Joe Walsh deleted a tweet that created outrage on Twitter, when he stated ‘3 Dallas cops killed, 7 wounded. This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming for you,” according to Daily Mail.

Despite the manufactured outrage, we see Walsh is correct, this is war, as reports are now coming in that a “Black Power Group” is now claiming responsibility and threatening “More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days! Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper.”


That gives quite a bit of meaning to the BBC report that claims the suspect in the Dallas shooting stated “The end is coming.”

In order to understand just how ugly this is going to get, all one has to do is look at a comment on the Black Lives Matter Dallas Chapter Facebook page, where a post that is still up at the moment states “If you want to stop this. Word needs to get to Isis. When you protest, protest with signs asking Isis to help you. Do this every TIME they kill our people, I bet you you will get the attention and support you so dearly need. Protest for Isis to help us! Isis don’t hate black people, but the whites want you to think they do. Call on Isis, cuz you damn president won’t help you. Your damn hip hop rappers, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Beyonce, none of them, but Isis. Call up Isis in your protest on social media. Call!”

Screen shot below in case they delete that comment from their post:


[UPDATE] Think the BLM connection to ISIS and Muslim extremists is a coincidence? Reminder, Valerie Jarrett, 1977 – RE: Complete Muslim Takeover Underway!



Americans are being played at every level here as we see the same scenario over and over, with the MSM playing its part by highlighting each black death by cop without noting that more whites are killed by cops than black, because black deaths “generate more outrage.”

While “hoax” theories are popular, a step back to look at the bigger picture indicates an orchestrated set of events which better fit the “flase flag” definition than the hoax definition, as we note time and again incidents meant to inflame racial tensions, and they continuously happen when the nations eyes are on events that do not further the race war/civil war agenda, such as the Clinton scanadal and the FBI nullifying the rule of law by letting her off without prosecution.

Politics doesn’t garner the outrage, the violence, the atmosphere of “this is war,” mentality, so… BAM, a massacre occurs.

“It’s all just a magic show”

Confused by the false flag conversation?

Good. It means you’re paying attention.

It’s not a simple issue.

A Hollywood special effects expert points out some strange visuals in the Dallas shooting live coverage.

To his credit, he is focuses on ONE, specific camera angle and talks about something he has real professional experience with.

Subject: Brilliant false flag analysis

Confused by the false flag conversation?

Good. It means you’re paying attention.

It’s not a simple issue.

A Hollywood special effects expert points out some strange visuals in the Dallas shooting live coverage.

First there were many snipers. Then there was just one.

The “lone nut” conveniently left his a journal behind and was conveniently killed before anyone could talk to him.

Actually, the police did talk with him and are letting us know what he said. That’s convenient.

What’s also convenient is the timing of all this: Hillary under fire, murders by police in the news, and the slow, but steady movement towards a financial system collapse which no one has any idea what to do about.


Why did he go on a suicide mission? There was no need for that. With the skills he apparently had, he could have picked off police one-by-one for months and lived to tell the tale.

Why did he go on a suicide mission? There was no need for that. With the skills he apparently had, he could have picked off police one-by-one for months and lived to tell the tale.

Instead, he engaged in a suicide mission that created maximum sympathy for police and cast a shadow over a legitimate social movement (protests against police violence.)

How did a reservist who was a carpenter with a engineering unit become a one-man commando operation? (not everyone in the Army gets Rambo combat infantry training.)

Reuters found a picture of himself wearing African style clothes and flashing the black power salute just days before the shooting. He posted it to a Black Panther Facebook page. How convenient is that?

This incident was also used to introduce a new “law enforcement” technology: sending a robot into a property and blowing it up. A new SWAT team tool?

Source: False Flags Brilliant false flag analysis

Clinton’s Lies Will Die

By Brother Nathanael Kapner July 7, 2016 ©
WHEN AMERICA WAS NOT under the rule of Jews, a Hillary Clinton would have gotten no further than employed as an hourly wage clerk at the local five-and-dime.

