The Last Battle Pt 6


Operation Barbarossa.

From the Transcript:
Stalin violated the Soviet polish non-aggression pact by invading Poland in 1939. Stalin violated the Soviet Finnish non-aggression pact by invading Finland in 1939 without any declaration of war

starting the winter war. The heroic Finns fought back the big Red Army. Stalin bombed Sweden in 1940. Stalin violated a provision of the soviet-german non-aggression pact Ribbentrop Molotov by invading Lithuania Estonia and Latvia in 1940
Bolsheviks rolled in to terrorize torture and kill the people in the standard communist practice. The Soviet cattle car deportations afflicted more than a half million Estonian Latvian and Lithuanian Christian Europeans were shipped to the gulag.
12% of the entire Baltic population was either deported to Siberia or executed by the Jewish Soviet secret police. Stalin grabbed a piece of eastern Romania in 1940 and forced Romania to surrender Rabia Moldavia.
In a sickening double standard the Allies remained silent about this brutal Soviet aggression. Instead, the Churchill Stalin pact was signed on 15th of October 1939. Secretary of State for war Churchill signed the executive documents of this pact on 8th of February 1940.
In London. The Allies did not give a rat’s ass about Poland. They only used her to start the war against Germany… and now still no boycotts and no war declarations on Soviets, no anti-communist propaganda in the media and no ‘Stalin is the warmonger’ nothing.
Since 1933 when he befriended the Soviets, Roesel had consistently maintained close relations with people who are either communists or communist sympathizers.
Hitler was well aware that Stalin was on his way to invade Europe. His suspicions about Stalin have since been proven as being legitimate; Document number 103 202 06 six. Chief of staff Kirill Maresco in 1940 revealed that Stalin was to invade Western Europe in July 1941 in a massive invasion called a Bharat’s, a gruesome operation thunderstorm, dated 18th of September 1940.

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