But times have morphed into Jewmerica’s culture of deceit, the politics of lying is commonplace, and rank mediocrities who act as marionettes for Jews can park their arses on a swivel chair all the way into the Oval Office of the White House.

And although FBI Director James Comey told Congress that Clinton lied about her emails when testifying under Congressional oath, pressing “perjury” charges is a problematic task and could take months to pursue.

And besides, a prosecutor required to prove “intent to deceive” as an element of perjury will give Hillary and her Jewish enablers—like George Soros, JB Pritzker, and Haim Saban—plenty of wiggle room in a trial court to crawl out of the charge…especially with the Star of David parked on Capitol Hill.

It wouldn’t be the first time Hillary set up a scheme to conceal in order to bypass customary channels of public information, official business, and justice.

HERE’S WHAT FBI DIRECTOR James Comey had to say at today’s hearing:

Gowdy: Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails either sent or received. Was that true?

Comey: That’s not true.

Gowdy: Clinton said, ‘I did not send classified email to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.’ Was that true?

Comey: There was classified material emailed.

Gowdy: Clinton said she used just one device. Was that true?

Comey: She used multiple devices during the four years of her term as Secretary of State.

Gowdy: Clinton said, ‘All work-related emails were returned to the State Department.’ Was that true?

Comey: No. We found work-related emails, thousands, that were not returned. View Entire Story Here.

THAT’S ENOUGH EVIDENCE to toss any candidate into the trash bin of political stalking. Or used to be, in better times, (pre-Jewish rule), when merely the scandal alone would have killed Hillary’s chances.

But Clinton is so prized by Jews—who control the entire electoral system—though drawn out of a sewer, Hillary’s Jewish enablers will douse her with eau de cologne so she smells like the queen of the prom.

And the queen may soon be king, and her partner in crimes and misdemeanors, Bill, may soon be queen.

Cross-dressing is now the fashion and every White House closet will soon nestle even more Jews. Even the mothballs will be marked “Kosher.”


Hillary Clinton’s Email Operation Violated At Least Six U.S. Criminal Laws

This is not an exclusive list, nor does it relate to charges that might possibly be made against Ms. Clinton on grounds other than the unquestionable and basic ground that she moved all of her State Department email operation to a private and non-secured computer outside the State Department, and then attempted to destroy the record of those emails.

(Article by Eric Zuesse)

Here are the six criminal laws of that type, which, I here allege, she clearly broke:

18 U.S. Code § 2232 — Destruction or removal of property to prevent seizure

(a) Destruction or Removal of Property To Prevent Seizure

Whoever, before, during, or after any search for or seizure of property by any person authorized to make such search or seizure, knowingly destroys, damages, wastes, disposes of, transfers, or otherwise takes any action, or knowingly attempts to destroy, damage, waste, dispose of, transfer, or otherwise take any action, for the purpose of preventing or impairing the Government’s lawful authority to take such property into its custody or control or to continue holding such property under its lawful custody and control, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

(b) Impairment of In Rem Jurisdiction

Whoever, knowing that property is subject to the in rem jurisdiction of a United States court for purposes of civil forfeiture under Federal law, knowingly and without authority from that court, destroys, damages, wastes, disposes of, transfers, or otherwise takes any action, or knowingly attempts to destroy, damage, waste, dispose of, transfer, or otherwise take any action, for the purpose of impairing or defeating the court’s continuing in rem jurisdiction over the property, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

18 U.S. Code § 1512 — Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant

(c) Whoever corruptly

(1) alters, destroys, mutilates, or conceals a record, document, or other object, or attempts to do so, with the intent to impair the object’s integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding; or

(2) otherwise obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so,

shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

18 U.S. Code § 1519 — Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy

Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

18 U.S. Code § 2071 — Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

18 U.S. Code § 641 — Public money, property or records

Whoever embezzles, steals, purloins, or knowingly converts to his use, or the use of another, or without authority, sells, conveys or disposes of any record, voucher, money, or thing of value of the United States or of any department or agency thereof, or any property made or being made under contract for the United States or any department or agency thereof, …

Shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than ten years or both. …

18 U.S. Code § 793 — Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information …

(f) Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer —

Shall be fined not more than $10, 000 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

(g) If two or more persons conspire to violate any of the foregoing provisions of this section, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each of the parties to such conspiracy, shall be subject to the punishment provided for the offense which is the object of such conspiracy.

If we are a nation “of laws, not of men” (as that old basic description of democracy phrased it), then Ms. Clinton will be prosecuted, at least through the grand jury stage, on (at least) those grounds. The decision regarding her innocence or guilt will be made by jurors, not by the broader public — and also not by the nation’s Executive: the President and his appointed Administration. That is what it means for a government to be a functioning democracy. Any government which violates this principle — that it is “of laws, not of men [including women]” — is not functioning as a democracy: it’s something else.

In addition to these criminal laws, there are federal regulations also against these matters, but violations merely of federal regulations (such as these) are far less serious than are actions that violate also federal criminal laws (such as the six that are listed above).


Read more at:

Brexit and populist movement to EU and NWO agents: drop dead; we are rising against your nonsense and maneuvering

As long as we breathe there is hope. Today let us revel in sweet success and chase defeatism from our ranks, in gratitude for the bite of the British bulldog.

"No, we're not gonna take it."

“No, we’re not gonna take it.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis, Mark Dankof, & Michael A. Hoffman


The gods of this world and their zombie enablers and marionettes are currently in a state of panic. Against all odds, Britain left the European Union (hence, the name Brexit). The Wall Street Journal itself has called this “a very British revolution.”[1] The Washington Post has reported,

“The fear of E.U. supporters now is that the British vote may have captured a zeitgeist, a deep-seated resentment of globalization that spans the Atlantic, a feeling that may translate into greater nationalism and a stand-alone mentality.”[2]

No power on earth was strong enough to stop that “British revolution.” David Cameron tried but failed miserably and pathetically. As a result, he is out of the Zionist game. Cameron has been a puppet of the Israeli regime since the beginning time, and the regime is now sad because the populist movement kicked him out of the political equation.[3]

Last April, the Israel newspaper Haaretz said that “a British exit from the EU should worry Israel.”[4] Why? Again, their puppet in England has been humiliated by decent people who are fed up with psychological warfare in the Middle East, political machination in much of Europe, and economic disasters virtually everywhere.[5] Alex Massie of Foreign Policy declared,

“No prime minister in living memory has suffered a defeat of such cataclysmic proportions; none has been so thoroughly humiliated by his own electorate.”[6]

The Wall Street Journal reported that President Barack Obama, who is obviously part of the oligarchic rule, “flew to London to do his bit, and Goldman Sachs opened its checkbook.”[7]

The Journal lamented: “And none of it worked. The opinion polls barely moved over the course of the campaign, and 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU. That slender majority was probably the biggest slap in the face ever delivered to the British establishment in the history of universal suffrage.”[8]

Obviously this “British revolution” is pregnant with meaning, but it is too early to come up with a definitive conclusion. What we can say so far is that the movement indicates that New World Order Agents and their puppets are not immortal. They can politically and ideologically bleed. They can be defeated.

Moreover, NWO agents can go down in a second largely because they are just a small group of people who for decades have refused to submit their political appetite and passion to practical reason and have inexorably embraced an essentially diabolical ideology, which over the years has produced nothing but misery and chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, and now in Syria.

This “British revolution” can also create a ripple effect across the globe. In fact, it has already sent shockwaves across the political spectrum.[9] “Over 10,000 Sign Petition to Hold Brexit-Style Referendum in Finland.”[10] The Washington Post has admitted: “Populists across Europe lauded the British vote as an opportunity to abandon the ‘European project’ of political and economic unity.”[11] The Wall Street Journal again has lamented:

“The implications of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will reverberate through the Continent’s politics and economy for years. But it may have an even more immediate global political significance with resonance here in the U.S. as the most powerful demonstration yet of a rising populist tide transforming the established order across the West.”[12]

Obviously the oligarchs are responsible for this. As Gilad Atzmon has recently pointed out, “Britain, like the rest of the West, has been subject to an invasive and brutal paradigm designed to vitiate the working class.” The working class is no longer silent, and the oligarchs are obviously in retreat.

It can easily be argued that the oligarchs began to suppress the majority with their wicked activities since World War I, when Churchill started to utter essentially diabolical statements so that Britain and the US could get involved in the so-called Great War.

Brexit is a reaction to years of psychological warfare by the rich and powerful who always want to use their power to suppress the weak and the unfortunate. British justice secretary Michael Gove started the Brexit movement, and he lamented that he had to deal

“constantly with edicts and regulations framed at the European level—rules that he doesn’t want and can’t change. These were rules that no one in Britain asked for, rules promulgated by officials whose names Brits don’t know, people whom they never elected and cannot remove from office. Yet they become the law of the land. Much of what we think of as British democracy, Mr. Gove argued, is now no such thing.

“Instead of grumbling about the things we can’t change, Mr. Gove said, it was time to follow ‘the Americans who declared their independence and never looked back’ and ‘become an exemplar of what an inclusive, open and innovative democracy can achieve.’ Many of the Brexiteers think that Britain voted this week to follow a template set in 1776 on the other side of the Atlantic.’”[13]

Populist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, one of the leaders of the movement, put something on the political table when he said that the EU “was created by the financial mafia, globalists and all others.”[14] Vladimir Putin added: “Apparently the British people are not satisfied with the way problems are being solved in the security sphere, these problems have become more acute lately with the migration processes.”[15]

Obviously the Brexit campaign is also caused by economic problems and suffering across Britain. Bloomberg declared that the issue was “fed by stagnant wages and resentment over inequality since the Great Recession…”[16] The oligarchs, who have already lost trillions of dollars because of this movement,[17] are sad and mad. There is no doubt that they will try what one might called an ideological coup in the next weeks and months so that they can get the masses back to economic and political slavery once again. Your turn, Mark Dankof.

Vladimir Putin of Russia: Can He Defend His Nation Against The New World Order’s Toxic Brew of External NATO Military Threats and Economic/Cultural Subversion From Within?

Vladimir Putin of Russia: Can He Defend His Nation Against The New World Order’s Toxic Brew of External NATO Military Threats and Economic/Cultural Subversion From Within?

Dankof: The Brexit vote in the UK on June 23, 2016 is the most promising beginning of a revolt against the New World Order and its Globalist Elite in my lifetime.

Two things should be noted by all: First, the Globalist Media Consortiums were proven wrong about Brexit and voter support for it in Britain.

The second point to be absolutely reiterated is the Elite’s panic over the developments of June 23rd. The UK Express Story of June 27th is but the latest example of their ruthless counter reactions to come. They will stop at nothing to destroy this nationalist uprising in both Europe and the United States. This includes the deliberate manipulations of markets, money supply, exchange rates, and food supplies to convince the public to Return to Their Masters.

It also means more False Flag operations to artificially stimulate fear accompanied by the concurrent Globalist Media Consortium and Hysterical Public demands for new Domestic Police State measures with the installation of more profiling and electronic surveillance without court warrants of peaceful populist, anti-globalist, anti-Zionist activists, parties, and movements.

It also means renewed resolve on the part of the New World Order elite for a global war after the American Presidential Election in November. This will be accompanied by a declaration of martial law in the United States if this war transpires, the disarmament of the American public, and the suspension of Constitutional liberties and the Bill of Rights for those who exercise their lawful First Amendment right to protest and resist the Beast.

The Brexit vote is only a beginning. In the United States, whose Political Elite comprises the backbone of the Beast’s Advancing System in America and its accompanying exportation of New World Order “Democracy“ abroad, the Brexit vote in the UK must be followed by the ultimate achievement of the following goals of the American Populist Movement and the Real Right in this country:

These include the termination of the Federal Reserve Board and a return of monetary policy to the Congress of the United States; and the termination of American involvement in NATO, the IMF, the World Bank, the Import-Export Bank, NAFTA, GATT, the FTAA, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and any future Globalist Trade Treaties designed to facilitate World Government. Control of American borders and the rejection of the agenda of the disastrous Immigration Reform Act of 1965 have to be included in this package.

The recovery of American national sovereignty over its economy and the rejection of the targeted destruction of a once vibrant American Middle Class must be accompanied by the achievement of three (3) additional essential elements in restoring the Old American Republic:

First 1): The blatantly un-Constitutional Domestic Police State advancements of the New World Order must be repealed. These include the USA Patriot Acts; the Military Commissions Act of 2006; the warrantless surveillance and data mining programs of the National Security Agency (NSA); and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The Transportation Safety Administration(TSA) needs to be terminated, along with the involvement of Israeli affiliated companies and individuals in both this agency, and every other agency of the American National Security Nexus.

The use of Israeli training seminars for domestic American police departments must end, along with the known direct involvement of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) in working with Federal Law Enforcement and State Law Enforcement in profiling American citizens whose sole offense consists of lawfully opposing the hijacking of the country by our Globalist Masters.

Establishment of the Constitutional understanding of the lines of delineation between Federal and State Law Enforcement is an imperative in this context, as is the reinforcement of adherence to Posse Comitatus laws proscribing American military involvement in Domestic Law Enforcement. In this last regard, this priority should be especially obvious with the burgeoning Drone Strike technologies and what The Empire has already done with these technologies in the backyards of other people.

Second 2): The recovery of the Old Republic also involves the repudiation of the employment of the American Military as a Janissary Force for Israel, the Central Bankers, and the Multinational Corporate Elite. I have already mentioned the need for the United States to withdraw from NATO. 

This must be accompanied by the cessation of the obvious attempts to militarize Eastern Europe and the southern underbelly of Putin’s Russia. The illegitimate involvement of the United States in supporting the illegal coup d’etat in the Ukraine in February of 2014 and the Wahhabic Sunni terrorists in Libya and Syria must end, as must the pursuit of the Zionist threat to Iran, and all of the American military and intelligence operations in the Middle East designed to enforce the Sykes-Picot Treaty, the Balfour Declaration, and Bretton Woods. This includes most of what has been supported by the United States in the Middle East since 1948, including the acceleration of all of this since 9-11.

In this regard, bringing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) under the strictures of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, ending the role of Dual Citizens and Israeli linked companies in every branch of the American government, and repudiating the insane campaign finance policies of the Citizens United v FEC and McCutcheon v FEC decisions are critically important in regaining control of our own house.

You may add to this the application of antitrust legislation to regulate the activities of Corporate Media Conglomerates where legitimate, and the termination of the activities of the New World Order agenda in NGOs like that of the Open Society Foundation of George Soros and his ideological ilk.

Third 3): American Old Right Populists must regain the initiative in the Culture Wars catastrophically lost in the last half century. It is essential to understand that a true rejection of the economic and political agenda of the minions of the New World Order must be accompanied by a rejection of the agenda of Cultural Subversion deployed by these people to deliberately target and destroy the moral and spiritual fiber of those who would otherwise constitute the constituency of Massive Resistance to their Game Plan for both the United States and the world at large.

I am referring here to the Freudian Psychotherapeutic Minions of the Frankfurt School’s Institute for Social Research, and their targeted sexual defoliation of this country by Hollywood, the Will and Grace and Oprah Winfrey crowd in the American television industry, the Helen Gurley Browns of the Womens Magazine industry, the pornographers in the image of Al Goldstein and his Screw magazine empire of a generation ago, the LGBT hijacking of American culture which culminated in the Obergefell v Hodges Supreme Court decision of a year ago, and the insidious advancements of the abortion industry via the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision of January of 1973.

In regard to a total macrocosmic evaluation of these matters, it is legitimate to see the advancement of the Culture of Death as more than the mere pacification and disarmament of those who otherwise would resist the New World Order.

Along with the Empire’s global military expeditions, this domestic agenda for the Cultural Subversion of formerly sovereign nation-states is designed to subvert, divert, destroy, and kill millions physically, even as it destroys the religious, moral, and spiritual resistance and autonomy of those who should be resisting the arrival of the most evil World System ever seen in world history.

The understanding of the tragedy of what has happened in the United States is understood by President Putin of Russia and the present leadership of Iran. The recovering of understanding in the United States and Western Europe is the only hope the West has. It may be too late. Time and history will tell.

Time and history will reveal whether the Brexit vote of June 23rd will reveal a longer term string of victories for the recovery of Western Civilization or only a mere tactical gain by those who resist the Beast in a just and righteous cause already lost in the United States and Western Europe. My own evaluation of the prospect of the recovery of Western Civilization in the 21st Century is decidedly pessimistic. I pray I’m proven wrong.

In any event, I maintain my internal peace by my faith in the love, grace, and sovereign control of time and history by the Biblical God who has revealed Himself and his future Kingdom in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Alexis: I am indeed optimistic, despite the fact that chaos currently rules in politics. If men like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Friedrich Hegel, and Richard Wurmbrand refused to be pessimistic in the midst of complete chaos and destruction and despair, then people of reason can do nothing less than to submit their fear to Logos, the essence of the moral order and intellectual freedom. It is for this reason that St. Paul wrote:

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed…”

Solzhenitsyn and others would have agreed here. That should excite us all to be on the optimistic side of the ideological battle, regardless of what current events may produce. Michael Hoffman, your take on the Brexit campaign.

"Vlad, we think you were right all this time. Can we join in now?"

“Vlad, we think you were right all this time. Can we join in now?”

Hoffman: No people can sustain themselves on repeated defeats. The British have defied the elites and voted to leave the Brussels-based European Union (EU). This is beautiful for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the British media trotted out a corpus of “expert opinion” ordering the flinty citizens of the island nation to stay in the EU for the sake of consumerism and globalism.

Money was held aloft as the supreme motive for remaining, and the ones raising this banner of mammon were from the “financial services industry,” which is a media-euphemism for the usurious gang who dominate almost every western country.

In Russia, under Vladimir Putin, the highest value is placed not on the economy but rather on the Church, the land and the people. Due to their loyalty to these ancient Slavic priorities, Russians are libeled, financially sanctioned and threatened with war by NATO and Hillary Clinton. The British meanwhile are beginning to return to the venerable verities championed by populists like Mr. Putin.

Under the laws of the European Union’s super-state, the tiny island nation had to admit any number of immigrants, no matter how large, from member nations. This includes millions of angry and alienated Muslim youth in EU member countries like France and Germany.

Polls repeatedly revealed that this deluge was the driving force behind the vote for a British exit (“Brexit”) from Brussels.  The English and Welsh chose their land and their people—national sovereignty and independence—over the Money Power and the EU’s Tower of Babel. Thank God!

American Indians are praised for considering how any action they take will impact the next seven generations. This stems from the realization that we don’t own the future — we are only custodians of it for the benefit of our posterity. There is today a Britain and a United States because our ancestors chose to create pathways for our preservation.

When Angela Merkel, the gentile-Zionist agent who leads Germany, last year opened the borders of the nation to an invasion by more than one million immigrants from the Middle East and western Asia, with her treason she was spitting on a thousand years of stewardship by the ancestors of the Germans who had sacrificed, fought and died to preserve the Teutonic people and their homeland.

Merkel’s Germany is precisely the deracinated consumer utopia which the Cryptocracy has decided is the future of the United States and Britain. Yet against all odds, Britain’s “bulldog breed” responded at the ballot box with a howl of rage and frustration against their elite Overlords and the “experts” who dispensed hypnotic cues on how to think and vote.

Here in America the television networks and print media are routinely telling the plebes that their skepticism toward Hillary Clinton, trans-gender bathrooms and amnesty for illegal aliens, is a horrible sin. My, my, the “sinful” British appear to have paid no attention to their would-be moral masters in Britain, and increasingly Americans are defying the mainstream media’s demonization of traditional values and common sense.

Lest we conflate a victory in one great battle in Britain with a decisive defeat of Satan’s kingdom in the West, we ought to examine the bigger picture, which entails factoring the Zionists’ plans for Britain and Europe. They have a long memory and forgiveness forms no part of their gestalt. They view Britain and Europe as hereditarily and ineradicably tainted by their former resistance to Judaism.

Influential Orthodox rabbis have let the cat out of the bag by smirking at the growing presence of Sunni-Wahhabist terrorists scourging Britain and Europe. Inevitably these rabbis cite the “unforgivable” Christian resistance to Judaism in the past, as justification for gloating over the immigration invasion, and self-extinguishing rates of abortion, contraception, suicide and euthanasia in Europe and Britain.

One of the main Zionist outlets for their undying hatred is the controlled media of the West, where Europeans and the British are perpetually targeted with movies, TV shows and publications portraying them as moral lepers, fiendishly sadistic mass murderers and in general possessed of a tainted genetic stock.[18]

The relentless negative stereotyping amounts to mental colonization followed by a kind of mental genocide: the commitment by our youth to withhold births of “more wicked whites.” Demographic statistics testify to the efficacy of the media onslaught.

No doubt the Establishment was banking on the inculcation of sufficient levels of this self-hate in numbers large enough to ensure the defeat of Britain’s vote on leaving the European Union. A miracle occurred however, and it was the Cryptocracy that was defeated, in this round at least.

The next battle consists of building on the defiance. This entails a revival of the family and the absolute necessity of three children or more per married couple, with offspring “trained up in the way they should go,” and populist political parties free of the networks of masonic secret societies, usury bankers and multinational corporations.

As long as we breathe there is hope. Today let us revel in sweet success and chase defeatism from our ranks, in gratitude for the bite of the British bulldog.

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Source: Brexit and populist movement to EU and NWO agents: drop dead; we are rising against your nonsense and maneuvering | Veterans Today

The beginning of the end or end of the beginning?

Most readers of Need to Know news will rejoice over Britain’s exit from the EU, as reported in this week’s edition. It’s not that we have a stake in Britain’s internal affairs, but because this issue has as much to do with global government as it does with national prosperity. In other words, this is a setback for the BIG strategy to put elitist politicians and bankers into control of the entire world – and that affects all of us at the macro level.


It is tempting to give a victory shout and boast that this is the beginning of the end for the globalists, but we know from long experience that they do not give up that easily. Even before the Brexit vote took place, undoubtedly they had prepared Plan-B for just such an outcome.

It is not hard to imagine what such a plan would include. The proven technique for herding the masses into places they would not otherwise choose is to cause them to experience fear and panic. In modern times, this has become an important part of political science in which grotesque enemies are engineered and manufactured with great precision. False-flag attacks are the new normal, and (as illustrated in this week’s news) there even is a talent agency that provides ‘crisis actors’ to corporate and government clients around the world.

Everything is possible – including a return to the EU – if people are in fear for their lives as a result of war,terrorism, economic collapse, or civil disorder, all of which can be arranged. It is an eerie feeling knowing that there are people in high places, like Maurice Strong, a UN icon for internationalism, who, not only long for the economic destruction of advanced countries, but are in positions to bring it about. It was Strong who said:

What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude that the principle risk to the earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? … The group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about? [See The Creature from Jekyll Island, page 533.]

The current victory over the EU is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning of a long and fierce contest between the forces of global tyranny and personal freedom. It is good to rejoice and celebrate, but the next battle is coming, and we must now prepare.

G. Edward Griffin
2016 June 24

Source: Around the World – NEED TO KNOW

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